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Week #10 - October 27, 2007

Brookline Knights
	Week #10 - October 27, 2007 - DIVISIONAL SEMI-FINALS


	BROOKLINE 20 - Avonworth 6

	Scoring Summary:

	David Suwalski pass from Connor McGinnis (conversion failed)
	Khalil Sanders run (Michael Roper pass from Connor McGinnis)
	Connor McGinnis run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Connor McGinnis
	Fumble Recovery: Khalil Sanders
	Onside Kick Recovery: Khalil Sanders

	NOTE: One thing is for certain. It was cold, and it got
	colder as the day went on. Another is that the final score
	makes this game look much closer than it really was.
	Brookline's defense took charge in the first half and held
	the Eagles to six offensive plays, four kickoff returns and
	a punt. An interception by Logan Salicce and two stealthy
	takeaways by Khalil Sanders stifled the Eagle attack. Each
	came on one of Avonworth's six plays, giving the Knights
	offense time to hold a scoring clinic.

	The Knights running attack pounded away at the Eagle
	defense. Timely receptions by David Suwalski and Joey Kalsek
	kept the ball moving in long yardage situations. Quarterback
	Connor McGinnis engineered four drives into the red zone,
	three of which resulted in touchdowns. The other was stopped
	at the Avonworth four yard line by a pass interception with
	only twenty seconds to go in the first half. The halftime
	score read: Brookline 20 - Avonworth 0.

	The cheerleaders, braving the chilly temperature, did their
	best to keep the sidelines warm with their spirit and
	enthusiasm. Their halftime show was excellent and they did
	bring a little warmth to the hearts of the fans.

	The third quarter began with a Knights fumble. This gave
	Avonworth the ball in Brookline territory with decent field
	position. An Eagle pass brought a first down, then the game
	entered the penalty phase. Both teams got jumpy and four
	offsides penalties were called, one after another. The
	referees moved the ball back and forth in a frustrating
	succession. Khalil Sanders, who seemed to be everywhere on
	defense, put an end to the silliness with a fourth down sack.

	Brookline took over and marched downfield. McGinnis and
	Roper combined for twenty-eight yards in three runs to
	overcome a first and twenty-seven challenge. Then the swift
	feet of Chad Gregorius thrust the offense forward in bursts
	of eleven, thirteen and ten yards. The drive progressed to
	the Avonworth five yard line, where the Knights fell short
	on fourth and goal.

	Avonworth took over with 5:50 to go in the fourth quarter.
	On third and ten, a long pass found its mark and the Eagle
	receiver soared downfield for a ninety-five yard touchdown
	reception. A failed conversion left the score at 20-6.

	Avonworth then executed a perfect onside kick and regained
	the ball. An offsides penalty against the Knights moved the
	stick a little further in the wrong direction. A momentum
	shift? Hardly.

	The Knights pushed the Eagles back seventeen yards in three
	plays. A fourth down pass was broken up by Tyler Parees,
	putting an end to any ideas of an Avonworth comeback. The
	offense chewed up three of the four remaining minutes and
	turned the ball over on downs. A final Eagle thrust was
	stopped by a McGinnis interception at midfield as time
	expired. Game Over! Who's next?

	The Knights will move on to play the winner of the North
	Hills/Southside game next week. It would be nice to get
	another crack at Southside, but does it matter? Not to
	Coach Donnie's Kids!

	The late game score marked an end to the Knight's defensive
	streak of 35 consecutive shutout quarters. Does it matter?
	No. But in our time conscious society, that's 5 hours, 54
	minutes and ten seconds to be exact. A marvelous achievement.



	Avonworth 24 - BROOKLINE 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Ricardo Burch run (Russell Page run)

	Interception: Blake Drischler, Damel Banks

	NOTE: It was still cold, and getting colder.

	Avonworth took the opening kickoff and got on the board
	quickly with a scoring run at 7:50 in the first quarter. A
	good conversion gave the Eagles an early 8-0 lead. On the
	Eagles next possession, a Damel Banks interception gave the
	Knights the ball on their own forty-seven yard line, first
	and ten.

	Ricardo Burch gained 27 yards on the Knight's first play,
	then repeated with another 27 yard dash to the endzone three
	plays later to close the gap to 8-6. Russell Page converted
	to tie the score at 8-all with a minute left to go in the
	first quarter. The sun came out and things started getting a
	little warmer, if only for a moment.

	Avonworth took the ensuing kickoff and marched fifty-four
	yards, capped off with a three yard touchdown run and a good
	conversion with 6:54 remaining in the half. Brookline's
	offense sputtered and was forced to punt. A twenty-nine yard
	boot by Raymont Green pinned Avonworth back at their own
	thirteen yard line.

	With their backs to their own goal, Avonworth ground out
	three first downs and moved into Brookline territory. With
	two minutes to go, Blake Drischler made a nice diving pick
	of an Eagle pass and gave the offense another chance. A
	twenty-nine yard pass to Chris Noel moved the ball across
	midfield but again the offense sputtered to a halt. At
	halftime the score read: Avonworth 16 - Brookline 8.

	With the temperature falling, the frozen cheerleaders thawed
	themselves out for their halftime performance, which they
	pulled off with style. Guilt has overcome me. I never write
	about the cheerleaders. Sorry to Nicole and Sharon and to all
	the other coaches, and especially the girls. You've all done
	a wonderful job and deserve a big round of applause.

	The second half began with the ball see-sawing back and forth
	around midfield. This continued for the entire third quarter.
	Both teams vied for an edge. Avonworth struck first with an
	interception that put the ball at the Brookline eighteen yard
	line. A ten yard touchdown run with 7:56 remaining in the
	fourth quarter sealed the Knight's fate.

	The offense could not move the sticks and Avonworth took
	possession of the ball for the final time. The Eagles drove
	for two first downs and then let the clock expire.

	A final thought on the game. Russell Page played a really good
	game at quarterback. He threw several slick passes that, had
	they been caught ...

	To the rest of the team and the coaches, especially Coach
	Mark, great season! It was definitely a change from the 0-9
	nightmare Mark endured last year, and if these players
	continue to develop and improve like they did this season,
	their future as Knights looks bright indeed.



	BROOKLINE 38 - Carlynton 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Johnathan Kalsek run
		(Dominick Maggs pass from Johnathan Kalsek)
	Dominick Maggs run (Dominick Maggs pass from Johnathan Kalsek)
	Johnathan Kalsek run (conversion failed)
	Johnathan Kalsek punt return (Dominick Maggs run)
	Dion Rooney run (Dion Rooney run)

	NOTE: Brookline fumbled the ball on their first offensive
	possession. That may have been the only thing they did wrong	
	the whole game, with the exception of the kickoff return in
	the second half. But, who's perfect?

	Something has happened to this team. At this critical point
	in the season, they have found the two intangibles that talent
	alone can not win without.

	The Brookline Knights have found confidence and leadership.

	The defense held Carlynton back on their first possession and
	gave the ball back to the offense. A 60 yard drive commenced,
	with Johnathan Kalsek dashing the final 12 yards to the
	endzone on a sweep right. Kalsek tossed to Dominick Maggs for
	the two point conversion and an 8-0 lead.

	John Forrester, whose booming kickoffs kept the Cougars stuck
	in poor field position most of the day, deposited this one on
	the Cougar one yard line. Carlynton's offense went four and
	out, then the Knights offense tried without success. A fourth
	down stop gave the Cougars possession at their 17 yard line.

	Carlynton moved the ball forward nine yards, then gambled on
	4th and one. They were stopped cold. The referees initially
	signalled a 1st down for Carlynton, but after strenuous
	objections from Coach Brian, a measurement showed that the
	defense had held. 1st and ten, Brookline ball!

	The Knights offense took over and covered the distance to the
	goal before time expired in the half. Maggs crossed the line
	for the score with 37 seconds to go on a two-yard run.
	Dominick then caught a Kalsek pass for the conversion and a
	16-0 halftime lead.

	The second half began with Carlynton taking the opening
	kickoff and returning it for a quick touchdown. Charlie
	Mandarino returned the enusing kickoff to midfield. After a
	failed attempt by the Knights on fourth down, Carlynton took
	over. The Knight's defense pushed them back into a 4th and 23.
	The Cougars gambled again and tried a fake punt. The attempted
	pass was broken up by Jacob Lowden. The Knights took over in
	good field position on the Carlynton 36 yard line.

	Johnathan Kalsek scored his second TD of the day with a 27
	yard run, giving the Knights a 22-6 lead with 5:28 left in the
	third quarter. Another booming kickoff by Forrester put
	Carlynton back at their own five yard line. The defense pushed
	them back to the one. Carlynton's punt went straight into the
	waiting arms of the ever-present Johnathan Kalsek, who brought
	it back 10 yards for his third score of the afternoon. Another
	Maggs conversion put the score at: Brookline 30 - Carlynton 6.

	The scoring parade was not over. The fourth quarter saw Dion
	Rooney score six on a ten yard run, then ace the conversion
	for another two points. The clock ticked down to zero and the
	resurgent Knights will advance another round to the SSYFL NFC
	Division Championship game.

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