Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos - Knights 13-Under vs. Carlynton Cougars - 9/3/06
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Let's Get It Started!
Coach Pat Quinn goes over
ground rules with the refs
while the players eagerly
await their call to duty.

The Knights prepare to go on a
safari as the Waterboy, Russell
Gettings (arm in sling), takes
an initial head count. It's time
for some wild Cougar hunting.

Quarterback Dillon Semian leads
a talented Knight's offense.

Semian scores the Knights second
touchdown with a quarterback sneak.

Lined up for the two-point
conversion. Adrian Foster rammed
it up the middle for the score.

The Cheerleaders were hopping
as the Knights scored 30 points
with a first half scoring spree.

The Knights defense played
a great game, holding the Cougars
at bay while the offense rolled.

The blurry bull with the ball
is Adrian Foster scoring his
second touchdown of the game
to go along with one conversion.

Now it's our time to shine.

The real stars of the show.

The Waterboy, Russell Gettings, and his
apprentice Tommy Bauwin, doing their best
Bobby Bouchette imitation, dispensing the
H2O with precision and skill to keep their
hard working teammates properly hydrated.

The Brookline Knights are #1.

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