Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2011

11-Under Knights vs. South Park on September 3, 2011
Photos by Clint Burton
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The heat was oppressive. The temperature
hovered near 90 degrees. The sun itself was
merciless. Shade was at a premium.
Will Rupert, Brandon Wysong,
Darryl Daniels and Lamar Lewis.
Darryl Daniels scores his first touchdown.
Quran Powe adds a two-point conversion.
The Knights offense is potent.
Lamar Lewis scores his first of two conversions.
The Knights sideline.
Quarterback Brent Ivory (#5) hands off to
Darryl Daniels, who played a great game.
Coach Joe is in the zone.
Darryl Daniels tosses the ball back to
the referee after his 69-yard TD run.
Quran Powe is a scoring machine,
and he's not bad on defense either.
The Knight defense was awesome.
The second team saw a lot of action.
Not today, my friend.
Halftime. Mrs. Roscoe hands out the oranges.
Jeremy Jenkins runs the second team offense.
Brookline Knights
Coach Zilch sets the second-team defense straight.
It had to be hot under that pile.
Brookline buried South Park.

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