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Game Photos - Knights 8-Under vs. Carlynton Cougars - 9/1/07
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It's high time for some
Brookline Knights football!

The Knights offense sputtered
early on, but picked up more
confidence as the game wore on.

Timeout, Carlynton.

Quarterback Christian Frazier and
Running Back Aaron Owens couldn't
get the sweeps around the stingy
Carlynton defense, but kept trying.

Carlynton's offense seemed to
play most of the game in good
field position, but the Brookline
defense proved it could stop the
run, bottling up the Cougars all
day long. Linebacker Chadric
Anderson and a host of Knights
stopped this Cougar runner cold.

As the game entered the fourth
quarter with no score, our young
Knight's spirits remained high,
no doubt bolstered by the efforts
of their talented cheerleaders.

Tyler Gettings (#81) stopped this
Cougar runner for no gain. There's
Chadric Anderson (#25) ready to
pounce, just in case. Chadric was
all over the field this morning.

Finally, in overtime, the Knights
offense woke up, and Christian
Frazier punched it up the middle
for a touchdown. Score: 6-0 Brookline!

On the conversion, Aaron Owens
went back up the middle for another
two points. Score: 8-0 Brookline!

Carlynton matched Brookline's touchdown
on their possession, but were stopped
cold by a swarm of Knights on their
conversion attempt. Game over, folks!
Final Score: Brookline 8 - Carlynton 6.

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