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Week #2 - September 6, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	WEEK #2 - September 6, 2008                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 14 - Chartiers Valley 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Darryl Daniels 19 run (conversion failed)
	Darryl Daniels 2 run (Brent Ivory run)

	Fumble Recovery: Cole Salicce, Marshal White
Knights prepare to corral the Colts
	NOTES: Good game by our youngest Knights! On the Knights first
	possession, fleet-footed Darryl	Daniels carried the ball 55
	yards on two quick runs. With first and goal, the offense went
	into reverse. Then, on 4th and 19, Darryl found a groove,
	turned on the jets and rocketed into the endzone for a 6-0
	Brookline lead. The Knights threatened again near the end of
	the second quarter, when a long run by Brent Ivory gave the
	Knights a first down at the CV17, but the drive stalled.
The Knights Cheerleaders
put on a fine show!
	Then, late in the fourth quarter, pint-sized Lamar Lewis burst
	through the middle for a 30 yard gain. Daniels and Ivory
	followed with runs of 8 and 11 yards. Lewis then punched the
	ball to the CV2. With a minute left on the clock, Daniels
	sealed the victory with his second touchdown of the day. A
	good conversion run by Ivory made the score 14-0. A fumble
	recovery by Marshal White on Char Valleys final possession
	gave Brookline the ball back with eight seconds to go.

	Defensively, Brookline kept a tight grip on the Colt offense
	the entire game. Their outside containment was great and the
	defensive line held Char Valley to little or no gain all day.
	Oh yeah! Jen Haskins, great job on the National Anthem.
	WEEK #2 - September 6, 2008                  @ McGibbeny Field


	Chartiers Valley 18 - BROOKLINE 0

	Interception: Jacob Mellon
Brookline Knights
	NOTES: This might be a difficult year if our young Knights
	can't generate offense. For 31 minutes the Brookline attack
	was stopped cold by a tough Char Valley defense. Two costly
	turnovers led to Colt touchdowns. Then, with 52 clicks left
	on the game clock, the offense showed signs of life. A Jacob
	Mellon interception at the Brookline three yard line stopped
	the Colts final drive.
The feisty cheerleaders came
ready to cheer on the Knights
	On the game's last play, Sharron Steave finally burst loose,
	racing 82 yards to the CV 15 before being dragged down from
	behind. Only seconds remained on the clock. Before they could
	get off a final play, time ran out. It was a great run for
	Sharron, but it was that kind of day for the Knights. Anyhow,
	it's too early to worry. This team has talent. If they work
	out their chemistry things could get a lot better.
	WEEK #2 - September 6, 2008                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 20 - Chartiers Valley 8 

	Scoring Summary:

	Taylor Thornton 2 run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton 18 run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton 70 punt return (Loren Wicks run)

	Interception: Amaree Hatcher, Dalton Link, Taylor Thornton
	Fumble Recovery: Adam Tonry, Stephen Schwartz
Brookline Knights came ready
to play. The Colts were no
match for Brookline stallions.
	NOTES: Great defensive effort. A fumble recovery by Adam
	Tonry on the Colts first possession led to a nine play, 44
	yard drive. The march was capped off with a two yard run by
	Taylor Thornton, giving Brookline an early 6-0 lead. In the
	second quarter, Char Valley's offense countered with a drive
	of their own. An 18 yard TD run and a successful conversion
	reception put the Colts ahead 8-6 at halftime.
These Knight's Cheerleaders had a
lot to cheer about on this day
	Brookline took the second half kickoff and moved the ball
	downfield. Six minutes and three first downs later, Taylor
	Thornton motored eleven yards for his second touchdown of the
	game. This put the Knights back on top, 12-8. The defense
	stopped the Colts dead in their tracks, forcing a punt. Taylor
	took the kick and scampered 70 yards for his third score.
	Amaree Hatcher converted to make the score 20-8.
	Fourth quarter interceptions by Thornton and Dalton Link
	ended any hopes of a Colt comeback. Offensively, the Knights
	entire running game put on a fine show, and the defense
	rocked. These Knights look like winners and spirits are high!
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	WEEK #2 - September 6, 2008                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 32 - Chartiers Valley 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Khalil Sanders 11 run
		(David Suwalski pass from Connor McGinnis)
	Connor McGinnis 5 run (Michael Roper run)
	Khalil Sanders 7 run (Michael Roper run)
	Connor McGinnis 3 run (Chad Gregorius run)

	Interception: Logan Salicce
	Fumble Recovery: Bryan Bergener
The 11-Under Brookline Knights
huddle around Coach Donnie,
like a viper ready to pounce
on its prey. What a team!
	NOTES: Another dominant performance by the defending champs.
	A couple of untimely turnovers kept the score from getting out
	of hand. Late in the game, one Colt managed to turn the corner
	after a short pass and gallop 81 yards for Char Valley's lone
	score. The second string offense, led by Tony Manuel and Chad
	Gregorius did a good job of eating up the clock during the
	latter part of the game. With the exception of the Colt that
	broke free, the defense hit hard and completely broke the rest
	of the herd. What a team effort! These Knights are dangerous.
	WEEK #2 - September 6, 2008                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 30 - Bethel Park (1) 2

	Scoring Summary:

	Michael Ignasky 2 run (Tonyea Curry pass from Zach Spath)
	Nick Sywyj 6 run (Mark Manko pass from Zach Spath)
	Michael Ignasky 2 run (conversion failed)
	Michael Ignasky 7 run (Ricardo Burch pass from Zach Spath)

	Interception: Ryan Mandarino
Coach Joe and Brother Brian
have a good team to work with.
	NOTES: Another fine performance by the elder Knights. Michael
	Ignasky again lit up the scoreboard with 18 points. Quarterback
	Zach Spath is gaining confidence in his throwing, and a 36 yard
	bomb to Tonyea Curry in the second quarter set up the Knight's	
	second touchdown, a six yard jaunt by Nick Sywyj. The only
	blemish in this game occured eight seconds into the contest,
	after the Knights botched the opening game kickoff. Bethel Park
	forced a quick safety for an early 2-0 lead. For the next 39
	minutes and 52 seconds, this contest was all Brookline.

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