Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2013

13-Under Knights vs. Moon on August 24, 2013
Photos by Clint Burton
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The cheerleaders were ready to
cheer their team on to victory.
Ready for the pre-game introductions.
The National Anthem.
Brookline won the coin toss and elected
to defer possession until the second half.
A tribute to Zachary Sheridan. The Knights are
wearing a 'ZS' on their helmets in his memory.
Mar Oaks kicks off to start the game.
Quran Powe administers a punishing tackle ...
... and another Tiger is down.
The point of contact.
Another Tiger bagged and tagged.
The Knights defense bent but didn't break.
The Moon offense also played a good game.
If their wide open receivers had caught the
passes thrown their way ... who knows.
Reserve QB Nathan Ault did a fine job
covering for injured starter Evan Miller.
Mar Oaks and Curtis Bradley
put another Tiger in the cage.
Sideline chatter.
The Knight cheerleaders await
their time in the spotlight.
The halftime show was nice.
Raekwon Caldwell (#7) put in a stellar performance.
Playing on a sore ankle, Caldwell returned a pick for
six and added another touchdown with a fumble return.
He collapsed after his 85-yard fourth quarter dash
gave Brookline a 12-point lead late in the game.
This team has a lot of improving to do, but
played well for the first game of the season.
Chalk up another 'W' for Coach Brian, who has
returned to the sideline after a 5-year absense.

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