Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos - Knights 11-Under vs. Carlynton Cougars - 9/1/07
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Domonique Betton had a big day
running the ball, as did the
whole Knights offense. When
the clinic was over, Domonique
and the rest of the Knights O
had shown the Cougars how to
put 42 points on the scoreboard.

Ricardo Burch went around the
left end and into the endzone to put
the first six points on the board.

Domonique Betton followed with
a burst of his own across the goal line.
Soon the floodgates opened. When the deluge
was over the score read 42-6 Brookline.

The Knights defense held the
Cougar offense without bail
until the fourth quarter when
Carlynton finally found a way
to get the ball into the endzone.

The cheerleaders did an
excellent routine a halftime.

Kaitlyn Hanlon rises above the crowd

The Knights bench was all smiles
as the clock ran down to 00:00
and the score read 42-6 Brookline.

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