Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2013

11-Under Playoff vs. West Allegheny on October 26, 2013
Photos by Clint Burton
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Coaches Don, Jerry, Carl and Mike
watch as the Knights warm up.
Nick Roell leads the Knights onto the field.
Nick played a great game, throwing two
touchdowns and intercepting two passes.
The Knights await the
results of the coin toss.
Battling for tough yardage.
The Knight offense was rolling.
Jack Sullivan leads a defender downfield
during his seventy-five yard touchdown catch.
Jack Sullivan
Jonathan Morin takes a Nick Roell handoff
and runs to the left for two points.
Marques Watson make a nice tackle.
The Knight defense held the Indians
to under 100 yards on offense.
West A kept searching for a way
through the Knight defenders.
The Brookline sideline.
Stopped by a host of Knights.
Mason Ventrone is off on his
eleven yard touchdown run.
We're ready to play.
The cutting edge.
Marques Watson bulls his
way towards the endzone.
Nick Roell, Mason Ventrone
and Coach Mike Ventrone.
Jonathan Morin (#26) played
an outstanding game.
Jordan Bonilla leads the reserve offense.
Now it's on to the Super Bowl!!!

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