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Week #3 - September 7, 2013

Brookline Knights

Brookline Knights

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* A Proclamation For Coach Joe *

	The Brookline Knights held their 40th Season home opening games
	at Danny McGibbeny Field in Brookline Park and finished the day
	with a six-game sweep of the West Mifflin Titans. It was a fine
	day for football, with warm weather and abundant sunshine. All
	of our Knights teams played well and look like contenders. This
	was also a special day for the Knights President and long-time
	coach Joe Nicholas. At halftime of the 9-Under game, Coach Joe
	was honored with a proclamation from the City of Pittsburgh for
	his two decades of dedication to the Knights program and for
	being a positive role model to the generations of kids who have
	worn the Green and Black of Brookline. Congratulations Joe!
	September 7, 2013                             @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 20 - West Mifflin 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Dominic Monz 60 run (Connor Bonilla run)
	Dominic Monz 55 run (conversion failed)
	Dominic Monz 45 run (time expired)

	Fumble Recovery: Stephen Mescan, Xavier Morris
Dominc Monz is off to the races on
the first play from scrimmage.
	NOTES: Brookline's youngest Knights made it two-in-a row with a
	20-8 win over West Mifflin. Dominic Monz once again showed his
	breakaway speed with three touchdowns, and the Knight defense
	did a fine job holding back the Titan attack.

	Monz got things rolling on the first play of the game with a
	sixty yard scoring run. Connor Bonilla added the two-pointer.
	West Mifflin took control of the ball and drove inside the
	Brookline thirty before two good stops by Maurice Trent pushed
	them back beyond the thirty. Moments later, Brookline fumbled
	the ball back to the Titans at the thirty-nine.
Connor Bonilla scores the two-point
conversion after Monz' first touchdown.
	Both offenses bogged down on their next series. Then, with time
	running out in the first half, a West Mifflin runner broke
	loose. The runaway was tracked down by Tristin Pezzelle to save
	a touchdown. The Knights entered the intermission leading 8-0.

	West Mifflin started the second half with a sixty yard scoring
	run of their own, followed by a successful conversion to tie
	the game at eight-apiece. The Titan defense held the Knights in
	place and West Mifflin took over at midfield. A fumble recovery
	by Xavier Morris gave the ball back to Brookline at the Knights
	forty-five. From there, Monz erupted for his second touchdown
	of the day to put Brookline back ahead 14-8.
Tristin Pezzelle stopped a breakaway Titan
runner at the end of the first half to keep
Brookline with an 8-0 lead at intermission.
	The Knight defense once again stopped the Titans in the final
	minutes of the game. The Brookline offense took the field for
	one final play. From the West Mifflin forty-five, quarterback
	Landon Bauer handed off to Monz, who capped off a fine outing
	with his third six-pointer of the morning. Game over.
The Knight defense played a good game.

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	WEEK #3 - September 7, 2013                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 32 - West Mifflin 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Keshawn Harris 60 run (Racari El run)
	Keshawn Harris 22 run (conversion failed)
	Keshawn Harris 25 run (conversion failed)
	Will Coleman 20 run (conversion failed)
	Keshawn Harris 55 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Ricari El
Keshawn Harris starts the game
with a long touchdown run.
	NOTES: Coach Jason and his eight-year old Knights improved to
	2-0 with another convincing victory, this time a 32-6 romp over
	the West Mifflin Titans. The Knight attack was once again led
	by Keshawn Harris, who scored four touchdowns and helped anchor
	the sturdy Brookline defense. This was not, however, a one-man
	effort. The Knights roster is blessed with talent, and together
	they put a mighty whuppin' on the Titans.

	Brookline's potent offense wasted no time setting the tone of
	the game. On the first play, Harris burst forth with a sixty
	yard touchdown run. A Racari El conversion gave the Knights an
	8-0 lead. West Mifflin fired back quickly. On the next play, a
	Titan back broke free and ran forty-seven yards downfield. A
	diving tackle by Harris at the Brookline thirteen prevented a
	touchdown. The defense pushed the Titans back and the Knights
	took over on offense at the fifteen yard line.
The Knight defense played a strong game.
	The Knights marched quickly downfield. Quarterback Will Coleman
	passed twelve yards to Geno Spadafora, then followed up with a
	twenty-one yard scamper of his own to midfield. On the next
	play, Racari El advanced the ball a further twenty-four yards
	to the Titan twenty-eight. Another reception by Spadafora set
	up Harris' second scoring run, putting the Knights on top 14-0.

	West Mifflin threatened again midway through the second quarter
	when another Titan runner got loose in the backfield. A fine
	tackle by David Reed near midfield settled the matter. The
	Knights entered halftime with a fourteen-point advantage.
The Brookline cheerleaders put on a great show.
	The Knights struck again on their first possession of the
	second half. Harris' twenty-five yard endzone dash increased
	the Brookline lead to 20-0. Three minutes later, the Knights
	added another six-pack with a twenty-yard run by Coleman. With
	four minutes to go in the game, West Mifflin finally got on the
	board with a sixty-yard touchdown run to avoid a shutout.

	Brookline fired one final salvo before calling it a day. A
	fifty-five yard run by Harris finished off the Knights scoring
	parade. Keshawn's four touchdowns give him seven in two games.
	He has had two additional scoring runs negated by penalties.
	Aside from Harris' individual accomplishment, this Knights team
	as a whole is loaded with skill players. On both sides of the
	ball, they have the necessary tools to be highly competitive.
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	WEEK #3 - September 7, 2013                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 20 - West Mifflin 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Brandon Pezzelle 60 pass from Zaire Nelson (conversion failed)
	Brandon Pezzelle 63 pass from Tristin Christe
		(Zaire Nelson pass from Tristin Christe)
	Zaire Nelson 60 pass from Tristin Christe (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Micah Brown, Asahn Davis
	Interception: Zaire Nelson
Brandon Pezzelle scores on the game's first play.
	NOTES: Coach Joe and his Brookline Nines bounced back from last
	week's bitter defeat to beat the West Mifflin Titans, 20-12. It
	was a good game for the Knights, who put the ground attack on
	hold and went to the air with stunning results. The Knights
	threw for three touchdowns, two to Brandon Pezzelle and one to
	Zaire Nelson. With the offense clicking, the defense stepped up
	and held back the pesky Titans to earn the Knights their first
	triumph of the season.

	Quarterback Tristin Christe opened the contest with a lateral
	pass to Nelson, who turned and threw a bomb to Pezzelle that
	ended sixty-yards later with a touchdown and a 6-0 lead. West
	Mifflin countered with a thirty-two yard scoring run to tie
	the game at six-all. With one minute remaining in the first
	quarter Christe hooked up with the speedy Pezzelle, this time
	on a sixty-three yard catch and run. A conversion toss to
	Nelson made the score 14-6.
Quarterback Tristin Christe threw for
two touchdowns and a conversion.
	The game stalled near midfield until the three-minute mark of
	the second quarter. Christe got loose on a twelve-yard run,
	then fumbled. A recovery by Asahn Bey-Davis kept the ball in
	the Knights hands. On the next play, Tristin passed to Nelson,
	who quickly covered the sixty yards to the goal line, giving
	Brookline a commanding 20-6 lead.

	West Mifflin threatened to score before halftime with runs of
	twenty-four and seventeen yards to advance the ball to the
	Brookline nine yard line. Time expired before the Titans could
	get off another play.
Zaire Nelson scores the Knights third
touchdown on a long pass reception.
	The Titans came out in the second half and fought back. A long
	drive on their first possession reached the Brookline thirty
	before being stopped. While the Knight offense went dormant,
	the Titans began the fourth quarter with another march that
	met with success. A twenty-nine yard touchdown run put West
	Mifflin within striking distance at 20-12.

	Brookline was unable to move on their next possession and were
	forced to punt. A great return put the Titans on the Brookline
	twenty yard line with two minutes to go in the game. Luckily
	for the Knight fans, the defense got tough and pushed the
	Titans back into a 4th and thirty-seven. A hail mary pass was
	intercepted by Nelson, sealing the Brookline victory.
The Knight defense got tough at the end
of the game to stop a final Titan threat.

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	WEEK #3 - September 7, 2013                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 34 - West Mifflin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 4 run (Visawn Pennix run)
	Antwain Carter 94 run (conversion failed)
	Antwain Carter 19 run (conversion failed)
	Jamyle Liebro 14 run (conversion failed)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 21 run (Jamyle Liebro run)

	Fumble Recovery: Jamyle Liebro
Antwain Carter scores one of his two touchdowns.
	NOTES: Coach Bruce and his ten-year olds shrugged off last
	week's disappointment and came back with all of their guns
	blazing, shutting out the West Mifflin Titans 34-0. The team
	improved their record to 1-1 and regained some of the gritty
	swagger that took them all they way to the 2012 Super Bowl.
The cheerleaders had lots to cheer about today.
	The determined Knights built a 26-0 halftime lead on touchdown
	runs by Jamyle Liebro and Antwain Carter. On defense, the
	Knights snuffed out West Mifflin's promising opening drive
	after an advance to the Brookline six yard line, then slammed
	the door shut on the Titan offense. West Mifflin was held
	without a first down for the remainder of the contest.
The Knights completely dominated the Titans.
	With six minutes to play, Raeshawn Caldwell put an exclamation
	point on the impressive Brookline victory with his twenty-one
	yard scoring run. Liebro's conversion increased the Knights
	point total to thirty-four. It was a great game for Brookline's
	Tens, and just what the doctor ordered to propel them back into
	their winning ways.	
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	WEEK #3 - September 7, 2013                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 44 - West Mifflin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Nick Roell 1 run (Aidan Logan pass from Nick Roell)
	Jonathan Morin 8 pass from Nick Roell (Mason Ventrone run)
	Mason Ventrone 20 run (Jonathan Morin pass from Nick Roell)
	Marques Watson 20 run (conversion failed)
	Jahmaine Hatten 11 run (conversion failed)
	Jonathan Morin 7 run (Dante Douglas run)

	Fumble Recovery: Jahmaine Hatten, Jonathan Morin
	Interception: Demetri Bose
Marques Watson is a punishing
runner with breakaway speed.
	NOTES: Coach Donnie and his Wild Stallions made it two-in-a-row
	with a 44-0 victory over the West Mifflin Titans. Brookline
	blitzed their way to a 36-0 halftime lead, then coasted through
	the second half. The Titans were completely overwhelmed under
	the relentless onslaught of shock and awe, Brookline-style.
The Knight defense kept the Titan
offense moving in reverse.
	The Knights offensive backfield of Marques Watson, Jonathan
	Morin, Mason Ventrone and quarterback Nick Roell moved the ball
	at will behind a punishing front line. When called upon, the
	reserve offense also performed well, with Jahmaine Hatten
	picking up his first touchdown run of the season. Hatten had
	another six-point effort negated by a penalty.
Mason Ventrone scores on a two-point conversion.
	Defensively, the Knights menacing herd of rampaging steeds
	completely stampeded the Titans, holding them to no first downs
	and negative total yardage. The Titans didn't stand a chance.
The reserve defenders played a good game.
	Next week, these wild horses will be galloping off to battle
	the West Allegheny Indians. If the tribesmen know what's good
	for them, they'll pack up their teepees and head for the hills.
	To stand and resist would be futile.
Stampede. Better get out of the way.    These Knights are fired up and a return
trip to the Super Bowl is their goal.

Jahmaine Hatten scores in the second quarter.    The scoreboard tells the story.

This defense can squeeze the life
out of an opposing offense.    Brookline wild horses relaxing with
a little intermission pasture time.

	WEEK #3 - September 7, 2013                   @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 38 - West Mifflin 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 51 pass from Jeremy Jenkins
		(Khalil Weathers pass from Jeremy Jenkins)
	Raekwon Caldwell 8 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 45 run (Curtis Bradley run)
	Jeremy Jenkins 30 run (Raekwon Caldwell run)
	Quran Powe 76 kickoff return (Khalil Weathers run)

	Fumble Recovery: Evan Miller
The Knights and Titans weigh in before the game.
	NOTES: Coach Brian Nicholas and his 13-year old Knights gained
	their third victory against no defeats with a 38-6 drubbing of
	the Titans of West Mifflin. Like the eleven-year olds before
	them, these Knights overwhelmed the Titans with a relentless
	offensive attack and a punishing defense.

	Quran Powe got the Brookline scoring festival underway three
	minutes into the game, turning a Jeremy Jenkins screen pass
	into a fifty-one yard touchdown burst. Raekwon Caldwell scored
	on an eight yard run two minutes later. With one minute to go
	in the first quarter, Powe added to the tally with a forty-five
	yard run. Curtis Bradley's two-point sweep made the score 22-0.
The cheerleaders are always
on top of their game.
	Jenkins and Caldwell completed the first half scoring with a
	thirty yard bootleg and a good conversion to give Brookline a
	comfortable 30-0 advantage at halftime.

	The second half opened with Powe returning the kickoff all the
	way for his third touchdown of the afternoon. West Mifflin got
	on the board midway through the third quarter with a breakaway
	ninety-four yard endzone dash against the Brookline reserves.
The Knights offense has proven
that it can score points.
	For the Elder Knights, it was another impressive win. With a
	solid core of fleet-footed runners and an improving offensive
	line, this team can put points on the board. The defense has
	also shown steady improvement over the past three weeks and
	looks like they can hold their own. Next week the team has a
	bye and then it's on to West Mifflin for a second helping.
The Knights came ready to play.    The defense shut down the Titan attack.

Raekwon Caldwell on the way to six points.    Jeremy Jenkins and Justice Jones lead the
Knights to the sideline for the second half.

The cheerleaders    Another Titan falls victim to
the Knights punishing defense.

Khalil Weathers scores on a two-point conversion.    With the game well in hand, the reserve
offense got some quality playing time.


	A final thought ... football is a rough game and accidents are
	bound to happen. During an early contest, a West Mifflin player
	broke a leg. Later in the day, Brookline's Curtis Bradley left
	the game with concussion-like symptoms and another West Mifflin
	player was taken to the hospital with a neck injury. The entire
	Knights family sends our sincerest wishes to both Curtis and
	the boys from West Mifflin for a speedy recovery.

Coach Joe Nicholas Honored By The City Of Pittsburgh
For His 21 Years With The Brookline Knights

	At halftime of the 9-Under game, Coach Joe Nicholas was honored
	by the City of Pittsburgh with a proclamation from Mayor Luke
	Ravenstahl for his many years of dedication to the Brookline
	Knights program. Joe began as a coach in 1993 and became the
	organization's President in 1995. Throughout those twenty-one
	years of service, Coach Joe Nicholas has been a positive role
	model for the many thousands of children who have passed
	through the Knights program.

	Joe and the entire Nicholas family are a big part of what makes
	the Community of Brookline a better and safer place to live.

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