Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2011

11-Under Knights vs. Moon on September 18, 2011
Photos by Clint Burton
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These Knights came ready to play.
Coach Joe runs them through the pre-game drills.
The Knights went to the air against Moon.
Nicole's girls came to cheer on the boys.
The eleven year olds have hit the big time.
Captains Josh Gmys, Khalil Weathers,
Jeremy Jenkins and Lamar Lewis.
A Tiger is in the cage.
Quran Powe takes off on his 63 yard
touchdown reception to tie the game.
The defense played a fine game.
Quarterback Brent Ivory has the
offense firing on all cylinders.
Lamar Lewis looks for running room.
The Knight offense has plenty of tools.
It was nice to have cheerleaders at the game.
Moon's quarterback was under pressure all day.
The Pyramid. That's Lindsey Maiorano at the top.
Quran Powe breaks the stalemate with a six yard
touchdown run to put Brookline on top 14-6.
The second front. The game within the game.
Brookline's girls always come out on top.
Great game guys!

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