Eat'n Park Restaurant

The original Eat'n Park Restaurant
on Saw Mill Run Boulevard in 1949.

Eat'n Park is a local restaurant chain with locations throughout Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia. The franchise began in Pittsburgh's South Hills in 1949, with the business model that customers could drive their car and park at the restaurant, while being waited on by carhops.

Eat'n Park Restaurant had car hops
to serve their park 'n eat customers.

The original restaurant (pictured above) was located at 2209 Saw Mill Run Boulevard in Overbrook. Although the original restaurant no longer exists, the franchise itself has grown to nearly 100 locations. Closest to Brookline are Eat 'n Park Restaurants on West Liberty Avenue in Dormont, Banksville Road at Crane, and Route 51 at Streets Run.

The Big Boy icon.

Eat'n Park restaurants were once synonymous with the Big Boy, a double burger sandwich. Eat'n Park actually began as a Bob's Big Boy regional franchisee, using the Big Boy icon. The affiliation with Bob's Big Boy ended in 1975. Today, the Smiley Cookie is the official icon of Eat'n Park. The Smiley Cookie was created by James Broadhurst. The cookie was first introduced to guests in 1986.

The Smiley Cookie icon

Many people often question the origin of the restaurant's name. In the late 1940's, "Park & Eat" was a common phrase and could not be copyrighted. So, the words were reversed and history was made. Approaching their 70th anniversary in 2019, Eat 'n Park is still a well respected restaurant with a loyal following.

Some of Eat 'n Parks first Car Hops.
Some of the original Eat 'n Park Car Hops at the Overbrook location in 1950.

The original Eat'n Park restaurant was located on the spot occupied today, in 2010, by Frank and Shirley's Restaurant.

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