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2000 - The Year In Review

* Y2K - A Year To Remember *

The Year 2000 was supposed to be remembered as the year that the Y2K bug brought all the computers to a grinding halt. It was a dud. Nothing happened. The New Year brought no outages and little excitement. That is unless you consider what happened ten months later, when the Brookline Knight's Midget team capped off a spectacular comeback season with a double-overtime 48-46 win in the WPSYFL championship.

For those who remember the turmoil of the 1999 season, the Knight's 2000 season was the year that nearly never happened. The Knight's organization was struggling to find membership in a league and it looked like the season, and possibly the entire program would come to an abrupt and inglorious end.

Then came Y2K, and as everything was supposed to come crashing down, the Knight's fortunes took a turn for the better. Joe Nicholas secured acceptance into the WPSYFL and the season was on. The Knight's were back, and if anything was going to come crashing down, it was going to be the opposition.

Armed with a talented group of young players, Coaches Joe and Brian led the Midget team to an 8-1 record and their fourth championship in five seasons. It was a triumph of the wills for Knights President Joe Nicholas and Vice-President Eugene Giegucz, who never lost hope and worked tirelessly to salvage the program during the darkest days of the previous year.

The year 2000 was a magical season for the Knights, one to always remember.

One final note, this was the final season for the Taylor Family. After seven years, Coach Earl, Carol the photographer, and their talented son E.J. said their goodbyes at the season-ending banquet. The entire Knights organization will miss them.

Without further ado, we present the 2000 Knights Website as it appeared at the time. The Midgets were the Champions of their conference, but this was the season that the entire Knight's organization triumphed.

November 11, 2000 was proclaimed "Brookline Knights Day"
throughout the City of Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh City Council.
The Brookline Knights - 2000 WPSYFL Midget Champions!
Brookline Knights Midget team celebrate
after championship victory over Carlynton.

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Brookline Knights

Brookline Knight's Officers (2000)

President - Joe Nicholas
Vice President - Eugene Giegucz
Treasurer - Lisa Nicholas
Secretary - Lisa Blake

Cheerleader Coordinator - Kim Nicholas
Website Designer - Clint Burton
Photographer - Barbara Giegucz
Photographer - Carol Taylor

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