Seaton Avenue/Creedmoor Place - 1941

Seaton Avenue - 1941
Seaton Avenue at the intersection with Creedmoor Place. Seaton continues down the hill while
Creedmoor Place loops up to the left and on to Harcor Drive and Eben Street.

These photos from 1941 show the construction of homes along Seaton Avenue, from Creedmoor Place south towards the border with Baldwin Township. In fact, at the time these homes were built, this land was part of Baldwin. These homes were connected to the existing city water and sewer lines. In 1950, a referendum was passed and this part of Seaton Avenue was annexed into the city and added to Brookline's census tract.

Seaton Avenue - 1941    Seaton Avenue - 1941

Seaton Avenue - 1941
This picture was taken from near the present-day boundary of Brookline looking west.
This section of Seaton Avenue also carries the designation Romine Avenue.

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