Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2011

9-Under Knights vs. Montour on October 15, 2011
Photos by Clint Burton
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Marques Watson takes down a Spartan runner.
Marques Watson takes off on another long run.
Nowhere to go for this Cougar runner.
Looks like a flag on the play.
Not sure what Watson and Leonard are doing,
but #7 sure looks dazed and confused.
That's Jahmain Hatten on the sideline making
a tackle to preserve the Brookline shutout.
That runner had a clear path to the endzone.
A championship quality team deserves
championship quality cheerleaders.
These girls got game. Go Knights!
Jordan Bonilla (#43) brings the offense to the line for the
next play. Dante Douglas #28 burst loose for big yardage.
Nowhere for this Knight to go but down.
The scoreboard tells a nice story.
The Knights give their sympathies to the fallen Spartans
and head to the endzone for some serious celebrating!
  #1  --  Number One  --  Numero Uno  --  Ate And Oh
Lots of happy players, coaches, moms and dads.

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