Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2013

10-Under Knights vs. Baldwin on October 5, 2013
Photos by Clint Burton
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These Knights are ready to play football.
These girls are ready to cheer for their team.
Antwan Peterson began the game at quarterback.
Coach Bruce gives Peterson the next play.
A conversion attempt stopped short of the goal.
The battle in the trenches.
Brookline's cheerleaders have a variety
of catchy cheers to keep the crowd alive.
Grant Hamilton leads the Knight offense.
Hamilton brings the play to the huddle.
Grant Hamilton runs to the left
for a four-yard touchdown.
Visawn Pennix 'The Rock' adds
a two-point conversion.
Brookline's defense played great!
Baldwin's offense ran into a wall of Knights.
The Knight defense earned their third shutout.
It's a war out there.
Mehki Gay anchors the defense from his
linebacker position. He plays tough.
The girls are ready for their halftime show.
Visawn Pennix scores a touchdown.
The view from the cheap seats.

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