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Week #5 - September 22, 2007

Brookline Knights
	WEEK #5 - September 22, 2007


	Southside 34 - BROOKLINE 0

	NOTE: This was not a good way to start the day. The Sabres
	took control early and held on for thirty-six minutes. Then
	the Knights offense began to stir. Brent Ivory made a couple
	good runs for first downs and brought a smile to the faces of
	the Knight's fans. A fumble ended the drive with one minute to
	go in the game. It was that kind of day.



	BROOKLINE 12 - Southside 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Dalton Link, Adam Tonry
	Interceptions: Corey Bogaski

	NOTE: This might take a while, because this was a fantastic
	football game by both teams. The Knights and Sabres dueled
	on equal terms, each chewing up the clock with long drives.
	The Knights offense found a way	into the endzone. The Knights
	defense responded by finding ways to keep the Sabres out.

	The duel started when the Knights took the opening kickoff
	and drove fifty-two yards, capped off by Taylor Thornton's
	twenty-four yard dash through the heart of the Sabre defense.
	The drive chewed up five minutes. The Sabres responded with a
	seven minute drive of their own that ended with a crucial
	fourth down stop at the Brookline ten.
	The Knights then rode Thornton's legs for seven minutes and
	a couple first downs before turning the ball over on downs
	with thirty-five seconds to go in the half. A Sabre back
	found a hole and bolted away for a forty-three yard scoring
	run with only fourteen seconds to go, but the play was
	called back on a holding penalty. A last second pass
	reception fell short of the endzone and time ran out in the
	half. The Knights led 6-0.

	Southside took the second half kickoff and went on a seven
	minute assault that was beat back when Dalton Link recovered
	a Sabre fumble. The Knights offense stalled and the Sabres
	took over at the Brookline thirty-one yard line. They sped
	downfield and got inside the Brookline ten. Corey Bogaski
	intercepted a Sabre pass at the three to deny a score.

	A few plays later, speedy Taylor Thornton exploded around the
	left side and scampered seventy-nine yards for a touchdown and
	a 12-0 Knights lead with 6:35 to go. The Sabres failed on
	their next possession, then got a final chance with twenty-one
	seconds to go. An eighty yard touchdown reception spoiled the
	Knights shutout bid, but gave a worthy opponent a reason to
	smile a little in the face of defeat.

	Taylor Thornton ended with over	150 yards rushing for the day.



	Southside 2 - BROOKLINE 0

	Interceptions: Julius Noel

	NOTE: It may not have ended the way the	previous game did, but
	this game was no less exciting. It was a hard fought contest
	from beginning to end. It's too bad there had to be a winner
	and loser. The 2-0 score says this game was as equal as it
	could have been.

	This was a contest of wills between opposing defenses. For
	three and a half quarters, the two high-octane offenses were
	held powerless. Southside did mount one fair drive into
	Brookline territory, but it ended in denial thanks to a Julius
	Noel interception at the eighteen yard line. Unfortunately,
	the Knights fell into a trap. Deep in their own territory, the
	offense sputtered into reverse and found itself cornered in
	its own endzone by a swarm of Sabres. The safety ended the
	scoreless game. When the battle was over, two points were all
	that seperated these two excellent football teams.

	Our thoughts are with Connor McGinnis, who left the field
	injured in the second quarter. We were relieved to see him
	return later in the day. 



	Southside 20 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Angello Madison (2)

	NOTE: Actually, this was another pretty good game for the
	defensive minded, well at least it was for the first
	twenty-six minutes. The Sabres ended a scoreless battle with
	3:15 to go in the third quarter by scoring on three straight
	possessions and coasting in with a 20-0 victory. Up to that
	point in the game the Knights defense held a strong Sabre
	offense in check, thanks in large part to Angello Madison's
	two first half fumble recoveries.



	Southside 44 - BROOKLINE 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Nick Sywyj run (conversion failed)
	Dion Rooney run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Dominick Maggs
	Onside Kick Recovery: Anthony Raymond

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