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Week #2 - September 8/9, 2012

Brookline Knights

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	September 9, 2012                         @ Baldwin High School

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Baldwin 6 - BROOKLINE 0
	WEEK #2 - September 9, 2012               @ Baldwin High School


	BROOKLINE 12 - Baldwin 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Brandon Pezzelle 40 run (conversion failed)
	Brandon Pezzelle 70 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's eight-year olds rebounded from last week's
	disappointment with a 12-6 victory over the Baldwin Broncos.
	Brandon Pezzelle lit up the scoreboard with two long first half
	touchdown runs to give the Little Knights a 12-0 halftime lead.
	Baldwin struck early in the third quarter to close the gap to
	12-6. From that point on, the Knights defense shut down the
	Broncos to preserve the win.
	WEEK #2 - September 9, 2012               @ Baldwin High School


	BROOKLINE 38 - Baldwin 16

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 55 punt return (Jamyle Liebro run)
	Mekhi Gay 6 run (Nicholas Ault run)
	Jamyle Liebro 30 run (Antwain Carter run)
	Jamyle Liebro 59 run (conversion failed)
	Dylan Studer 90 interception return (Mekhi Gay run)

	Fumble Recovery: Dylan Studer
	Interception: Jamyle Liebro, Dylan Studer
Brookline's Nines looked good on this day.
	NOTES: Coach Bruce and the Brookline Nines returned to Baldwin
	High School for another shot at the Breakers, and this time
	walked away with an impressive 38-16 victory. Led by Jamyle
	Liebro's three touchdowns, the Brookline offense once again
	powered it's way consistently through the Baldwin line. The
	Knight defense hit hard and held the Breaker attack in check.
Jamyle Liebro scores his third touchdown,
bringing his two-game total to five.
	The Knights starters built a 30-0 halftime lead, then took a
	seat while the reserves played the second half. The Breakers
	put eight points on the board midway through the third quarter,
	then tried an onside kick. Dylan Studer pounced on the loose
	ball. From that point on it seemed as if Dylan was determined
	to single-handedly put the brakes on the Breakers.
The cheerleaders were primed
for their halftime routine.
	Four minutes into the final period, a Baldwin back broke loose
	and led his pursuers on a footrace to the endzone. Studer fired
	his afterburners and intercepted the Breaker after a sixty yard
	chase. Three plays later Studer intercepted a Baldwin pass and
	returned it ninety yards for Brookline's final score.
Reserve quarterback Mekhi Gay led the
second-string offense and moved the ball.
	Baldwin crossed the endzone plane once more with a minute to
	play, bringing the final score to 38-16. These young Knights
	are loaded with offensive guns and their defense looks solid.
	With practice and steady improvement this should evolve into
	a team to be reckoned with in the ranks of the nines.
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	WEEK #2 - September 9, 2012               @ Baldwin High School


	BROOKLINE 20 - Baldwin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Mason Ventrone 16 run (conversion failed)
	Marques Watson 27 run (conversion failed)
	Mason Ventrone 6 pass from Nick Roell (conversion failed)
	Mason Ventrone tackled runner in endzone - SAFETY

	Fumble Recovery: Aidan Logan, Nick Roell
	Interception: Mason Ventrone
Introducing the 10-year old Brookline Knights.
	NOTES: Coach Donnie and Brookline's Tens made it two-in-a-row
	with a hard-fought and well-earned 20-0 victory over Baldwin's
	Vikings. It was a game that seemed much closer than the final
	score indicates. The Knights went back to fundamental football
	with a punishing ground attack and a hard-hitting defense. In
	the end, the persistent battering wore down the Breaker resolve
	and sealed the win.
The Brookline offense wore down the
Vikings with a powerful running game.
	The first fifteen minutes were played to a standstill. Both the
	Knights and Vikings moved the ball, but turnovers stalled their
	drives. Midway through the second quarter Demetri Bose caught a
	Nick Roell pass and dashed twenty yards to the Baldwin sixteen.
	Two plays later Mason Ventrone ended the scoring drought with a
	sixteen yard sweep. Brookline led 6-0 at the half.
Brookline's cheerleaders performed flawlessly.
	The Knights scored on their first two possessions of the second
	half. A long run by Dominic Leonard set up a twenty-seven yard
	touchdown dash by Marques Watson. Then, after Brookline forced
	a Baldwin punt, Ventrone again found the endzone, this time on
	the receiving end of a six-yard screen pass from Roell. With
	six minutes remaining, the Knights now led by a score of 18-0.
The Knight defense vexed the Vikes.
	In the final minutes of the game, Baldwin's offense came alive
	and began moving downfield, threatening to spoil the shutout.
	Like a recurring nightmare, Mason Ventrone struck once more,
	intercepting a Viking pass and returning it deep into Baldwin
	territory. A fumble gave the ball back to the Vikings at their
	three yard line. On the next play, Ventrone burst through the
	line and dropped a runner in the endzone for a safety.
Marques Watson had another good
day carrying the football. Along with
Mason Ventrone and Dominic Leonard
they form a trio of solid runners.
	This was another solid win for the ten-year olds. Offensively
	and defensively they are playing good, strong football. This
	team has all the tools necessary to compete at a high level.
	With Coach Donnie cracking the whip, it should be interesting
	watching what these wild horses are capable of achieving.
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	WEEK #2 - September 9, 2012               @ Baldwin High School


	Baldwin 14 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Anthony Carrington 10 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's eleven-year olds played a tough game against
	the Baldwin Warriors but came out on the losing end, 14-6. In
	an evenly matched contest the Knights gave as good as they got.
	Not until the final seconds was the game decided.
Coach Zilch points the way ...    Pre-game warmups.
	From the opening kickoff, both teams scratched and clawed at
	each other near midfield. The offensive attacks stalled as the
	opposing defenses put up stubborn resistance. The first half
	ended in a scoreless tie.

	Baldwin put the first points on the board with a long touchdown
	run early in the third quarter. The Knights answered with their
	first sustained drive. Quarterback Nathan Ault kept the sticks
	moving with a couple good runs, setting up a ten-yard drive up
	the middle by Anthony Carrington. A failed conversion attempt
	left the Warriors with a two-point advantage at 8-6.

	The two teams exchanged possessions as the clock ticked deeper
	into the fourth quarter. Brookline mounted a late-game drive,
	fueled by a long pass from Ault to Tyler Becher. It looked like
	the Knights were going to pull off a last minute comeback. The
	Warriors put an abrupt end to the Brookline threat with a
	redzone interception that was returned for a touchdown.

	This was a good game for the eleven-year olds. The defense
	played with determination. The offense struggled a bit with
	fumbles, but none-the-less proved that they can move the ball.
	It was also a heartbreaking loss for first-year coaches Eric
	Zilch and Joey Nicholas, and their Knights, who played strong
	and deserved better. Most importantly, however, this game was
	a great sign that Brookline's Elevens can compete and succeed.

	WEEK #2 - September 8, 2012        @ West Mifflin Middle School


	BROOKLINE 52 - West Mifflin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Richard Stone 7 pass from Brent Ivory
		(Sharron Steave pass from Brent Ivory)
	Richard Stone 20 pass from Brent Ivory
		(Richard Stone pass from Brent Ivory)
	Quran Powe 20 run (Sharron Steave pass from Brent Ivory)
	Darryl Daniels 55 interception return (conversion failed)
	Richard Stone 7 pass from Brent Ivory (Christian Frazier run)
	Christian Frazier 60 run (Brent Ivory run)
	Jeremy Jenkins 40 run (time expired)

	Fumble Recovery: Justice Jones, Jeremy Jenkins
	Interception: Darryl Daniels, Branden Wysong
The Knight offense was unstoppable on this day.
	NOTES: The Brookline Knights 13-year olds came to West Mifflin
	and buried the Titans under an avalanche of touchdowns. Led by
	Richard Stone and quarterback Brent Ivory, the Knights scored
	a six-pack of six-pointers in the first half alone. Brookline's
	offense was unstoppable, and the defense did a great job of
	crushing any attempt by the West Mifflin offense to move the
	ball. The Knights totally dominated this contest.
The cheerleaders had plenty to cheer about.
	From the opening kickoff, which was recovered by Justice Jones,
	to Jeremy Jenkins last-minute touchdown run, this game was all
	Brookline. Even in the second half, which was played entirely
	by the second-string, the Knights were completely in control.
Brookline's defense crushed the Titan attack.
	This was one of those games were everyone played well and went
	home with a smile on their face, unless of course you wore the
	blue and yellow of the Titans. Enjoy the rush and remember how
	it feels. West Mifflin was easy-pickins. The rest of the season
	will be more of a challenge. Keep working hard to improve.
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The reserve offense moved the ball well.
It was a great day for the Green and Black.

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