Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2011

11-Under Playoff vs. Southside on October 30, 2011
Photos by Clint Burton
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"Veni, Vidi, Vici."

Coach Joe and his Deputies enter the
arena primed and ready to clean house.
Quarterback Brent Ivory warms up.
Coach Joe really gets primed for these playoff games.
He's the heart and soul of what we see on the field of
play. This is Coach Joe's 19th year on the sideline.
The cheerleaders cheer down the rival Sabres.
Lamar Lewis, Khalil Weathers and Jeremy Jenkins
lead the Knights on to the field of battle.
Quran Powe, Darryl Daniels,
Trevor Hazen and Will Rupert.
Dominic Emma (#30) and Trevor Hazen (#62)
engage in an epic battle on every play.
The Knights linemen earn their respect
the hard way. Keep up the good work.
Action in the trenches.
The Charge of the Knight Brigade.
Trevor Hazen (#62) anchors the defensive line.
Quran Powe after setting the Knights
touchdown record with his 28th TD.
Halftime score: Brookline 44 - Southside 6.
These boys in Green and Black mean business.
The Brookline sideline.
The Knights defense can be downright
brutal when they want to be.
The scoreboard tells a story.
Khalil Weathers (#21) played a great game,
and Coach Randy Roscoe is not camera shy.
Good game. Now let's forget about it
and start thinking about next week.

Congratulations to Quran Powe, who on this day has set the Brookline Knights
all-time single-season touchdown record with his 28th and 29th of the year.

Quran Powe - Brookline Knights All-Time
Single-Season Touchdown Leader.

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