The Growth Of The Community Of Brookline


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The Borough of West Liberty, once part of Lower St. Clair Township, was annexed into the City of Pittsburgh on January 4, 1908. At the time, West Liberty was divided into two distinct neighborhoods, Beechview and Brookline, with West Liberty Avenue as the dividing line. The Blue shaded area on the above map shows the original 1908 boundaries of the Community of Brookline.

In 1908, Brookline was bordered by the communities of Beechview, Bon Air and Carrick, and the townships of Scott and Baldwin. As the City of Pittsburgh continued to expand, the neighborhood of Brookline also grew, with new territory added to the census tracts in 1916, 1930 and 1950.

In 1916, the Green shaded area was annexed into the city from Baldwin Township. Then, in 1930, when Reflectorville and Overbrook Borough were annexed into the city, the red shaded area became part of the Brookline community.

Finally, in 1950, the Yellow shaded area was annexed from Baldwin Township to form the present-day boundaries of Brookline.

Brookline can also be divided into Wards, for election purposes. The Blue and Green areas are known as Ward 19, and the Red and Yellow sections are part of Ward 32.

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