Brookline Knights Football Association
Championship Game Photos - Knights 10-Under vs. North Hills - 11/3/07
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They've been waiting all season
for this moment. Forty minutes of
championship game football awaits.
GO KNIGHTS!!! ... and go they did!

The Knights are ready to play some
football, but first must get through
the singing of the National Anthem.

The coin toss went to North Hills.
The championship went to the Knights.

The cheerleaders did a great
job keeping the fans fired up.

North Hills has been seeing green and
black in their nightmares all year, and
now they have another year to dream on.
They are a really good team, but they
just can't seem to get past the Knights.

Some say this title couldn't have
been possible without the dedication
and spirit of our talented cheerleaders

Coach Donnie couldn't hold back his
joy and actually broke a smile while
he, his staff and his players gather
around their new championship trophy.

Who's #1? Brookline's #1.

The 2007 Division Champion
Brookline Knights say they're #1,
and like Broadway Joe Namath,
they're on their way to the
SSYFL Super Bowl to prove it.

Frank has been unofficially banned
from most venues, but his presence
is mandatory at all Knights games.
Just the sound of his voice is good
for six points and a conversion.

Dyanne, Shoog and Kaitlyn may not
be as well known as Fearsome Frank,
but they can yell with the same spirit.

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