Brookline Knights Football Association
Championship Game Photos - Knights 13-Under vs. Southside - 11/3/07
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Pre-game warm-ups

Some last minute instructions
from Coach Donnie and Coach Joe.

The Knights came ready to play
and gave the Sabres a tough contest.

The General Staff

The Field Commanders

The coin toss went to the Knights.
They built up a 14-6 halftime lead,
but could not hold on down the stretch.

The cheerleaders engaged in a sort
of sparring contest with the Southside
girls. This contest was ALL Knights.

The Knights offense woke up
late in the season and played
a good game in the championship.
They gave the Sabres quite a duel.

The Knights defense played
a hard hitting game but got worn
down by the Southside Sabres'
relentless running attack.

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