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Week #8 - October 15, 2011

Brookline Knights

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	October 15, 2011                          @ Montour High School

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Montour 14 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Branndon Pezzelle 40 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's Little Knights finished their season with
	a 14-6 loss to the Little Spartans of Montour. The Spartans
	struck first with a touchdown and conversion to take an 8-0
	lead. The Knights came roaring back with a forty yard scoring
	run by Branndon Pezzelle. A failed conversion attempt left
	Brookline down by two points at halftime, 8-6.

	Midway through the second half Montour scored again to increase
	their lead to 14-6. Brookline responded with another drive deep
	into Montour territory. As the clock ticked down, the Knights
	inched closer to the endzone. The green tide flowed to the four
	yard line, but could advance no further as the clock expired.

	The seven-year olds posted a 3-5 record in exhibition play.
	WEEK #8 - October 15, 2011               @ Montour High School


	Montour 6 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Antwain Carter

	NOTES: Coach Bruce's eight-year olds lost a heartbreaker to the
	Montour Spartans, 6-0. Brookline's offense moved the ball well,
	penetrating the Montour redzone four times. Unfortunately, each
	drive was stopped short of the goal. The Knights defense also
	played well, holding back the Spartan attack, until the final
	two minutes of the game.

	The first half was played to a 0-0 tie. Brookline managed one
	sustained drive, but the timeclock expired with the ball at the
	Montour ten yard line. A third quarter Knight drive ended with
	a turnover at the Montour fifteen. Another advance in the final
	quarter was also fumbled away, this time at the Spartan ten.

	Montour's offense, which was held in check for thirty minutes,
	awoke from it's slumber. The Spartans moved quickly downfield.
	Their last minute flurry was rewarded with the game's only
	score. A twenty-five yard touchdown run with thirty seconds
	remaining on the clock put them ahead 6-0.

	The Knights were down, but not out. There was still time left
	on the clock and surrender is not in the Knights creed.

	The Spartans kicked off and Brookline took over on their own
	forty yard line. The Knights ran a reverse. Brandon McGough
	took the handoff and sped fifty-five yards towards the endzone.
	He was dragged down from behind on the Montour five yard line.
	Four seconds remained; time for one final play.

	Antwain Carter advanced the ball three more yards before being
	tackled at the two yard line. Time expired. Game over.

	The eight-year olds finished their regular season with a 5-3
	record and have earned a playoff berth. Next week the team has
	a bye, and then it's on to the post-season.
	WEEK #8 - October 15, 2011               @ Montour High School


	BROOKLINE 22 - Montour 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 7 run (Nick Roell run)
	Marques Watson 5 run (Dominic Leonard run)
	Marques Watson 27 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Nick DelMastro, Dominic Leonard
	Interception: Jordan Bonilla

	NOTES: The Brookline Nines came to Montour for the Battle of
	the Unbeatens. The Knights didn't just beat the Spartans, they
	crushed them like a steamroller. Brookline's 22-0 victory gave
	the Knights claim to the top position in the final regular
	season standings with an unblemished 8-0 record.
Marques Watson had another outstanding day with
three touchdowns and well over 100 yards rushing.
	The Knights once again put on a solid offensive performance and
	the defense did what it does best, smother the opposition in a
	swarm of green and black. Long runs by Nick Roell and Marques
	Watson set up Brookline's two first half touchdowns and helped
	propel the Knights a 16-0 halftime lead.
The Knight defense gets tougher every week.
	Brookline's ball control game continued into the second half.
	Power running by Watson and Dominic Leonard earned the Knights
	another touchdown midway through the third quarter. A fumble
	recovery by Leonard on the ensuing kickoff sparked a fourth
	long drive. Although no points were had, the clock ticked
	inexorably towards the final buzzer.
Jordan Bonilla leads the reserve offense.
	The reserves were brought in to finish off the fourth quarter,
	and they performed well. The defense held the Spartans to one
	four-play possession and running back Dante Douglas ripped off
	a long run in the last minute of play. Quarterback Jordan
	Bonilla took a knee to work off the final seconds and the
	celebration began. The Brookline Knights are #1.
Proud coaches, Proud players and Proud parents.
These Knights are #1 today, but tomorrow begins
an entirely new season. They must prove themselves
three more times to claim the grand prize.
	Next week, the Knights have a bye, and then it's playoff time.
	Take a moment to enjoy the achievement of being the first place
	team. It is a grand accomplishment and one to be proud of. But,
	it is just the first step towards the ultimate goal of a Super
	Bowl championship. The next step will take place two weeks from
	now in the opening round of the post-season. Three more wins
	and it will be time for some real celebrating.
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	WEEK #8 - October 15, 2011               @ Montour High School


	Montour 28 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Nathan Ault 70 pass from Anthony Carrington (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Anthony Carrington

	NOTES: Brookline's ten-year old Knights dropped their eighth
	straight, 28-6, to the Montour Spartans. The 2011 season ends
	without a win, and an 0-8 record to show for the effort. But,
	looks can be deceiving, and these Knights have a fair share of
	positives to take away from this grueling campaign.
The defense gave a lot, but they never gave up!
	As for the Montour game, it began much the same as the others.
	The Spartans jumped off to an early lead and retained both
	possession and momentum throughout the first half. Three long
	drives gave Montour a comfortable 22-0 advantage at halftime.

	The Spartan lead increased to 28-0 at the eight minute mark of
	the third quarter. Just when things looked their bleakest, the
	Knights pulled themselves together and put on a fourth quarter
	show that brought the team to life and gave the fans a reason
	to celebrate. It's been this way all season long.
Quarterback Nathan Ault is ready to launch a pass.
	A halfback option pass from Anthony Carrington to quarterback
	Nathan Ault resulted in a seventy yard touchdown. The crowd
	cheered as Ault raced down the sideline. Brookline was on the
	board. A good defensive stop led to a final flurry of offense
	before time expired.

	A long and frustrating season is over. Eight games. No wins.
	It may not look good on the surface, but there's more here than
	meets the eye. Wins and losses are only part of the game. This
	team started the season with sixteen players. After eight games
	only fourteen remained. That's called having the odds stacked
	against you. There was no rest for the weary. They had to play,
	and play, and play. They took their licks, again and again.
These Knights have a lot to be proud of.
	Despite these unforgiving conditions, one thing was for sure.
	On any given Saturday, these fourteen kids showed up, geared up
	and got fired up to play some football. They kept trying. They
	showed character and maturity beyond their ten years, and these
	are the qualities that mean the most in life. These fourteen
	youngsters in green and black have a lot to be proud of:

	Shabazz Anderson, Logen Solomon, Nathan Ault, Zachary Wheeler,
	L.J. Orbovich, Edward May, Gaige Grzelka, Seth Derrick, Anthony
	Carrington, Chelsea Kline, Donald Turner, Cole McMullan, Jacob
	Burns and Tyler Diven. These are our ten year-old Knights!
The cheerleaders had a great year.
	Congratulations also go out to the talented cheerleaders and
	their Junior Coaches Taylor Mizgorski and Courtney Szozorek.
	Game after game the girls kept the sideline alive with their
	assortment of cheers, and their halftime routines were nice.
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	WEEK #8 - October 15, 2011               @ Montour High School


	Montour 20 - BROOKLINE 18 (OT)

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 18 run (conversion failed)
	Darryl Daniels 34 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 8 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Branden Wysong, Darryl Daniels, Quran Powe
The girls are always winners.
	NOTES: Coach Joe and his Brookline Knights came to Montour High
	School with two goals in mind, to avenge last year's playoff
	defeat and to cap off an undefeated season. They came so close,
	but left empty-handed. The 20-18 overtime loss to the Spartans
	brought the Power Posse back down to earth and showed that
	there is still some improvement necessary before they enter
	the post-season tournament.

	This was a classic gridiron struggle. Both teams battled it out
	with their big guns blazing. Brookline got the first possession
	and marched sixty-eight yards in eight plays for an early 6-0
	lead. Runs of twenty-seven and eighteen yards by Quran Powe
	powered the assault. The defense then shut the Spartans down
	and forced a punt. The kick took a Spartan roll and positioned
	the Knights deep in their own territory.
The Brookline offense had a good day, but
could not generate enough points to win.
	Brookline's offense stalled. The fourth down punt was blocked.
	Montour recovered the ball at the six yard line. Two plays
	later they punched it into the endzone to tie the score at
	six-apiece. Brookline countered with another long drive. Darryl
	Daniels put the Knights back in the lead, 12-6, with a fake
	reverse that left him a clear path to the endzone.

	On the following kickoff, Dominic Emma put a big hit on the
	returner, forcing a fumble. Montour recovered the ball, but
	their offense went nowhere. A third Brookline drive stalled
	with forty-one seconds remaining. The final play of the half
	was noteworthy. Will Rupert upended a Spartan runner in the
	backfield and slammed him to the turf. The Brookline Knights
	entered the halftime break brimming with confidence.
	Montour was confident, too. They took the second half kickoff
	and forced a path all the way to the Brookline one yard line,
	where they stalled on fourth down. The Knights took over. An
	interception gave the ball right back to the Spartans, who
	promptly converted their good fortune into six points to
	deadlock the score once more at 12-12.

	The Knight offense launched one final drive. It lasted most
	of the fourth quarter. A twenty yard pass from Brent Ivory to
	Khalil Weathers put Brookline on the Montour seven yard line.
	An untimely penalty pushed the ball back to the twenty. A
	fourth down pass to the endzone fell incomplete and the clock
	ticked off the final seconds.
The Brookline defense also played well.
Sometimes well isn't good enough.
	Brookline got first possession in overtime. A Powe touchdown
	gave the Knights an 18-12 lead. A failed conversion pass left
	little margin for error. Montour took over and needed only one
	play to even the score at 18-18. A good Spartan conversion run
	sealed the victory. The final score: Montour 20 - Brookline 18.

	This was a really good game featuring two evenly-matched teams.
	Brookline seemed to hold an overall edge, but Montour's running
	game was strong and they took full advantage of every Knight
	mistake. Both the Knights and the Spartans finished the regular
	season with identical 7-1 records.
These Knights need to work on eliminating the mental
mistakes. If they do, they'll be fine in the playoffs.
	In two weeks the playoffs begin. West Allegheny, Montour and
	Brookline are the post-season favorites. This loss is just a
	temporary setback. The Knights played a strong game and could
	have easily walked away as victors. Untimely penalties and
	mental mistakes were their undoing. These are correctable
	conditions. It's time to get focused.

	It would be great to play Montour again in the playoffs. That
	would be an awesome re-match, and an interesting twist of fate.
	Whoever they play, the Brookline Knights will be ready. 
	WEEK #8 - October 15, 2011               @ Montour High School


	Thomas-Jefferson 30 - BROOKLINE 24

	Scoring Summary:

	Antonio Green pass from Taylor Thornton (conversion failed)
	Dylan DiRenna run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)
	Taylor Thornton run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Bryan Benson

	NOTES: Brookline's elder Knights lost their fourth consecutive
	decision, 30-24, to the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars. These Knights
	have been somewhat of an enigma, and this game was another in a
	series of puzzling experiences.

	The Knights offense ran wild in the first half, scoring three
	times to build an 18-0 lead. Strong defense, including a Bryan
	Benson interception, kept the Jaguar offense caged. It looked
	as though the Mighty Knights had returned and TJ was again a
	hopeless victim. For twenty minutes they had, and they were.

	The Knights felt that fearsome power at halftime. The team was
	in control, and the days of fire and brimstone had returned.
	Unfortunately for the Knights, control is an illusion and games
	last forty minutes. These are indisputable truths, and yet they
	are so easily taken for granted.

	The second half was a bitter pill. The Jaguars forcibly clawed
	their way back, scoring four touchdowns to the Knights one, and
	tallying thirty points to the Knights six. The game was lost.
	Therein lies the enigma. This is a good team with real talent.
	Sometimes they show it. Sometimes they don't.

	Despite a difficult defeat, Coach Shawn was encouraged by the
	team's highest point total of the season and their stellar play
	in the first half. Valuable lessons were learned today.

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