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Week #3 - September 10, 2011

Brookline Knights

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	September 10, 2011                              @ Quarry Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 14 - Southside 0

	Branndon Pezzelle 50 run (Branndon Pezzelle run)
	Keshawn Harris 40 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Tristin Christe, Prince Partee

	NOTES: Brookline's Little Knights opened the Saturday games
	with a hard-earned 14-0 shutout over the Southside Sabres. The
	first half was played to a scoreless tie, but not without some
	nail-biting drama. Brookline fumbled twice inside their own
	five yard line, giving Southside great scoring opportunities.
	Each time the defense stood their ground and did not allow a
	Sabre score. Fumble recoveries by Tristin Christe and Prince
	Partee ended those threats.

	The second half was all Knights. Touchdown runs of fifty yards
	by Branndon Pezzelle and forty yards by Keshawn Harris put
	Brookline on top to stay. Pezzelle played a great game on both
	offense and defense. The Little Knights now sport a 2-1 record
	in exhibition play.
	WEEK #3 - September 10, 2011                    @ Quarry Field


	Southside 6 - BROOKLINE 0 (overtime)

	Fumble Recovery: Ethan Parker (2), Grant Hamilton

	NOTES: The eight-year old Knights lost a 6-0 heartbreaker to
	the Southside Sabres. They slugged it out near midfield for
	thirty-two minutes. Neither team was able to score. The game
	was decided in overtime.

	While the Knight offense struggled to get the ball moving, on
	the opposite side of the line, Brookline's defense held the
	Sabres without a first down for the entire game. Mekhi Gay
	had an outstanding day, making several backfield tackles and
	causing two Southside fumbles.

	With the game scoreless after regulation, Brookline won the
	toss and got first possession during overtime. Three running
	plays went nowhere. A fourth down pass from Grant Hamilton to
	Jamyle Liebro was stopped two yards short of the endzone.
	Southside took over on the ten yard line. Two plays later a
	Sabre runner slashed through the Knight defensive line and
	scored the game-winning touchdown.
	WEEK #3 - September 10, 2011                    @ Quarry Field

	BROOKLINE 20 - Southside 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 10 run (conversion failed)
	Nick Roell 3 run (Marques Watson run)
	Marques Watson 11 run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Michael Matthews

	NOTES: The nine-year olds remain undefeated after a 20-6
	victory over the Southside Sabres. Marques Watson turned in
	another strong effort rushing and Brookline's defense held the
	Sabres without a first down for forty minutes. It was another
	dominant performance for Coach Mike Orsi's Knights.

	Watson got the scoring started on Brookline's opening drive,
	powering the Knights downfield and capping off the drive with
	a ten yard touchdown run. A quarterback sneak by Nick Roell
	and a good conversion run by Watson put eight more points on
	the board before halftime, giving the Knights a 14-0 lead.

	Southside took the second half kickoff and returned it all the
	way for their only score. The Knights countered with Watson's
	second rushing touchdown of the game. With four minutes to go
	in the contest, Michael Matthews intercepted a Sabre pass to
	hammer the final nail into the black and gold coffin.

	After three strong wins, these Knights are coming together in
	a very positive way. With the offense riding the legs of it's
	trusty steed Marques and the defense plugging gaps like Flex
	Seal, the Brookline Nines are on a roll. Next week's game with
	Moon will be a test of how good these Knights really are.
	WEEK #3 - September 10, 2011                    @ Quarry Field


	Southside 42 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Nathan Ault 71 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: The score at halftime read: Southside 22 - Brookline 0.
	Undaunted by a seemingly endless string of misfortunes, the
	Knights Eleven took the second half kickoff and forged onward,
	searching for some spark to ignite a fire. Quarterback Nathan
	Ault seized the moment and found a kink in the Sabre defense.
	Nathan scorched the turf for seventy-one yards and Brookline's
	only touchdown. Southside quickly extinguished the flames and
	went on to put twenty more points on the board by game's end.
	WEEK #3 - September 10, 2011                    @ Quarry Field


	BROOKLINE 26 - Southside 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 53 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 71 pass from Brent Ivory
		(Darryl Daniels pass from Brent Ivory)
	Lamar Lewis recovered fumble in endzone (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 56 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Lamar Lewis
	Interception: Lamar Lewis (2)
These two teams don't like each other.
It has been this way for several years.
Knights-Sabres is like Steelers-Ravens.
It has evolved into a bitter rivalry.
	NOTES: The Brookline Knights and the Southside Sabres squared
	off in the 2011 season's quintessential grudge-match. In the
	stands, emotions ran amouk as the long-time rivals pounded
	away at each other on the Quarry Field turf. Both teams fought
	the tough fight. When the dust settled, Brookline exited the
	Five Points with a hard-earned 26-14 exorcism of the Sabres.

	The first half was a see-saw struggle. The Sabres struck first
	with a long pass play down the right sideline for a touchdown.
	Quran Powe answered for the Knights with a fifty-three yard
	run to even the score at six-apiece. Another long pass play
	and a good conversion put Southside back on top, 14-6.
It was a fierce battle in the trenches.
	With four minutes left in the half, and Brookline at their own
	twenty-nine yard line, quarterback Brent Ivory connected with
	Powe. He was off to the races. Quran led a host of Sabres on a
	seventy-one yard chase to the goal. Brent then threw to Darryl
	Daniels in the corner of the endzone for the extra two-points
	to erase the Sabre lead. The tide of battle had turned.

	Southside got the ball back twice before halftime. Lamar Lewis
	snuffed each opportunity with timely interceptions. Excitement
	turned to apprehension on the final play of the half as Ivory
	took a strong hit to the chest and was sidelined for the game.
Halftime was the time for a real gut check.
The Knights found themselves in a good,
tough game. They rose to the challenge.
	The second half was delayed thirty minutes due to a lightning
	bolt and thunderclap that sent shockwaves through the crowd.
	It was an omen. The Sabres should have heeded the warning.
	The Knights returned to the playing field fully energized.

	Brookline took the second half kickoff and went on an eight
	minute drive through the heart of the Sabre Nation. Reserve
	quarterback Khalil Weathers led the offense and marched the
	Knights fifty-nine yards for a touchdown.

	Marred by penalties, it wasn't an ideal drive by any means.
	However, two key receptions by Daniels positioned the Knights
	on the Sabre three yard line. Powe then blasted towards the
	endzone. He fumbled. A roar came from the Brookline sideline
	as the referee signaled a touchdown and Little Lamar emerged
	from under the pile with the ball and a 20-14 Knights lead.
Lamar Lewis recovered a fumble in the
endzone to put the Knights in the lead.
	The Sabres got the ball back and were promptly accosted by
	Daejon Brentley, Will Rupert and Trevor Hazen, who pushed them
	back thirteen yards and forced a punt. The ball took a Sabre
	bounce and rolled to the Knights twenty-five yard line. The
	game now entered a form of penalty phase. Tempers simmered.

	For the next nine minutes, Brookline and Southside exchanged
	infractions, one after another. Yellow flags littered the
	field. The referees moved the ball in one direction, then the
	other. The Sabres watched helplessly as the clock ticked away.

	Holding, offsides and personal fouls dominated the quarter.
	With less than a minute to go, Weathers managed a good handoff
	to Powe. While everyone scanned the turf for the next flag,
	Quran's fifty-six yard touchdown ended the intra-city brawl.
The Brookline sideline likes the look on
the scoreboard. HOME 14 - GUEST 26.
	This was an excellent game for Coach Joe's Posse. His Knights
	put down a tough opponent and overcame a few obstacles along
	the way. Keep up the good work ... and no more penalties!
	WEEK #3 - September 10, 2011



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