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Week #6 - September 28, 2013

Brookline Knights

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	September 28, 2013                            @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 24 - Montour 22

	Scoring Summary:

	Dominic Monz 60 run (Connor Bonilla run)
	Dominic Monz 45 run (Connor Bonilla run)
	Dominic Monz 45 run (Dimajio Locante run)

	Fumble Recovery: Xavier Morris

	NOTES: The Little Knights improved their season record to 3-1-1
	with a 24-22 victory over Montour's Little Spartans. Once again
	the offense was sparked by the speedy Dominic Monz, who ran for
	three touchdowns. On offense and defense, the Knights did well.

	Brookline was ahead 16-6 at halftime, then increased that to a
	commanding eighteen-point lead midway through the second half.
	Montour scored two late-game touchdowns, but it was not enough
	to match the Knights twenty-four point effort.

	The Knights defense was led by the fine play of Maurice Trent,
	Dimajio Locante, Stephen Mescan and Jonathan Campagna. On the
	flip side of the ball, Monz may have scored all the touchdowns,
	but credit also goes to the Knights offensive line for blasting
	forward to open the escape hatch. Kudos to linemen David Reed,
	Vincent Perella, Xavier	Morris, Grayson Nugent, Gage Derrick
	and Max Marzina. Keep up the good work!
	WEEK #6 - September 28, 2013                  @ McGibbeny Field


	Montour 22 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Keshawn Harris 42 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Pacey Daniels, Jaimeer Williams

	NOTES: The Brookline Knights eight-year olds lost their second
	game of the season, 22-6, to the Montour Spartans. In a contest
	that was much closer than the score indicates, the Knights came
	within six yards of a potential game-tying opportunity in the
	final minutes, only to see the valiant effort stalled by two
	critical penalties that took the wind right out of their sails.

	Montour got off to a 14-0 lead on two early touchdowns. Keshawn
	Harris brought Brookline back with his tenth scoring run of the
	year. A failed conversion left the Knights down by eight as the
	game entered halftime.

	In the second half, both teams fought it out near midfield in a
	classic defensive struggle. As the game clock clicked below the
	three minute mark, the Knight offense began a march downfield.
	Quarterback Will Coleman guided Brookline to a first down at
	the Montour six yard line.

	Two Brookline penalties pushed the ball back ten yards. The
	Spartan defense seized the momentum and held the Knight attack
	motionless from there. After four plays and no gain, Brookline
	turned the ball over with 1:19 remaining. Montour struck once
	more on the next play with an eighty-five yard endzone dash to
	close out the scoring. 

	All things considered, Brookline played a good game, but could
	not overcome their own costly mistakes. Penalties and turnovers
	were the Knights worst enemy. This self-inflicted wound drops
	Brookline's record to 3-2. On the bright side, Tyler Oliverio
	had a fine game on the offensive line and Geno Spadafora had
	some nice hits on defense.
	WEEK #6 - September 28, 2013                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 14 - Montour 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Zaire Nelson 45 run (Zaire Nelson pass from Brandon Pezzelle)
	Zaire Nelson 43 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's nine-year olds improved their record to 2-3
	with a 14-6 victory over the Montour Spartans. After giving up
	an early first half touchdown, the Brookline defense plugged
	the gaps and did a great job of containing the Spartan attack.
	Offensively, Zaire Nelson once again showed his blazing speed
	with a pair of long second half touchdown runs, topped off by
	a two-point reception from quarterback Brandon Pezzelle.

	After the game, Coach Joe praised the Knight defenders, who did
	an excellent job squashing the Spartan menace after the first
	quarter Montour touchdown. Kudos to lineman Johnny Bruecken,
	Tristin Christe, Idris Wilson, Christian Hutchinson, Anthony
	Secilia, Jacob Davis, Hayden McCullough, Malachi Porterfield,
	Micah Brown and Keegan Derrick; linebackers Jaysen Randall,
	Hassan Davis and Leevon Gaines; safeties Pezzelle and Nelson.

	Next week the Brookline Nines take on the Baldwin Highlanders
	at home, looking to continue with these winning ways. Once the
	offense gets on track, we know the defense got their back.
	WEEK #6 - September 28, 2013                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 14 - Montour 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 38 run (Grant Hamilton run)
	Grant Hamilton 1 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Raeshawn Caldwell, Visawn Pennix

	NOTES: Coach Bruce and his ten-year old Knights practiced hard
	all week long in anticipation of this week's rematch with the
	defending Super Bowl champion Montour Spartans. Last November,
	Montour beat Brookline 12-6 in the championship game. For the
	Knights, it was high time for some payback, and the return on
	their investment made the week's hardship worth the effort.

	Armed and ready for the inevitable showdown, the Knights rose
	to the occasion, handing the undefeated, unscored-upon Spartans
	their first loss of the 2013 campaign. The Brookline Knights
	beat the Montour Spartans by the score of 14-12.

	Brookline's opening possession started off good with two first
	downs on the power running of Visawn Pennix. That drive stalled
	in Montour territory. Montour responded with a short drive of
	their own that ended near midfield. The Knights second series
	hit paydirt when Jamyle Liebro broke loose for a thirty-eight
	yard touchdown run. Quarterback Grant Hamilton added the
	conversion to stake Brookline to an 8-0 lead.

	Montour bounced right back at the start of the second quarter,
	driving into the Brookline redzone before being stopped at the
	ten yard line. Then, with one minute remaining in the half, the
	Spartans regained control of the ball and got on the scoreboard
	with a forty-five yard scoring pass. A failed conversion left
	the Knights ahead by two at the intermission, 8-6.

	The second half was a defensive struggle for the first fifteen
	minutes. Neither team was able to generate any offensive flow.
	At the five minute mark, the Knight attack awakened from its
	malaise and began a sustained downfield drive. A long run by
	Pennix positioned Brookline at the Montour one yard line. With
	only 1:30 remaining in the game, Hamilton punched it over the
	goal line to increase the Knights advantage to 14-6.

	The Knights kicked off to the Spartans. A fumble on the return
	was pounced on by Mekhi Gay. The Brookline sideline erupted in
	joy at the apparent game-winner ... but wait ... the referee
	signalled that an inadvertant whistle had blown and that the
	kickoff would have to be replayed.

	Montour made the most of their second chance, starting at the
	Brookline forty. On their first play, the Spartans scored on a
	sixty yard pass reception to reduce the Knight advantage to a
	mere two points. A dropped pass on the conversion attempt left
	Brookline clinging to a 14-12 lead.

	In the final minute of the game, Montour had clearly seized the
	momentum. The Spartans kicked off to the Knights, then as time
	seemed to stand still, forced Brookline into a fourth and long
	situation. With twenty-five seconds to go, a Spartan fielded
	the Brookline punt and began his return. The Montour runner was
	hit hard by Caldwell and fumbled.

	While both sidelines held their collective breaths, Pennix
	emerged from the pile holding the ball. As the Brookline fans
	revelled in the Knights good fortune, the offense ran onto the
	field for the final play. Hamilton took a knee to end the game.

	The Brookline defense, led by Coach Dave Trainer, played a
	great game. Their trademark bend-but-dont-break philosophy has
	worked quite well so far, as the Knights have vanquished two of
	the league's top-seeded teams and held their opponents to a
	scant thirty-two points in five games. Against the Spartans,
	Mekhi Gay played a fine game, registering several key tackles.

	For Coach Bruce's Cardiac Kids, it was another of their all too
	familiar nail-biting victories. For the Knights fans, it was
	another blood pressure cooker. For the SSYFL, it was further
	confirmation that last season's success was no fluke. The Kids
	are now 4-1. The only blemish on the Brookline game slate is a
	two-point overtime loss to undefeated North Hills. This Knights
	team is for real, and their steady improvement bodes well for
	the not so distant future.
	WEEK #6 - September 28, 2013                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 36 - Montour 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 5 run (Marques Watson run)
	Mason Ventrone 38 run (Aidan Logan pass from Nick Roell)
	Mason Ventrone 21 pass from Nick Roell (Marques Watson run)
	Jonathan Morin 62 run (conversion failed)
	Jahmaine Hatten 68 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Ryan Elliott
	Interception: Demetri Bose

	NOTES: Coach Donnie's mighty eleven-year olds proved once again
	that the road to the SSYFL Super Bowl runs through Brookline by
	battering the previously undefeated Montour Spartans, 36-0. The
	Knights followed their time-honored script of blitzing to an
	early lead, then pounding the opposition into submission with
	an arsenal of artillery that would make Napoleon run for cover.

	While the Knight defenders gave the Spartan legion no quarter,
	the offense powered their way through the Montour front lines,
	scoring five touchdowns. Marques Watson got the rout started on
	Brookline's first possession with a five yard burst and good
	conversion run. Mason Ventrone crossed the plane soon after
	with a thirty-eight yard dash. Aidan Logan's conversion catch
	gave the Knights a 16-0 advantage.

	A blocked punt by Watson gave Ventrone an opportunity for a
	second helping, which Mason made good on with a twenty-one yard
	touchdown reception from quarterback Nick Roell. Brookline led
	by the score of 24-0 at halftime.

	Jonathan Morin added to the point tally with a sixty-two yard
	endzone dash, made possible by the fine blocking of Ventrone
	and Jack Sullivan. After a Demetri Bose interception ended the
	Spartans next possession, the reserve offense entered the game.
	Jahmaine Hatten, sprung loose by a key Dante Douglas block,
	finished the scoring parade with a sixty-eight yard scamper.

	With the timer now on the fast track and the reserve defenders
	on the field, the Spartans began a march downfield. While the
	final minutes ticked off the clock, Montour drove all the way
	to Knight ten yard line. A good hit by Chad Lubawski forced a
	fumble, which was recovered by Ryan Elliott, putting an end to
	the brief Spartan uprising and preserving the Knight shutout.

	This was another impressive victory by Brookline's defending
	Super Bowl champions and, dating back to last season, their
	sixteenth win in a row. Offensively, Brookline's triple threat
	of runners, Watson-Ventrone-Morin, each ran for 100 yards. As a
	whole, the Knights amassed nearly 500 yards total offense. If a
	downside can be attributed to this team, it is their propensity
	for commiting penalties. It's time to recalibrate the howitzer.
	WEEK #6 - September 28, 2013                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 40 - Bethel Park 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 60 run (conversion failed)
	Brent Ivory 30 pass from Jeremy Jenkins
		(Jeremy Jenkins pass from Quran Powe)
	Quran Powe 40 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 103 interception return (conversion failed)
	Jeremy Jenkins 20 run (conversion failed)
	Raekwon Caldwell 70 interception return (Khalil Weathers run)

	Interception: Raekwon Caldwell (3), Brent Ivory, Quran Powe

	NOTES: Brookline's Elder Knights took sole possession of first
	place in the SSYFL with a convincing 40-6 win over the Bethel
	Park Hawks. After a close first half, Coach Brian's posse ran
	amok. They harried the Hawks with punishing defensive force and
	twenty-six unanswered points. After this brutal beating, there
	can be no doubt who holds the top seed after six weeks of play.
	The Brookline Knights are hot, and they keep getting hotter!

	After clawing their way to a 14-6 halftime lead, Brookline came
	out in the second half and just slammed the door on the Hawks.
	Highlights included a 103 yard interception return by Quran
	Powe, and Raekwon Caldwell's seventy yard pick-for-six late in
	the game. It was Raekwon's third interception of the day.

	Other defenders who played well were Mar Oaks, Dominick Emma,
	Brent Ivory and Justice Jones. On offense, quarterback Jeremy
	Jenkins did a fine job orchestrating the rushing and passing
	attack. On both sides of the ball, Powe had another exceptional
	game. His three touchdowns bring his season total to eleven.

	Next week the undefeated Brookline Knights are at home against
	their crosstown rivals, the North Hills Chiefs. In Week#2, the
	Chiefs fell victim to the Knights, 30-6. With the intensity
	level on the rise, this posse is one hungry band of gangsters,
	and ready to take on all challenges to their claim as top dog.

	* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

	In the third quarter of the 13-Under game, a Bethel Park player
	suffered a serious injury that required him to be transported
	to the hospital. The entire Knights family sends our sincerest
	wishes to the player, his parents and the entire Bethel Park
	team for his swift and full recovery.

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