Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos - Knights 13-Under Playoff vs. Southside Sabres - 11/1/08
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Brookline Knights Captains Sywyj (58),
Lowden (54), Mandarino (27) and Spath (12)
look ready to lead the Knights in battle
against the Sabres from Southside.

Nicole and Joe
survey their troops.

Introductions are over.
Let's play some football.

The Brookline defense
beat up on the Sabres.

The Knight defense kept the
Sabres backs against the wall.

Nick Sywyj ran for some
tough yards on the ground.

The Knight offense was able
to move the ball at will.

Halftime is much easier
with a 20-6 lead. Ready
for the 'Southside Chant?'
We'd rather have Coach Don
give us a labotomy, please!

The view from the stands.

The first-stringers take a
rest after building a 26-6 lead.
They all played a great game!

Nicole's cheerleaders again did a
great job working the crowd. Their
halftime show is the best by far.
They proved which team has class.

Dominic 'Taco' Amato
played a great game!
He put the BIG HURT
on the Southside Sabres.

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