Brookline Knights Football Association
Knights Game Summaries
Week #7 - October 5, 2013

Brookline Knights

Brookline Park and Danny McGibbeny Field
just before sunrise on October 5, 2013.

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* The Perfect Day - A Fitting Tribute *

	Saturday the 5th of October started off unseasonably warm and
	continued to get warmer as the day progressed. For those of us
	heading to the start of the 8-Under JV game at 08:00, above is
	the view that presented itself when we arrived at the park.

	The thermometer was rising quickly and the mist that shrouded
	McGibbeny Field was thick and wet. The temperature at the start
	of the first game was 66 degrees and the sun was peeking over
	the horizon. It didn't take long for the rays to burn off the
	fog and, over the course of six games, raise the mercury into
	the mid-80s. It was a great day for football.

	As the hours passed it was also proving to be an excellent day
	for the Brookline Knights program. Brookline teams won five of
	five games from the visiting Baldwin-Whitehall Highlanders and
	also took the final game against the North Hills Chiefs. For
	the Knights as a whole it was a perfect six-pack of victories.
Coach Joe watches his team from the sideline.
	              Coach Joe during his 9-Under game.

	October 5, 2013 was also a melancholy day for the program. With
	the impending departure of Joe and Lisa Nicholas as leaders of
	the Brookline Knights Football Association at season's end, it
	became a farewell of sorts for Brookline sports fans. Being the
	last home games of the season, this day would also be the final
	homestand for the Nicholas family at McGibbeny Field, which has
	been their base of operations for the past twenty-one years.

	For Joe and Lisa, it truly is a family affair. Also currently
	involved with the program are their children and grandchild,
	along with Joe's brother Brian. Over the years, it seems like
	everyone in Brookline's Nicholas clan has played a part in the
	Knights organization.
Lisa and Joe Nicholas - Nov 2009
	                Lisa and Joe in November 2009.

	As the day wore on and the victories piled up, it appeared as
	though the football Gods were smiling down on the family that
	has worked so hard to make Brookline Knights youth football an
	enduring fall tradition here in our community. It was even more
	appropriate that both Joe's 9-Under and Brian's 13-Under teams
	won their games handily, something that has delighted fans so
	often here in Brookline Park over the past two decades.

	The wins were a fitting tribute to this special family that has
	given so much of their lives to teaching the kids of the South
	Hills area the fundamentals of prep football. For myself, it
	was hard to grasp the reality of watching the end of an era.
The Nicholas family gathers as Coach
Joe receives a proclamation from the
Mayor's office on September 7, 2013.
	            Gina, Joe, Lisa, Nicole, Jaedyn, Jamie
	                and Joey on September 7, 2013.
	October 5, 2013                               @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 14 - Baldwin 10

	Scoring Summary:

	Maurice Trent 6 run (Dominic Monz run)
	Dominic Monz 17 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Landon Bauer, Dominic Monz

	NOTES: Coach Maro's Little Knights started the day off with a
	14-10 victory over Baldwin's Young Highlanders. It was a close
	game from start to finish, with Brookline's offense providing
	enough firepower to put the Knights on top while the defense
	fought hard to hold back a pair of late-game Baldwin drives.
The Knight defense ganged
up on the Highlanders.
	The Highlanders got first possession and steadily worked their
	way downfield. A four yard touchdown run five minutes into the
	game, followed by a good conversion, gave Baldwin an 8-0 lead.
	Brookline's offense went nowhere in four plays and turned the
	ball back over to Baldwin.

	Grayson Nugent made a nice hit on a Baldwin runner and forced
	a fumble, which was recovered by Landon Bauer. Brookline seized
	the momentum, and as the clock ticked towards halftime began a
	march into Baldwin territory. Long runs by Maurice Trent and
	Dominic Monz moved the ball to the Highlander six yard line.
	Only twenty-nine seconds remained before intermission.
Dominic Monz takes a
snap from the shotgun.
	On the final play of the period, Trent covered the final six
	yards to the endzone, bringing the Knights within two points.
	Monz added the deuce to tie the game at eight-all.

	Brookline's offense opened the second half with another drive
	onto Baldwin turf. Good runs by Trent and Xavier Morris brought
	the Knights into the Highlander redzone. A seventeen yard dash
	by Monz put Brookline ahead 14-8.
A classic goal line stand by the Knights.
	Baldwin came right back with a fifty-seven yard run that gave
	them a first down at the Brookline three yard line. The Knight
	defenders dug in, determined not to yield another score. The
	boys in Green and Black made a tremendous goal line stand. The
	Highlanders advanced only six feet in four plays. The Knights
	took over at the one yard line with 3:50 left in the game.

	On the next play, the Highlander defenders registered a safety,
	trapping Monz in the backfield and tackling him in the endzone.
	With the score now 14-10 and two minutes to play, Baldwin took
	control of the ball and began one last foray across the border.
The Knight defenders held
off a late game Baldwin rally.
	Baldwin advanced to the Brookline twenty-two yard line, where a
	fine tackle by Jonathan Campagna stopped them in their tracks.
	Before the buzzer sounded, the Highlanders quickly got set and
	managed to get off the snap. Aidan Didion burst through the
	line and pounced on the Baldwin quarterback to end the fray.

	The victory improves Brookline's record to 4-1-1. Monz's second
	half touchdown run gives him eleven in six games. Next week the
	Little Ones finish their season away versus the Moon Tigers.
Watch your spreads.    The defense earned a shutout.

Coach Maro and Steve set up the offense.    Brookline marches to their first touchdown.

Timeout.    Dominic Monz has run for eleven touchdowns.

Brookline Knights    Maurice Trent had a fine
day running the football.

It's a war out there.    Another one down.

The defense in the final minute.    Jonathan Campagna '85' getting congratulations from
his teammates after making the final big takedown.

Little Big Men    Coach Maro gives his team a hand. Great game, guys!
Now work hard at practice and do the same at Moon.
	WEEK #7 - October 5, 2013                     @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 14 - Baldwin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	A'Mirre Brown 33 run (Keshawn Harris run)
	Keshawn Harris 31 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Racari El, Keyshawn Harris (2)
Keyshawn Harris leads the Knights
onto the field of battle.
	NOTES: Coach Jason and his eight-year olds once again rebounded
	from a previous week's loss with a resounding win, this	time a
	14-0 shutout victory over the Baldwin Highlanders. Two exciting
	touchdown runs and a staunch defense were just what the doctor
	ordered to get these Knights back to their winning ways.

	The game began with the Highlanders hitting a wall of Knights
	and turning the ball over on downs. Keshawn Harris then burst
	loose for a long gain to the Baldwin thirty. Two plays later,
	A'Mirre Brown broke free and sprinted thirty-three yards for a
	touchdown. Harris added the extra two for a 8-0 Knight lead.
A'Mirre Brown puts Brookline ahead
6-0 with a thirty-three yard TD run.
	The rest of the first half was a defensive showdown. The ball
	changed hands on either side of midfield until near the end of
	the second quarter. The Baldwin offense began forcing their way
	downfield, reaching the Brookline twenty-two. From this high
	water mark, the	Knight defenders stood fast and pushed the
	purple Highlanders back three yards in four plays.

	With thirty seconds remaining, Brookline took over at their own
	twenty-six yard line. Brown advanced the ball sixteen yards,
	then Harris dashed around the right side and it was off to the
	races. The enthusiasm ended abruptly when the dreaded yellow
	flag was spotted on the field. Keshawn's fine run was negated.

	Brookline had one more play before halftime. Harris got the
	return call. Once again Keshawn hit a hole and the chase was
	on. This time he was caught from behind and brought down after
	a twenty-nine yard gain. As the Knights gathered in the	corner
	of the endzone for the intermission break, the Brookline
	cheerleaders got the crowd buzzing with their dance routine.
     I DON'T CARE!
	Brookline got the ball to start the second half and picked up
	where they left off. Harris bulled his way forward with runs of
	thirteen and seventeen yards. The promising drive stalled and
	the Knights were forced to punt. The ball took a Brookline roll
	and was downed inside the Baldwin ten yard line.

	After four plays Baldwin kicked the ball back to the Knights,
	who began their series at the Highlander forty. Harris ran for
	nine yards, then covered the remaining distance to the endzone
	on the following play. On the conversion run, Racari El was
	downed just inches shy of the goal. Brookline had to settle for
	six points and a 14-0 advantage.
The Knight defense did a great job
stopping the Baldwin aggressors.
	The Knight defenders continued harrassing the Highlanders and
	forced another change of possession deep in Baldwin territory.
	From the thirty-six, Brookline went to their warhorse Harris,
	who responded with a seventeen yard run. Racari El added ten
	more to move the ball to the eleven yard line. After Harris
	kept the drive alive with two fumble recoveries, an errant
	Brookline pass was intercepted, ending this final opportunity.

	Baldwin ran three plays in the last minute to end the game.
	It was a good win for the Eights, who improved their season
	record to 4-2. Next week it's on to Moon to meet the Tigers.
Jaimeer Williams takes down a Highlander.    Listen Up.

The cheerleaders wait to start their routine.    The Knight offense had a good game.

Looks good from here, but the ball
was downed at the one inch line.    Keshawn Harris is Brookline's War Horse.

Bangin's their thigh pads.    Charge!

  BANG!    BOOM!   POW!     All hail the victors!

Girls With Attitudes!    Warriors With Attitudes!
	WEEK #7 - October 5, 2013                     @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 38 - Baldwin 22

	Scoring Summary:

	Zaire Nelson 47 run (conversion failed)
	Asahn Bey-Davis 13 run (conversion failed)
	Brandon Pezzelle 49 run (Zaire Nelson run)
	Zaire Nelson 65 kickoff return (conversion failed)
	Brandon Pezzelle 43 run (conversion failed)
	Zaire Nelson 16 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Keegan Derrick, Tristin Christe
	Interception: Asahn Bey-Davis

	NOTES: In what could be the final home game in the illustrious
	twenty-one year career of the Brookline Knights legendary Coach
	Joe Nicholas, his nine-year olds engineered a proper sendoff by
	beating the Baldwin Highlanders, 38-22.

	Nobody really said much about it, but you could see it in his
	fiery football eyes. This was his swan song at McGibbeny Field,
	and he was primed for a victory. Like the well-coached warriors
	they are, his young Knights took to the gridiron and delivered.
	This was Coach Joe's day, and the Knights had 'em all the way!
The Knight defense worked hard
to hold back the Highlanders.
	This day, like so many others in year's past, was far from free
	of peril. It was marked by both exhilaration and anxiety. Each
	time his Knights built a modest lead, the stubborn Highlanders
	fought back to within striking distance. This was the kind of
	game made for a crafty veteran like Coach Joe, and in the end
	he did what he does best, leading his young Knights to victory.

	Brandon Pezzelle began the game with a booming kickoff that
	positioned Baldwin deep in their own territory. Three plays and
	a punt later, Brookline's offense stood ready at midfield. On
	their second play from scrimmage, Zaire Nelson found the crease
	and darted into the open ground. Forty-seven yards later the
	Knights were celebrating a 6-0 lead.

	A Keegan Derrick fumble recovery on the Highlanders next series
	gave Brookline a second helping of good field position. Nelson
	took a Pezzelle screen pass and turned it into a thirty yard
	gain. Asahn Bey-Davis followed up with a thirteen yard scoring
	run to increase the Knights advantage to 12-0.
Brandon Pezzelle scores his first
of two touchdowns on the day.
	Baldwin struck back quickly. A fifty-seven yard run to begin
	the second quarter advanced the Highlanders to the Brookline
	three. Two plays later they punched it across the plane and
	added the two-point conversion to make the score 12-8.

	Brookline took the ensuing kickoff and answered that challenge
	with a fourteen yard pass from Pezzelle to Tristin Christe. The
	speedy Pezzelle then bootlegged left and sprinted forty-nine
	yards for the Knights third touchdown. A good conversion run
	by Nelson re-established the cushion at twelve points.

	The feisty Highlanders weren't about to go down quietly. They
	responded by launching a sixty-one yard drive that culminated
	in a one yard touchdown blast. A two-point pass trimmed the
	tenuous Brookline lead to 20-16.
Zaire Nelson scores one of his
three touchdowns on the day.
	There was still 2:31 left in the first half. The Highlander
	defense stopped the Knights next series of plays and forced
	a punt. A long return put Baldwin at the Brookline ten with
	one play remaining. Bey-Davis rose to the occasion with a
	timely interception to clear the purple haze and send the
	Knights into halftime clinging to a four-point edge.

	The second half began with Nelson increasing the point spread
	to ten points with a sixty-five yard kickoff return. A Christe
	fumble recovery moments later gave the ball back to Brookline
	near midfield. The Knights increased their lead to 32-16 when
	Pezzelle scampered forty-three yards on another bootleg.

	As the third quarter wound down, a Baldwin runner once again
	got free in the Knights defensive backfield and fled all the
	way to the Brookline one before Pezzelle pulled him down from
	behind. Despite Brandon's efforts, Baldwin went on to score,
	cutting the Brookline lead to 32-22.
The Brookline offense erupted for five touchdowns.
	Midway through the fourth quarter, the Knights scored their
	sixth touchdown of the game, a sixteen yard run by the swift
	Zaire. Baldwin launched one final flurry of offense. The game
	clock wound down to zero after the Highlanders advanced to
	the Brookline twenty-eight yard line. Final score: 38-22.

	The Knights offense played their best game so far this season
	and the defense, led by Coach Joey Nicholas, did a fine job
	of keeping the Highlanders at bay when the going got tough.
	And, to the delight of the fans and friends of the Knights
	organization, it all came together in the form of a Brookline
	Knight triumph to help celebrate the man who best personifies
	the hard work, dedication and ideals of prep football here in
	the neighborhood of Brookline, our beloved Coach Joe Nicholas.

	Way to go Knights, and Thank You to Coach Joe and the entire
	Nicholas family for all of your years of devotion to the
	Knights and the Brookline community. This win was for you!
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	WEEK #7 - October 5, 2013                     @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 44 - Baldwin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 46 run (Antwan Peterson run)
	Antwain Carter 13 run (conversion failed)
	Grant Hamilton 4 run (Visawn Pennix run)
	Jamyle Liebro 26 run (Raeshawn Caldwell run)
	Visawn Pennix 15 run (conversion failed)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 65 run (Visawn Pennix run)

	Fumble Recovery: Raeshawn Caldwell

	NOTES: Coach Bruce and his Cardiac Kids gave the Knights fans
	a bit of a respite from the usual game plan. Instead of keeping
	everyone on the edge of their seats before pulling out another
	close victory, the Brookline Tens gave their faithful followers
	the sweet sensation of watching a good old-fashioned blowout.
	The Knights unleashed all of their weapons against the Baldwin
	Highlanders and walked away from the field with a 44-0 victory.
These Knights are getting better each game
and hoping to secure a high playoff seed.
	The scoring blitz began on Brookline's first play. A handoff
	to Jamyle Liebro ended forty-six yards away with a goal line
	celebration a mere fifteen seconds into the game. Quarterback
	Antwan Peterson wheeled to the right and into the endzone for
	the conversion and an 8-0 Knight lead. Moments later, Raeshawn
	Caldwell picked up a Baldwin fumble and returned it forty-three
	yards for another score. It was nullified by a holding penalty.

	Not to be detered, Antwain Carter made good on the points three
	plays later with a thirteen yard run to increase the score to
	14-0. The Highlanders responded with a brief burst of offense
	that produced a first down. Brookline's defenders countered by
	pushing them back ten to their original point of departure. It
	was that kind of day for the Highlanders.
Quarterback Grant Hamilton scores
Brookline's third touchdown.
	Brookline's third possession of the contest saw quarterback
	Grant Hamilton scamper twenty-three yards to the Baldwin eight,
	then follow up with a four yard touchdown run. Visawn Pennix
	added the two-pointer to bring the point tally to twenty-two.

	Once again, the Knight defense stifled the Baldwin attack and
	forced a change of possession. At 7:22 of the second quarter,
	Liebro notched his second scoring run of the day, followed by
	Caldwell's extra points. While the clock approached the end of
	the half, Mekhi Gay almost single-handedly forced the Baldwin
	line into reverse with two backfield tackles and a sack.
The Brookline defense, led by Mekhi Gay,
crushed the Highlanders.
	When Baldwin failed to convert on fourth down, Brookline took
	control of the ball. Pennix added to the point parade with a
	fifteen yard run before the buzzer sounded to give the Knights
	an insurmountable 36-0 halftime lead.

	Time seemed to fly in the second half. The merciful running
	clock became the Highlanders greatest ally, because the Knights
	just could not stop scoring touchdowns. With one minute to go
	in the third quarter, Caldwell burst loose and sprinted sixty
	yards for a score. A penalty negated his effort. The Knights
	reran the same play. Caldwell took the snap and this time ran
	it sixty-five yards for the Knights sixth touchdown of the
	afternoon. A Pennix deuce ended the scoring fest at forty-four.
Visawn Pennix scores on a fifteen yard run.
	As the game clock ticked towards the inevitable buzzer, Pennix
	made a final effort to bring the point spread to the magic 50.
	After a last minute Baldwin drive petered out at the Brookline
	nine, Pennix took a Hamilton handoff and sped ninety-one yards
	down the right sideline for what looked to be a seventh Knight
	touchdown. Alas, a penalty flag spoiled the magic, but could
	not erase the fact that for the past forty minutes the scrappy
	Brookline Knights had simply pounded the Baldwin Highlanders.

	Next week the 5-1 Knights meet the Moon Tigers in the regular
	season finale. Coach Bruce and the Kids are still hoping to
	secure a high seeding in the upcoming post-season. So let's
	kick some Tiger tail and be assured of at least second place.
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	WEEK #7 - October 5, 2013                     @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 40 - Baldwin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 1 run (Mason Ventrone run)
	Mason Ventrone 10 run (conversion failed)
	Marques Watson 69 run (conversion failed)
	Mason Ventrone 25 run (Aaron King pass from Nick Roell)
	Mason Ventrone 44 pass from Nick Roell (conversion failed)
	Jahmaine Hatten 36 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: J.B. Nelson, Quinn Hunter, Ryan Elliott

	NOTES: Coach Donnie and his herd of Wild Stallions continued
	their stampede through the ranks of the SSYFL with a 40-0 win
	over the Baldwin Highlanders. The shutout victory polishes the
	Knights unblemished record to a 6-0 shine with one game to go
	before the start of the 2013 post-season. It was also another
	dominant outing that served as further confirmation that the
	defending Super Bowl champions are better than ever and eager
	to defend their crown against any and all comers.
These Knights are blowing through the
SSYFL ranks like an inexorable force.
	Brookline's thoroughbreds Marques Watson and Mason Ventrone
	again wreaked havoc on the opposing defense. The pair of sturdy
	warhorses combined for three touchdowns on three possessions
	as the Knights sprinted to a 20-0 halftime lead. On the flip
	side of the ball, the Knight defense completely throttled the
	Highlander offense, holding them to an average of one yard per
	carry for the game. Over fifty percent of the Baldwin plays
	were stopped for no gain or a loss of yardage.
Brookline's offense is proving itself to be
a point-scoring juggernaut, averaging over
35 points per game and ten yards per play.
	The Knights doubled up on their point total in the second half
	with two more touchdowns from Ventrone and one from Jahmaine
	Hatten, bringing the final tally to forty. As for Baldwin's
	helpless Highlanders, it was more of the same. Their offense
	was held motionless and their defense emerged from the trenches
	tattered and torn. When the buzzer sounded to end the game they
	all breathed a collective sigh of relief and headed for home.
Quarterback Nick Roell (#7) is a crafty tactician
who can run or throw the ball with deft skill.
	For the statisticians among us, the Knights gained 259 total
	yards. Brookline rushed eighteen times for 215 and completed
	two of five passes for forty-seven more. Watson ran for 118
	yards on five carries, and Ventrone added fifty-seven on four
	touches. Ventrone's triple-six brings his season touchdown
	total to eleven, while Watson's pair were his sixth and
	seventh. Other runners were Jahmaine Hatten 4/34 and Jonathan
	Morin 3/7. Morin has six touchdowns to his credit this year
	and Hatten has now run for three.
Jahmaine Hatten scored his third touchdown
of the season in the reserve runner role.
	Baldwin ran thirty plays from scrimmage and gained thirty-one
	total yards. Defensive standouts for the Knights included James
	"J.B" Nelson with a fumble recovery, blocked punt and several
	bruising hits, along with Aidan Logan, who contributed a sack
	and many key tackles. Everyone who wore the black and green
	seemed to have a productive day on either offense or defense.
	It was that kind of game for the Brookline Knights.
Even the Knight reserves played hard,
holding Baldwin motionless for two series.
	Next week Brookline's rampaging herd gallops to Moon Township
	for the regular season finale against the Moon Tigers. It will
	most likely be another shock and awe treatment, but who knows.
	Anything can happen. That's why we play the game.

	Here's a thought to ponder for the next couple of days. In the
	seventeen games since the start of last season, the Knights are
	17-0 and have beaten those seventeen teams by a combined score
	of 572-38. These hungry steeds are bigger, badder and stronger
	than ever. The game is Sunday, 4:00pm, at Moon High School.
Nick Roell prepares to hand off
to one of his trusty steeds.    There was nowhere for this
Highlander to go but down.

A reverse to Morin.    Terrence Rudolph and Jaymere Stackhouse work the
line while Aaron King prepares to plug a gap.

Aidan Logan played a good game on defense.    Reserve quarterback Jordan Bonilla gets
plenty of second half playing time.

Another Highlander goes down.    The Knight reserves could be
starters on most teams.

It can't feel good under this pile.    DeShaun Alexander (#33) takes on an opponent
nearly twice his size ... and wins every time!

Wild, Wild Horses.    The Stallions are back in the coral
after another merciless stampede.
	WEEK #7 - October 5, 2013                     @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 28 - North Hills 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Curtis Bradley 27 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 68 punt return
		(Brent Ivory pass from Jeremy Jenkins)
	Quran Powe 40 punt return (Khalil Weathers run)
	Khalil Weathers 4 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Mar Oaks
	Interception: Justice Jones

	NOTES: Brookline's Elder Knights staked their claim to a spot
	in the 2013 SSYFL Super Bowl with a 28-14 victory over the
	North Hills Chiefs. The Knights remain undefeated after six
	games and early indications are that Brookline will meet the
	Bethel Park Hawks in the post-season's Big Dance.
The Knights are ready to get a
shot at the North Hills Chiefs
	Brookline got on the board first at the five minute mark of the
	first quarter with Curtis Bradley's twenty-seven yard scoring
	run. The Brookline lead was increased to 14-0 two minutes later
	when Quran Powe returned a North Hills punt sixty-eight yards
	for a quick six. Brent Ivory's conversion reception from Jeremy
	Jenkins put the Knights on top 14-0.

	After exchanging the ball twice near midfield, North Hills hit
	the jackpot with a fifty-two yard touchdown pass to cut the
	Knight advantage to eight points. A nice kickoff return by
	Raekwon Caldwell gave Brookline good field position with three
	minutes remaining. Brookline threatened to score again before
	the half, driving deep into Chief territory. An interception
	at the North Hills sixteen ended the promising effort. The
	Knights entered the intermission holding onto a 14-6 lead.
The cheerleaders are ready to perform at halftime.
	North Hills took the second half kickoff and went nowhere on
	three plays. The Chiefs elected to punt and booted the ball in
	the direction of Powe, the Knights kick return specialist. In a
	flash, Quran grabbed the pigskin and did his thing. He shredded
	through the defenders and ended his dance in the Chief endzone.
	Khalil Weathers added his two cents to make the score 22-6.

	One minute later, North Hills fired back with a halfback option
	pass that went for sixty yards and six points. A two-point toss
	brought the Chiefs back to within eight of the Knights. North
	Hills tried an onside kick, which was recovered by Ivory.

	At this point the game stalled. Neither team was able to move
	the ball beyond a token first down until the four minute mark.
	The Knights defense had North Hills pinned deep in their own
	zone. Justice Jones intercepted a North Hills pass and returned
	it twelve yards to the Chief sixteen. Caldwell ran for a first
	down, then Weathers covered the final four yards to the goal.
The Knights offense has several
weapons at it's disposal.
	The Knight defense, bolstered by the fine play of Dominick Emma
	and Nathan Kendall, shut down the Chief attack during the last
	series of plays. A Mar Oaks fumble recovery with less than one
	minute to go was the final shot fired in this battle. Reserve
	quarterback Evan Miller, who played most of the second half for
	the ailing Jenkins, took a knee to end the game.
	For the game, Brookline's offense gained 133 total yards, 159
	rushing on twenty-six carries, and three through the air. Powe
	led all runners with sixty-six yards on twelve carries. Other
	runners included Caldwell 5/49, Bradley 2/28, Weathers 5/9 and
	Jenkins 2/6. The Chiefs set the Knights back twenty-nine yards
	with four sacks. On the other side of the line, North Hills had
	190 yards total offense. The Chiefs rushed eighteen times for
	sixty yards and completed eight of fifteen passes for 149. The
	Knights registered three sacks, inflicting nineteen yards in
	losses. Brookline held a slight 6-5 advantage in first downs.

	Next week, Coach Brian's 6-0 Knights take on the Moon Tigers,
	and the following week they meet the Bethel Park Hawks in the
	regular season final. The Hawks look to be the only team that
	can challenge Brookline's claim to the top seed and, barring a
	shift in the polar magnetic fields, will emerge as the Knights
	opponent in the SSYFL Super Bowl VIII*.
Jeremy Jenkins has done a great job in
his first year as the starting quarterback.
	And now for the melancholy part of the story. Like his brother
	Joe, the coach of the nine-year olds, this could be the final
	home game at McGibbeny Field for Coach Brian, another legendary
	Knights mentor and veteran of seventeen years on the sidelines.
	Brian and Joe joined the Knights coaching staff in 1993, and
	together won four Midget championships (1996-1997-1998-2000).

	Brian was in retirement from 2009-2012, returning this year for
	a final chance at title glory. It has been heart-warming to see
	him back in his familiar spot on the sideline, and equally
	pleasing to see him walk off McGibbeny Field a winner in his
	final game before the home crowd. Way to go Knights!
It's time to rumble.    The girls are ready to dance!

Curtis Bradley rumbles towards
Brookline's first touchdown.    Stop here!

Nathan Kendall (#84) played
a great game on defense.    The Knights held North Hills to sixty yards rushing.

Quran Powe takes a Chief punt ...    ... and goes all the way for six.

Jeremy Jenkins launches a conversion
toss to receiver Brent Ivory.    Good sportsmanship.

Coach Brian talks during a timeout.    The cheerleaders, like their Knights,
get better every week.


	It was nice to see Chris and Lenny back in the booth announcing
	the game. They are Brookline's uncanny version of Stan and Guy.

	* Note: The 13-Under playoffs have been restructured this year
	due to the five-team season format. Only the top two teams will
	be represented in the playoffs, and that one playoff game is
	the 2013 SSYFL 13-Under Super Bowl game.

Brookline Knights Flashbacks - 1994 and 2000

1994 Brookline Midgets - 13Under
	Coaches Brian and Joe Nicholas joined the Brookline Knights in
	1993. The brothers coached together for many years. Shown here
	is their Midget team from 1994 that lost in the championship
	game. Another second place finish came in 1995, and then they
	began their string of four consecutive championship seasons.
	Through the tireless efforts of Joe, Brian and their respective
	families, the Brookline Knights soon became one of the most
	respected youth football programs in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Brian and Joe Nicholas with Earl Taylor - 2000.
	        Coaches Brian and Joe Nicholas with Earl Taylor
	        after the 2000 WPSYFL Midget championship game.

	Let's keep this train-a-rollin' and bring home one last title
	for the men who have been such excellent instructors and good
	friends to the thousands of players who have donned the Green
	and Black of the Brookline Knights over the past two decades.

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