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Week #8 - October 13, 2007

Brookline Knights
	October 13, 2007

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 8 - Montour 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Richard Jetter run (Brent Ivory run)

	NOTE: The game's only score was set up by a thirty-eight yard
	run by Brent Ivory into the Montour red zone with four seconds
	left in the first half. Richard Jetter went around the right
	side for the touchdown as the half expired.


	WEEK #8 - October 13, 2007


	Montour 18 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Christian Frazier (2)

	NOTE: Montour scored on their first possession of the first
	half and repeated on their first drive of the second half.
	The Knights could not manage to get any offense going. Two
	fumble recoveries by Christian Frazier in the second half kept
	things from getting out of control. A late game interception
	return by Montour put the contest out of reach. The Brookline
	offense came alive on their last possession as Brent Ivory ran
	for thirty yards, followed by runs of fourteen and seventeen
	yards by Christian Frazier, but the game clock expired on
	Frazier's final run.



	BROOKLINE 36 - Montour 16

	Scoring Summary:

	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)
	Dylan DiRenna run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)
	Cody Cerminara run (conversion failed)

	Onside Kick Recovery: Adam Tonry

	NOTE: The Knights offense rode Taylor Thornton's legs to an
	18-0 halftime lead. Thornton ran for over 180 yards in the
	first half alone! Taylor struck again in the third quarter
	to stake the Knights to a 24-0 lead, then Montour scored two
	quick touchdowns to cut the lead to 24-16. Having already
	accumulated over 200 yards rushing, Thornton answered again
	with a sixty yard touchdown run to put the Knights up for good
	at 30-16. Cody Cerminara's fifty yard scoring run late in the
	game was the icing on the cake. Great game for the Knights,
	who ran wild on offense and played excellent defense.



	BROOKLINE 52 - Montour 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Connor McGinnis run (Joey Kalsek run)
	Connor McGinnis run (Malik Petite pass from Connor McGinnis)
	Zach McGrail pass from Connor McGinnis (conversion failed)
	Michael Roper pass from Connor McGinnis (Michael Roper run)
	Chad Gregorius run (Malik Petite run)
	Chad Gregorius run (conversion failed)
	Tony Manuel interception return (Tony Manuel run)

	Interception: Tony Manuel (2)
	Fumble Recovery: Malik Petite, Khalil Sanders

	NOTE: The Knights offense went to the air, with chilling
	results for the Spartans. Connor McGinnis lit up the airwaves,
	connecting with David Suwalski, Michael Roper, Joey Kalsek,
	Zach McGrail and Malik Petite in a well-executed passing
	attack. Several other passes were right on target, but the
	receivers were so wide open that they did their best Clifford
	Franklin imitation and couldn't catch the ball. The final
	score could have been 70-0. What was even more chilly was that
	the defense held the Spartans to negative yardage for the
	game, extending their defensive shutout streak to thirty-two
	quarters (the entire regular season)!



	Montour 22 - BROOKLINE 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Russell Page run (conversion failed)
	Ricardo Burch run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Blake Drischler
	Fumble Recovery: Blake Drischler

	NOTE: Montour scored on their first possession, then the
	Knights mounted their own long drive, which was stopped at
	the one inch line. After a Montour punt on their second
	possession, the Knights drove forty-eight yards for a score,
	capped off by Russell Page's two yard plunge. A failed
	conversion left the Knights down 8-6 at halftime.

	Montour scored again on their first possession of the second
	half. Brookline got the ball back and went four and out.
	Montour fumbled on their second possession of the half,
	recovered by Blake Drischler at the Knight's forty-three yard
	line. Ricardo Burch turned the takeaway into six quick points
	with a fifty-seven yard dash down the right sideline for a
	touchdown. Again, the Knights failed to convert and the score
	read: Montour 14 - Brookline 12.

	With the game in their reach, the Knights defense bent, then
	broke with a roughing the passer penalty that gave the Montour
	offense new life and a first down at the Knights twenty-five.
	Four plays later, Montour scored their third touchdown of the
	game and aced the conversion to take an overwhelming 22-12
	lead with only a minute to go.



	BROOKLINE 32 - Montour 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Johnathan Kalsek run
		(Charlie Mandarino pass from Johnathan Kalsek)
	Patrick Morgan interception return (Zac Born run)
	Ryan Mandarino interception return (Zac Born run)
	Jacob Lowden interception return
		(Anthony Raymond pass from Johnathan Kalsek)

	Interception: Dominick Maggs, Patrick Morgan, Jacob Lowden,
		      Ryan Mandarino	

	NOTE: The Knights offense seemed to come out of its malaise
	of late, working the ball both on the ground and in the air.
	But, in this game, it was the defense that drove home the
	dagger, scoring on three interception returns to stymie the
	Spartans and bring some well-deserved cheers from their fans.
	The defense played such a run and shoot game that they
	managed to outscore their own offense by a total of 18-14.
	This is the kind of game the Knights needed heading into the
	playoffs. We all hope the momentum carries over. Confidence!

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