Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos - Knights 8-Under vs. Carlynton Cougars - 9/3/06
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Who Dey? Who Dey?
WhoDey Think Dey Gonna
Beat Dem Knights ???
Dey Aynt Coogers!
(Rhonda Cunningham photo)

Our youngest Knights start off
the morning by bursting through a
banner that stretched from one end
of the goal post to the other ...
(Rhonda Cunningham photo)

The scoreboard is all 3's.
3rd quarter, 3:33 remaining, 3rd and 3.
The score is tied 0-0. Not for long!

Loren Wicks led the Knights
on their scoring drive. He didn't
get in the endzone this time, but...

If at first you don't succeed,
send Wicks around the right again.
This time Loren took off for
30 yards and the game winning TD!

All is well on the Knights
sideline as the offense prepares
for the two-point conversion.

Joey Shulik added two with the
conversion. Knights 8 - Cougars 0.

The Cougars took the kickoff and
marched downfield to the nine.
On 3rd and goal they punched it
up the middle ... and were stopped
at the one yard line. 4th and goal
from the one! GO D-E-F-E-N-S-E!

On 4th and goal the Cougars
came up inches short. Game Over!

David Wicks had a good day
on the sticks. His son Loren
kept him advancing the down
marker forward all day long.

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