West Liberty Avenue - 1910

West Liberty Avenue in 1910, when temporary sewer and storm lines were being laid in preparation for a planned widening of the roadway in 1915. This photo was taken from near present-day Matthews Bronze looking south towards Brookside Avenue, where present-day Dean Tech resides on the left. In 1910 there were only a small collection of homes dotting the roadway. In the background, near the bend in the road at Brookside Avenue, is a billboard extolling the merits of building a home in Brookline, the "15-Minute Suburb."

Another view looking south towards Brookside Avenue and the Brookline billboard.

Looking north towards Pioneer Avenue. In this direction you would be heading towards the intersection with Pioneer Avenue and then Saw Mill Run Boulevard. Today, Matthews Bronze is located on the right and the roadway veers to the left and on to the Liberty Tunnels.

That was not the case in 1910, when the tunnel did not exist. The vehicular traveler would turn left at Saw Mill Run and head up and over Warrington Avenue, an arduous journey. There was also an incline that would lift vehicles up the hill and down the other side, another long and tedious option.

The trolley passengers, however, would turn left and head to South Hills Junction, where the trolley tunnel allowed the wooden rail cars to quickly wisk the riders into town, hence the concept behind Brookline being the "15-Minute Suburb."

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