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Game Photos - Knights 10-Under vs. Carlynton Cougars - 9/1/07
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The Knights defense is a bit like
the Steel Curtain of old. You
can't even say they bend but
don't break, because they are
so tough they don't even bend.

Connor McGinnis scampers in for
his second touchdown of the afternoon
to raise the score to 14-0 Brookline.

The Knights offense lines up
for the conversion attempt. The
Knights offense is a juggernaut
with more weapons at its disposal
than James Bond ever got from Q.

Joey 'Special K' Kalsek powers
in for the two-point conversion
and a 16-0 Knights lead.

The cheerleaders kept things
hopping on the sidelines as
the Knights lit up the scoreboard.

Khalil Sanders bolts down
the sideline for an 18 yard
touchdown run and another
six points on the board.

Connor McGinnis punches his
way into the endzone for the
two-point conversion and his
14th point of the game. Connor
also threw for another eight-pack.

The Knights defense kept the Cougars
in the cage all day long, but this
one managed to get away. Khalil
Sanders ran him down and made a
fine tackle to preserve the shutout.

Another Cougar runner hits
the brick wall that is the
Knights defense. This time
the runner coughed up the
ball and Gino Foster emerged
from the pile with the rock.

The referee signals 'Brookline' ball
after Gino Foster recovered the fumble.
Connor McGinnis turned the turnover into
another six points by hooking up with
David Suwalski for a touchdown reception
and a 30-0 lead. After Khalil Sanders
aced the conversion, the final score
read: Brookline 32 - Carlynton 0.

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