Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos - Knights 11-Under Playoff vs. Avonworth Eagles - 11/1/08
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The Mighty Knights came ready
to strike. The Avonworth Eagles
didn't stand a chance.

Brother Brian and Coach Joe Tongel
join the ground crew to patch up
the turf. Like in Caddyshack, there
appeared to be a groundhog holes all
over the ballfield. The referee looks
on like in a Norman Rockwell picture.

The Knights pre-game preparations.

Knight captains Khalil, Martino
Chad, Joey and Michael stand firm
with Coach Donnie before the game.

Like lambs being led to slaughter,
the Avonworth Eagles await their
own destruction. Aren't Eagles
on the endangered species list?
Not today.

The Knight players gather
around Coach Donnie as the
intended victims await the
coming green and black attack.

The offense moved the ball
at will against the Eagles.

A critical first down on the
Knights first scoring drive.

The cheerleaders did a great job
entertaining the Brookline fans.

Khalil Sanders scores the
Knights first touchdown.

Khalil Sanders adds a two point
conversion after a Michael Roper
TD run to make the score to 16-0.

Michael Roper scores his second
touchdown of the game. Roper,
filling in for injured QB Connor
McGinnis, played a great game
and is really coming into his own.

The Brookline sideline had a lot
to cheer about as halftime approaches.
The scoreboard gives us a hint as to
what type of blowout this game was.

The first-stringers take a seat
early in the third quarter after the
Knights took a 32-0 lead. These guys
played some fantastic football.

The second team offense took
over and rode the legs of
Zacheria 'Fridge' Sesay.
What a tank! Our secret
weapon has been unveiled.

A merciful ending.
Who's next?

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