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Week #10 - October 29/30, 2011

Brookline Knights

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	9-UNDER                            @ West Allegheny High School

	BROOKLINE 36 - West Allegheny 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 8 run (Marques Watson run)
	Marques Watson 4 run (conversion failed)
	Dominic Leonard 4 run (Marques Watson run)
	Marques Watson 13 run (Quinn Hunter run)
	Dante Douglas 45 run (time expired)

	Fumble Recovery: Dante Douglas (2), Nick Roell, Aidan Logan,
	                 Marques Watson, Dominic Leonard
The Knights offense drives towards
their first of five touchdowns.
	NOTES: With a steady snow falling, Coach Mike's Brookline Nines
	began the post-season with a 36-6 victory over West Allegheny.
	The Knights plastered the Indians from start to finish. This
	was "The Massacre at West Allegheny," and the overwhelmed
	redskins were running for their lives. It was pure carnage.

	The thirty-degree temperature and inch of slushy accumulation
	did nothing to cool the engines of Brookline's ball-control
	attack. Steady running by Marques Watson, Dominic Leonard,
	Dante Douglas and Quinn Hunter kept the Brookline offense
	moving up and down the field. The defense pounded the Indians
	and recovered several West Allegheny fumbles. It seemed as
	though Brookline had possession most of the first half.
The Brookline sideline.
	Brookline led at halftime, 30-0. West Allegheny mounted one
	drive, late in the third quarter. An Indian back broke free and
	threatened to score. Michael Matthews made a touchdown-saving
	tackle twenty-five yards downfield. A few plays later, however,
	West Allegheny found the endzone to spoil the shutout bid.

	The offense was again fueled by the sturdy Watson, who gained
	over 150 yards rushing. The offensive linemen played a dominant
	game. On defense, the hard-hitting Knights were merciless. Like
	a swarm of locusts, they devoured everything in their path.
Dante Douglas capped off the win with
a 45-yard touchdown in the final minute.
	This was a great way to start the playoffs. The Nines are Nine
	and Oh and looking fine. Now it's on to the semi-final round.
	Next week Brookline will return to West Allegheny High School
	to meet the Southside Sabres on Sunday, November 6 at 11:00am.
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	13-UNDER                           @ West Allegheny High School

	Carlynton 54 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Taylor Thornton 79 pass from Dylan DiRenna (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Quinton Hill

	NOTES: Brookline's elder Knights bowed out of the post-season
	after a 54-6 thumping by the top-seeded Carlynton Cougars. The
	Knights two-year reign as Super Bowl Champions came to an end
	on a cold, wet afternoon at West Allegheny High School Stadium.

	Carlynton built a 54-0 lead, then surrendered a six-pack to the
	Knights late in the final quarter. Dylan DiRenna hit Taylor
	Thornton with a pass twenty yards downfield. Thornton broke
	loose and sprinted the remaining fifty-nine yards to the goal.

	For Coach Shawn Hill and the Knights, this game marks the end
	of a long and frustrating campaign. The season was, however,
	not without it's bright moments. The 22-6 victory over Bethel
	Park in Week #2 was Brookline Knights football at it's best.

	Four of the Brookline Knights Seniors, who played their final
	game in the Green and Black, have been with the program from
	their days as seven-year old Twerps. Dylan DiRenna, Taylor
	Thornton, Tyler Thornton and Matt Haskins have had long and
	distinguished careers in the Brookline Knights program. 

	Since 2004, the Thornton brothers, DiRenna and Haskins played
	on two league championship teams and one division champion.
	From 2005 through 2011, Taylor scored fifty-six touchdowns
	and tallied a total of 368 points for Brookline. In what may
	have been his best game as a Knight, Thornton rushed for over
	300 yards and four touchdowns against Montour in October 2007. 

	To all the graduating Knights players, we wish them good luck
	as they move on to the High School circuit. As Coach Joe and
	former Coach Donnie Helman always say:

	                       "Knights Forever"

	8-UNDER                               @ North Hills High School

	West Mifflin 28 - BROOKLINE 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Antwain Carter 45 run (conversion failed)
	Antwain Carter 8 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Coach Bruce and Brookline's eight-year old Knights ended
	their season with a 28-12 first-round playoff defeat against
	West Mifflin. The Knights came fired up and ready to play, but
	they met one mighty Titan runner that they just could not stop.
	Brookline finished the year with five wins and four defeats.

	West Mifflin jumped off to an early 14-0 lead with two long
	touchdown runs. Antwain Carter closed the gap to 14-6 with a
	second quarter scoring dash. As the half drew to a close, the
	Titans scored once more for a 20-6 advantage at intermission.

	The Knights mounted a nice drive to begin the second half. A
	turnover squashed that promising effort. Unable to contain West
	Mifflin's ground attack, Brookline surrendered a fourth long
	goal line sprint. The third quarter ended with the score 28-6.

	As the last period began, the Knight offense put together a
	nice, sustained drive. Brookline marched downfield. The speedy
	Carter added another six points with an eight-yard touchdown
	run. A good defensive stop gave Brookline a chance for a final
	flurry of offense. The clock expired and the curtain fell.

	The 2011 season began full of promise. Brookline fielded a good
	and competitive team. Despite the playoff loss, the Knights had
	some fine moments throughout the year, like the three-game run
	where they outplayed and outscored their opponents 78-0. When
	the disappointment of this loss wears off, our Little Knights
	can look back with pride on a good season of football.

	11-UNDER                              @ North Hills High School

	BROOKLINE 50 - Southside 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 68 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 69 run (conversion failed)
	Darryl Daniels 79 pass from Brent Ivory
		(Darryl Daniels pass from Brent Ivory)
	Khalil Weathers 61 interception return (Quran Powe run)
	Quran Powe 54 run (Khalil Weathers pass from Brent Ivory)
	Quran Powe 42 run (Lamar Lewis run)
	Quran Powe 69 interception return (conversion failed)

	Interception: Khalil Weathers, Branden Wysong, Quran Powe (2),
	              Lamar Lewis
The Knights came ready to rumble.
	NOTES: Coach Joe and the Power Posse traveled to Martorelli
	Stadium for a first-round playoff matchup versus the arch-rival
	Southside Sabres. For two weeks the Knights had been itching to
	get another crack at the Sabres. Brookline won an early-season
	matchup, 26-14, and was eager to put another arrow through the
	heart of the Sabre Nation. The anticipation level was high.

	By the time this medievel bloodletting was over, the Knights
	hadn't just pierced the pride of the Sabres, they absolutely
	annihiliated them. The 50-12 beating put to rest any talk of
	who has the best team in the City of Pittsburgh. Leave the
	Black and Gold to the professionals. When it comes to Prep
	League football, it's time to paint this town Black and Green.
Brookline's defense put the big hurt on Southside.
	It took Brookline all of four plays from scrimmage to jump off
	to a 20-0 first quarter lead. Southside closed the gap to 20-6
	with a fifty-five yard touchdown pass at the eight minute mark.
	The Knights answered with another three second quarter scores
	to increase their insurmountable halftime advantage to 44-6.

	The running clock was mercifully in effect for the final twenty
	minutes. The Brookline Knights, however, gave no quarter. They
	kept the Sabres in a vice, scoring one last time to reach the
	fifty-point plateau. Southside managed a token touchdown late
	in the fourth quarter to salvage a scrap of urban dignity.
The Knight offense gained 395 total yards.
	This was an excellent team effort by the Knights. The offense
	pushed the Sabres around with ease, and the defense pretty much
	throttled the highly-acclaimed Southside attack. There is one
	player, though, who deserves a moment of individual acclaim.
	On this day, Quran Powe put on one of the best single-game
	performances in the Brookline Knights 38-year history.

	Powe entered the game three touchdowns shy of tying the Knights
	single-season record of twenty-seven. His five trips to the
	endzone increased his total to twenty-nine. In the first half
	alone, Quran rushed eleven times for 275 yards and scored four
	times. Counting kick returns and an interception return, his
	total output for the game was 385 yards and thirty-two points.
I don't think anyone expected such a
blowout, but it was enjoyable watching
the dreaded Sabres go down in flames.
	For the stat geeks among us, here are a few more numbers. Aside
	from the "Powe Show," Darryl Daniels rushed four times for
	eighteen yards and added eighty-two more on pass receptions for
	an even 100 yards. Lamar Lewis gained fourteen yards on three
	carries and had two catches for an additional nine. Quarterback
	Brent Ivory completed five of seven for ninety-four yards, one
	touchdown and no interceptions.

	On the other side of the line, Southside rushed eleven times
	for ten yards. The Sabre passing attack fared slightly better,
	completing ten of twenty-seven for 198 yards, two touchdowns
	and five interceptions. With all due respect, the opposing
	quarterback, Evan Miller, threw some nice passes, many of
	which were on target but not caught. Not that it mattered.
	This day belonged to Quran Powe and the Brookline Knights.
Stay focused. We have to prepare for next week's
game. Keep working hard and victory will be ours!
	Coach Joe and his Deputies now advance to the semi-final round.
	At 4:00pm on Sunday, November 6, at Moon High School, Brookline
	takes on Montour in a rematch of their Week #8 showdown. This
	time the stakes are much higher. It should be a great game.
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