Brookline Knights Football Association
Game Photos 2013

13-Under Knights vs. Bethel Park on November 3, 2013
SSYFL Super Bowl

Photos by Clint Burton
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The Knights pre-game warmups.
The Knights prepare to take
the field of battle.
The cheerleaders were ready to do their
share to bring victory to the Knights.
It's game time.
Captains Justice Jones, Raekwon Caldwell,
Khalil Weathers and Quran Powe call the toss.
On three ... CONTACT!
Quarterback Jeremy Jenkins did a good
job all season guiding the Knight offense.
Coach Brian and his brother
Rick on the Knights sideline.
The Knight defense harried the Hawks!
Watch the ball.
Trevor Hazen and Quran Powe
inflict maximum damage.
The Knight sideline came alive as
Brookline moved closer to a score.
Bethel Park calls a timeout.
The Knights drive to their first touchdown.
The Brookline cheerleaders are the best!
It's been fun watching the
cheerleaders halftime routines.
Not today my fine feathered friend.
Jeremy Jenkins did a good job playing
cornerback as well as quarterback.
The Knights prepare to cross midfield.
Coach Brian gives the play to Jeremy Jenkins.
Raise your helmets for the Hawks.
They were a most worthy opponent.
Coach Brian addresses the players and parents.
We are the Champions!

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