Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2011

8-Under Knights vs. Baldwin on October 9, 2011
Photos by Clint Burton
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Antwain Carter adds a two-point
conversion to make the score 14-0.
The cheerleaders always rock the house.
Brookline owned the purple endzone turf.
It was a six-touchdown afternoon.
The defense held Baldwin without a first down.
Ethan Parker and Grant Hamilton.
Antwain Carter was all smiles.
Who's got the ball?
An injured Breaker on the field.
Take a knee. The EMS Medic is
Brookline's own Nicole Dittler.
Coach Travis keeps the defense in line.
Things ain't lookin' too good for the runner.
Quarterback Grant Hamilton had the offense
on overdrive, exploding for forty-two points.
Flag on the play.
There was lots to cheer about today!
Grant Hamilton, Brandon McGough and Mekhi Gay.
Grant Hamilton hands off to Brandon McGough.
The offense was awesome. Poised and Powerful.
Nicholas Ault speeds towards the endzone
with the Knights last touchdown of the day.
The clock hits zero. Game over!
Great game!
On three ... 1 - 2 - 3 ... KNIGHTS!

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