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Week #3 - September 8, 2007

Brookline Knights
	WEEK #3 - September 8, 2007


	Brentwood 12 - BROOKLINE 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Aaron Owens run (Chadric Anderson run)

	NOTE: This was a close game until the end of the fourth
	quarter. The Knights held an 8-6 lead but couldn't hold
	back the Duke's final drive.


	BROOKLINE 44 - Brentwood 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Nick Manuel run (Cody Cerminara run)
	Taylor Thornton run (Joey Shulik run)
	Joey Shulik run (Corey Bogaski run)
	Taylor Thornton run (Joey Shulik run)
	Nick Manuel kickoff return (conversion failed)
	Man Anderson run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Zach Wagner and Taylor Thornton

	NOTE: I missed this game but heard it was quite a blowout.
	A big day for the offense!



	BROOKLINE 38 - Brentwood 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Connor McGinnis run (Joey Kalsek run)
	Khalil Sanders run (Joey Kalsek run)
	Zach McGrail run (Joey Kalsek run)
	Tyler Parees run (conversion failed)
	Malik Petite run (Tony Manuel run)

	Interception: Logan Salicce and Zach McGrail

	NOTE: The first quarter score: Brookline 30 - Brentwood 0.
	Enough said.



	BROOKLINE 20 - Brentwood 16

	Scoring Summary:

	Ricardo Burch kickoff return (conversion failed)
	Ricardo Burch fumble recovery (Will Dean fumble recovery)
	Ricardo Burch run (conversion failed)

	NOTE: The first half could aptly be titled "The Ricardo Burch
	Show". He returned the opening kickoff and just kept finding
	ways to score throughout the first twenty minutes. A fourth
	long touchdown run was called back on a penalty. The second
	half was somewhat different. The offense stalled and the Dukes
	fought back. A late game defensive stop by the Knights saved
	the day and sealed the win.



	BROOKLINE 36 - Brentwood 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Johnathan Kalsek run (conversion failed)
	Anthony Raymond pass from Dominick Maggs (conversion failed)
	Anthony Raymond pass from Johnathan Kalsek (Johnathan Kalsek run)
	Johnathan Kalsek run (Johnathan Kalsek run)
	Dion Rooney run (John Forrester pass from Johnathan Kalsek)

	NOTE: The Knights offense woke up. Johnathan Kalsek led the
	Knights on a scoring spree with two running touchdowns and
	several passes to Anthony Raymond that lit up the airwaves.
	The Knights offense also unveiled a new	weapon, Dominick
	"Slash" Maggs, who rushed, passed and crunched the Duke's
	enthusiasm from both sides of the line. Great game!

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