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Week #8 - October 13, 2013

Brookline Knights

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Football Sunday - Let's Go Knights!

	October 13, 2013                             @ Moon High School

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 20 - Moon 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Dominic Monz 55 run (conversion failed)
	Dominic Monz 22 run (Stephen Mescan pass from Dominic Monz)
	Dominic Monz 35 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Coach Maro Monz and his Little Knights finished their
	season with a 20-6 victory over the Moon Tiger Cubs. The win
	brings Brookline's final record to an impressive 5-1-1. As they
	have all year long, the Knights offense was fueled by the legs
	of the speedy Dominic Monz and the defense played a tough game.

	Monz put the Knights on top 12-0 with two first half touchdown
	runs, then thrilled the fans with a successful conversion pass
	to Stephen Mescan. It was the first pass thrown all year by the
	Knights. Brookline took a 14-0 lead into the halftime break.

	The Tigers closed the gap to 14-6 with a scoring run midway
	through the second half. The Knights came right back on their
	next possession. Monz struck again with his third scoring dash
	of the day to increase the Knight advantage to 20-6.

	Moon finished the contest with a last-minute drive against the
	reserve Knights. The red tide advanced to the Brookline five
	yard line before the game clock expired.

	The Knights defense, which has played well all season long, was
	led by the fine play of Monz, Jonathan Campagna, Max Marzina,
	Conner Bonilla and Landon Bauer.

	For the season, the Knights outscored their seven opponents by
	a score of 112-84. Monz's three touchdowns bring his season
	total to fourteen and, adding in his one conversion run, gives
	him eighty-six points. Conner Bonilla racked up ten points with
	five conversion runs. Triston Pezzelle and Maurice Trent both
	registered six points with a touchdown each. Dimajio Locante
	and Stephen Mescan rounded out this year's scoring with two
	points apiece on successful conversions. 

	Congratulations to all of Brookline's Little Knights on a fine
	year. This team has some good ballplayers and they all deserve
	a well-earned round of applause.
	WEEK #8 - October 13, 2013                   @ Moon High School


	BROOKLINE 22 - Moon 6

	Scoring Summary:

	A'Mirre Brown 45 run (Racari El run)
	Keyshawn Harris 50 run (Will Coleman run)
	Racari El 65 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Brookline's eight-year olds finished the regular season
	with a 22-6 victory over the Moon Tigers. It was another strong
	win for Coach Jason's Knights, who improved their record to
	five wins against only two defeats.

	A'Mirre Brown registered the game's first touchdown early in
	the opening quarter with a forty-five yard scamper. Racari El's
	two-pointer set the score at 8-0. After that, both defenses dug
	in and held firm. Neither offense could move the ball.

	The defensive stalemate ended midway through the third quarter
	when a Tiger runner broke loose and ran sixty yards to trim the
	Knights advantage to 8-6. Keshawn Harris countered with a fifty
	yard run up the middle, and a fine cutback to set himself free.
	Quarterback Will Coleman aced the deuce to make the score 16-6.

	Racari El added another six points to the Brookline ledger with
	a sixty-five yard fourth quarter run to bring the Knights tally
	to twenty-two. As the game clock entered the final minute, an
	eight yard scoring dash by Mario Grannison was negated by a
	penalty. Time expired soon afterwards.

	This was a solid team effort by the young Knights and a fine
	way to step into the post-season. Among the game's many stars,
	Amiri Anderson played an outstanding game. Anderson made three
	good tackles from his nose guard position and also performed
	well at offensive guard, subbing for an injured player.

	The Knights ride the positive momentum of consecutive victories
	into next week's playoffs. The team has steadily improved over
	the past seven games and, although it has suffered a setback or
	two, looks primed and ready to rock. Way to go, Knights!

TEAM                W   L   PTS

West Allegheny      7   0    14
Montour             6   1    12
BROOKLINE           5   2    10
North Hills         3   4     6
Moon                3   4     6
West Mifflin        2   5     4
Baldwin             1   6     2
Thomas-Jefferson    1   6     2

	WEEK #8 - October 13, 2013                   @ Moon High School


	Moon 46 - BROOKLINE 24

	Scoring Summary:

	Zaire Nelson 68 kickoff return
		(Tristin Christe pass from Brandon Pezzelle)
	Zaire Nelson 52 run
		(Zaire Nelson pass from Brandon Pezzelle)
	Zaire Nelson 82 run
		(Zaire Nelson pass from Brandon Pezzelle)

	Fumble Recovery: Nathaniel Sesay
	Interception: Zaire Nelson

	NOTES: Coach Joe and the Brookline Nines took a trip along the
	Parkway West to meet the undefeated Moon Tigers. Like a jungle
	safari gone terribly wrong, the Knights entered the bush and
	were promptly mauled by a pack of rabid cats.
	After forty minutes, the boys from Brookline narrowly escaped,
	losing by a final score of 46-24. The numbers on the big board
	did not adequately describe the severity of the ambuscade.
The Knights defense was overwhelmed
by the big cats in red and white.
	From the time the teams took the field, the Tigers overwhelmed
	the Knights with a punishing offensive unit that moved like an
	inexorable force up and down the turf. Moon drove to a pair of
	early touchdowns, leaving the Knights feeling slightly dazed.

	Zaire Nelson fired Brookline's opening volley. His sixty-eight
	yard kickoff return, followed by a two-point toss from Brandon
	Pezzelle to Tristin Christe, cut the Tiger lead to 16-8. Moon
	countered with another scoring drive and a 24-8 advantage.

	Still in the first quarter, Nelson got off another good	shot
	for the Knights with a fifty-two yard touchdown burst, capped
	off by a conversion toss from Pezzelle. As the buzzer sounded
	to end the opening period, the Knights were barely holding on,
	down only 24-16 against the Tigers relentless onslaught.
The Knights held their own through the
end of the first quarter. Here, they
are driving for their second score.
	Moon began the second quarter with their fourth blitz into the
	Knight defenses. A touchdown at the four minute mark initiated
	a Tiger feeding frenzy that left the Knights staggering. A pair
	of successful onside kicks led to fourteen more Moon points. In
	the blink of an eye the Tigers were ahead by a whopping 46-16.

	A third consecutive onside kick was recovered by Moon. Before
	the Tigers could do any more damage, Nelson intercepted a Moon
	pass and ended the avalanche. The halftime buzzer brought a
	brief but welcome respite to the bewildered Knights. By this
	time they were looking a bit more dazed and slightly confused.

	After halftime, Moon's big cats took a rest and the Tiger subs
	entered the battle. With the contest on more even terms, the
	Knights managed to hold the Tigers without a score.
The Brookline offense never really got on track.
With Moon's offense on the field most of the game
Pezzelle, Nelson and Co. didn't really get a chance.
	With two minutes remaining in the game, Brookline proved that
	the Knights might be down, but they still had some fight left
	in them. An eighty-two yard touchdown run and two-point catch
	by Nelson ended the contest on a positive note.

	On this desperate day, when most Knights were casualties, Zaire
	Nelson left the field without a scratch. Zaire Nelson truly was
	Brookline's Knight in shining armor. His three touchdowns give
	him eleven for the season.

	Brookline's Nines ended the regular season with a 3-4 record.
	Next week, Coach Joe's Knights begin the post-season.
The Moon offense was a juggernaut.    These Knights spent a lot of time on the field.

Coach Joe gives the next play.    Jacob Davis fights for some tough yards.

Zaire Nelson scored 22 of 24 points.    Zaire Nelson after his last
minute conversion reception.

Coach Joe knows that this was just one game.
Next week let's come back with a playoff win.


TEAM                W   L   PTS

Moon                7   0    14
West Allegheny      5   2    10
Thomas-Jefferson    5   2    10
North Hills         3   4     6
Baldwin             3   4     6
BROOKLINE           3   4     6
West Mifflin        2   5     4
Montour             0   7     0

	WEEK #8 - October 13, 2013                   @ Moon High School


	BROOKLINE 22 - Moon 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 61 run (conversion failed)
	Brandon McGough 28 pass from Grant Hamilton (Visawn Pennix run)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 8 run (Visawn Pennix run)

	Fumble Recovery: Visawn Pennix (2), Zachary Kalsek, Mekhi Gay,
	                 Antwan Peterson
	Interception: Brandon McGough

	NOTES: Coach Bruce's Cardiac Kids lived up to their reputation,
	overcoming adversity, playing staunch defense, and working hard
	to put enough points on the board to walk away with a win. This
	they did, in their time-honored, nail-biting way. The Brookline
	Knights slugged it out with the Moon Tigers and came away with
	a 22-6 victory in the final outing of the regular season.

	The first quarter saw both teams launch drives across midfield
	that ended with fourth down punts. As the period wound down,
	the Knights found the endzone when Jamyle Liebro hit a hole and
	sprinted sixty-one yards for a Brookline touchdown.
Pre-game weigh in.
	After the defense forced a fourth down, Brandon McGough began
	the Knights next possession with an eleven yard punt return to
	the Moon thirty-eight yard line. After Liebro picked up a first
	down, quarterback Grant Hamilton launched a perfect strike to
	McGough, who raced to the endzone for a twenty-eight yard
	touchdown reception. Visawn Pennix's conversion run gave the
	Knights a 14-0 lead midway through the second quarter.

	A promising Brookline drive at the end of the half ended with
	a Tiger interception at midfield. Then, on the last play before
	the buzzer, McGough returned the favor, picking off a Moon pass
	and thrilling the crowd with a twenty-six yard return before
	being brought down at the Tiger twenty-four yard line.

	The Knights kept the heat on at the start of the second half
	when Raeshawn Caldwell returned the kickoff seventy yards for
	a third Knight touchdown. The excitement quickly turned to
	dismay as Raeshawn's fine run was called back on a penalty.
Jamyle Liebro got Brookline on the board
first with a sixty-one yard touchdown run.
	The remainder of the third quarter was a defensive stalemate.
	The Knights defense harrassed the Tigers, with Zachary Kalsek
	registering two sacks and a fumble recovery. McGough also had
	a sack. The Tiger defense was just as determined, holding the
	Knight attack in check.

	At one point, a Tiger intercepted a Hamilton pass and returned
	it thirty-eight yards to the Knight fifteen. A come-from-behind
	tackle by Liebro saved a sure score. Worse, Hamilton was hit
	hard as he threw the ball and sustained an injury on the play.

	Brookline's defense squashed that immediate threat, but after
	a failed offensive series, the Knights punted and Moon returned
	it thirty yards to the Brookline six yard line. The Tigers ran
	the ball in on the next snap to cut the Knights lead to 14-6.
	The tension on the Brookline sideline increased another notch
	when reserve quarterback Antwan Peterson went down on the next
	possession. Mekhi Gay stepped up behind center. Brookline's
	defense also stepped up, forcing the Moon attack into reverse
	while Gay did his best to get the Knight offense back in gear.

	With 1:32 remaining on the clock, the defense forced Moon to
	turn the ball over at the Tigers own eight yard line. With the
	end in sight, Hamilton came back off the bench and called one
	play. It was a handoff to Caldwell, who sped around the corner
	to cover the eight yards to the endzone. Pennix's two-pointer
	finished off the scoring.

	Brookline gained 215 yards on forty one plays. The Knights ran
	the ball thirty-five times for 162 yards and completed four of
	six passes for fifty-three. Rushers included Liebro 10/91,
	Caldwell 9/27, Antwain Carter 4/14, Peterson 2/10, Pennix 6/7,
	Gay 2/7, and Hamilton 2/6. Four receivers caught a pass: Liebro
	for three yards, Pennix for eleven, McGough for twenty-eight
	and Andrew Cagey for eleven. The Knights had five penalties
	totalling thirty-five yards and earned five first downs.
The Knight defenders harrassed the Tigers all day.
	Moon ran the ball twenty-three times and gained one yard. The
	Tigers completed three of seven passes for twenty-six and were
	sacked five times for a loss of thirty-seven. That makes their
	total offensive output minus-ten yards. Moon managed two first
	downs and were penalized only twice for fifteen yards.

	The Cardiac Kids finished the regular season with a respectable
	6-1 record and a lock on at least a second seed in the upcoming
	playoffs. Next week is the start of the post-season. This is
	the kind of team that, if they continue to work hard and stay
	focused, can accomplish great things. Go Knights!
Ready for the player introductions.    Game captains Antwan Peterson,
Grant Hamilton and Mekhi Gay.

Jamyle Liebro ran for ninety-one yards.    The Knight defenders kept pushing Moon back.

Antwain Carter is a tough runner.    Brookline defense held Moon to -10 total yards.

Gimme my Splits!    Brandon McGough heads to the endzone
to score the Knights second touchdown.

McGough and Hamilton. Quite a pair.    The Knights stopped Moon's only conversion attempt.

Nicholas Ault lays a fine hit on a Tiger runner.    Our cheerleaders are good!

Defensive standout Mekhi Gay stepped up and filled
in at quarterback when both Grant Hamilton and
Antwan Peterson went down with injuries.    Raeshawn Caldwell runs around the
left side and on to the endzone to
score the Knights final touchdown.

Brookline's Cardiac Kids are Alright!


TEAM                W   L   PTS

North Hills         7   0    14
BROOKLINE           6   1    12
Montour             6   1    12
Baldwin             3   4     6
Moon                3   4     6
Thomas-Jefferson    3   4     6
West Allegheny      1   6     2
West Mifflin        0   7     0

	WEEK #8 - October 13, 2013                   @ Moon High School


	Moon 22 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Jonathan Morin 34 pass from Nick Roell (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Dominic Elliott

	NOTES: A wise man once said, "Expect the unexpected." On the
	13th of October, 2013, no truer words were spoken. Sometimes it
	gets hard to write the same thing over and over again. How many
	ways can a person describe a football team that never loses and
	makes a habit out of destroying their opponents?

	Last week we initiated a challenge to the Moon Tigers, pointing
	out how impressive the Brookline Knights eleven year old team
	has been over the past seventeen games. It seems so ironic now
	how we quipped that this game would most likely be another
	"shock and awe" treatment, and that despite the inevitability
	of a victory, we play the game because anything can happen.

	Well, on this afternoon anything did happen, and we are now in
	uncharted territory. The worm has turned and we are now free of
	the shackles that come with an endless string of dominating
	victories. We can now exercise a new set of catchy phrases.

	Enough of the editorialish hogwash. Time for the nitty-gritty.

	                   Newsflash of the Month:

	                     The Streak Is Over!
	             ... and we don't mean the Pirates.

	The Moon Tigers did the unexpected and beat Coach Don's mighty
	Knights by a final score of 22-6. The herd of rampaging horses
	met a pack of hungry Tigers. When all was said and done, the
	Tigers had tamed the Wild Stallions and had them firmly tucked
	away in the corral. The Tigers didn't just beat the Knights,
	they humbled them. It was "Shock and Awe," Tiger-style, and
	the Brookline Knights were the victims.
The Knights potent offense was
held to a mere six points.
	The game began much as Knight fans had expected. A good kick
	return by Aaron King was followed by sizeable gains by Marques
	Watson and Mason Ventrone. A thirty-four yard pass to Jonathan
	Morin from Nick Roell gave Brookline an early 6-0 lead. That
	would be the high water mark for this Knight attack, and it
	occured only a minute and a half into the contest.

	From then on the downfall began. While the Knight defense kept
	the Tigers in the cage for the remainder of the first quarter,
	the vaunted Brookline offense grew uncharacteristically timid.
	The period ended with the Knights turning the ball over to the
	Tigers at their own forty-two.

	Moon ran and passed their way forward, then found the endzone
	with an eleven yard run. A failed conversion left the game
	knotted at 6-6. Brookline responded with a ten-play drive that
	fizzled on fourth down at the Tiger thirteen yard line. The
	half ended shortly after. The Knights entered the intermission
	break with a growing case of nervous apprehension.
Moon went toe-to-toe with the Knights.
	The Moon Tigers were here to play football, and starting to get
	the best of the mighty Knights. The dragon was exposing it's
	proverbial soft white underbelly and the Tigers were gaining
	the confidence necessary to end it's reign of fire.

	Moon began the second half with a ten-play, sixty-seven yard
	march to the Brookline endzone, capped off by a six-yard burst
	through the heart of the Knight defense. When the conversion
	attempt appeared to be stopped for no gain, a timely lateral
	found its way into the arms of an open Tiger, who waltzed over
	the goal line to give Moon a 14-6 third quarter lead.

	The Knights tried to recover on their next possession. A short
	nine-play effort moved the ball to the Moon thirty-one, but two
	incompletions and a penalty doomed the effort. When the Tigers
	got the ball back, they wasted no time delivering the knockout
	blow. Midway through the fourth quarter, a fifty-four yard Moon
	touchdown reception and a three yard conversion run increased
	the Tiger advantage to 22-6.
Demetri Bose returns a kickoff.
	As the fat lady began to sing, the Brookline reserves took the
	field to finish the game. They lost three yards on three plays
	and were forced to punt. Jordan Bonilla's kick was blocked and
	recovered by the Tigers at the Knight twenty-eight with over
	two minutes remaining in the game.

	A long Tiger run for a first down was stopped at the one yard
	line. Instead of driving the dagger in a little deeper, as was
	their right, the Moon Tigers performed the classiest act seen
	so far this season. They took four knees to end the game. What
	was six more points to the Tigers anyway? Moon had just beat
	the mighty Knights of Brookline, and did it handily.

	For the game, Brookline's offense gained 131 total yards, with
	eighty-two on twenty-eight rushes, and forty-nine on three pass
	receptions. Watson was held to forty-six on eleven carries and
	Ventrone gained thirty-eight. Jonathan Morin accounted for all
	of the airmail yardage and another seven on the ground. The
	Knights were penalized six times for thirty-five yards.
The Knights Wild Stallions found themselves
with nowhere to run. They were constantly
harrassed by a pack of hungry Tigers.
	Moon's offense gained 210 yards, with 141 on the ground and
	sixty-nine through the air. They were penalized only twice and
	held a 9-3 advantage in first downs. Our hats off to the Moon
	Tigers. They played an outstanding game and did what nobody,
	except themselves, ever expected.

	And now that the streak is over, where do the Knights go from
	here? Well, with the myth of invincibility shattered, it's a
	good time to re-learn how to play the game with both feet on
	the ground. This loss, although difficult to accept, might just
	be the best thing to happen to this team.

	It's time to return to the fundamentals and get back to winning
	football games. It shouldn't be too hard for a talented team
	like the Knights. This wasn't the end of the world, it was just
	a setback. Let's redouble our efforts at practice and come out
	next week with that same fiery resolve that Brookline fans have
	become accustomed to.

	And always remember the words of that wise old man, "Expect the
	unexpected," and this average guy, "Anything can happen."
Coach Donnie has his game face on, but the
rest of the Knights were caught daydreaming.    Marques Watson ran hard ...

... and Marques was brought down hard
by the tough Moon defenders.    At halftime the score was 6-6 and the
Knights were in uncharted territory.
	             A Picture Can Tell A Thousand Words.
This one picture captures the moment.
This day belonged to the Moon Tigers.


TEAM                W   L   PTS

BROOKLINE           6   1    12
North Hills         5   2    10
Moon                5   2    10
Montour             4   3     8
Thomas-Jefferson    4   3     8
West Allegheny      3   4     6
Baldwin             1   6     2
West Mifflin        0   7     0

	WEEK #8 - October 13, 2013                   @ Moon High School


	BROOKLINE 34 - Moon 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 58 run (conversion failed)
	Jeremy Jenkins 1 run (Curtis Bradley run)
	Quran Powe 3 run (Jeremy Jenkins run)
	Quran Powe 80 run (conversion failed)
	Sylvio Cercone 65 pass from Evan Miller (conversion failed)

	Interception: Brent Ivory, Sylvio Cercone

	NOTES: Brookline's Elder Knights extended their unbeaten streak
	to seven games with a 34-0 taming of the Moon Tigers. It was a
	dominant performance from start to finish. Brookline's offense
	amassed over 300 total yards while the Knight defenders held	
	the Tiger attack to under 100.
Pre-game warmups.
	Moon kicked to start the game. They avoided putting the pigskin
	anywhere near Quran Powe. Unfortunately, they couldn't stop
	quarterback Jeremy Jenkins from handing off to the speedster.
	Powe ran the second play from scrimmage fifty-eight yards for
	a quick six less than a minute into the contest.

	Brookline tried an onside kick, which was recovered by Branden
	Wysong. A long run by Raekwon Caldwell into the Tiger redzone
	was negated by a penalty. Brookline overcame the setback and
	drove deep into Tiger territory. An interception at the three
	yard line ended this promising effort.

	Moon began a drive of their own. Eleven plays and three first
	downs advanced the Tigers to the Knight	thirty-seven yard line
	before failing on a critical fourth and one play. Brookline
	seized the momentum and drove downfield. A pass interference
	call gave Brookline a key first down, then Powe burst forth on
	a forty-seven yard run. He was brought down at the Tiger one.
	Jenkins covered the remaining distance for the touchdown, then
	handed off to Curtis Bradley for the two-point conversion.
Jeremy Jenkins lines up the offense.
	With four minutes remaining in the half, Moon went nowhere on
	three plays and elected to punt. The kick was blocked by Khalil
	Weathers, who chased the ball down and pounced on it at the
	Tiger twelve. Three plays later Powe found the endzone again.
	Jenkins added a deuce to increase Brookline's lead to 22-0.

	With only twenty-six seconds to go, Moon ran eighteen yards for
	a first down, then attempted a final pass. The throw was on the
	mark. As the buzzer sounded, the ball reached the receiver, at
	which point he was blasted by Powe. The ball careemed into the
	arms of Brent Ivory, who ran it back twenty-four yards before
	being brought down. The referee's whistle signalled the start
	of the intermission.

	Brookline kicked off to start the second half. A Tiger fielded
	the ball and ran it back forty-five yards before being brought
	down from behind by Powe. Two Tiger receptions and a good run
	advanced the ball to the Knight eleven yard line before their
	drive stalled on fourth down.
The Knights defenders did a great job
keeping the Tigers in the cage.
	Caldwell ran nine yards to the twenty, then Powe covered the
	remaining eighty yards to the goal line for his third score of
	the game, making it 28-0, Brookline. Moon's offense tried once
	more to knock down the door, passing their way to a pair of
	first downs. Once again, the drive stalled on fourth down.

	Brookline's reserve offense took the field to start the fourth
	quarter. Three running plays netted one yard, and quarterback
	Evan Miller was forced to go to the air. Miller launched a nice
	toss to Sylvio Cercone, who broke free of his defender and took
	it sixty-five yards down the left sideline. The Knights now led
	by the score of 34-0 and the running clock took effect.

	With the game on the fast track, a booming Mar Oaks kick pinned
	the Tigers deep in their zone. Moon's reserve offense began a
	final drive from their own sixteen yard line. They moved the
	ball seventeen yards on five carries, then tried a pass. The
	errant toss was intercepted by Cercone at the Moon forty.
Let's Go Knights!
	With five minutes left, Miller got off six plays and ran for a
	first down to run out the clock. The Knights left Moon Township
	with another quality win and looking forward to next week's
	regular season finale versus the 5-1 Bethel Park Hawks.

	The Knights gained 329 total yards, running for 247 and passing
	for eighty-two. Rushers included Powe 7/198, Caldwell 4/14,
	Jenkins 5/13, Anthony Carrington 2/12, Bradley 2/6, Miller 2/6,
	Logan Solomon 1/1, Wysong 1/0 and Nathan Ault 3/-3. Caldwell
	added a reception for seventeen yards and Cercone caught his
	for sixty-five.

	On the other side of the ball, the Tigers ran twenty-one times
	for sixty-five yards and completed twelve of twenty passes for
	another eighty. Moon held the edge in first downs, 5-4, and
	penalties, 4-3, while the Knights were ahead on takeaways, 3-1.
The cheerleaders warming up.    Coach Brian gives one of his
rousing pre-game pep talks.

The Knight defense registered another shutout.    Nathan Kendall (#84) has played
strong at defensive end.

The Knight sideline.    Quarterback Jeremy Jenkins scores
the Knights second touchdown.

The starters take a well-deserved break.    The Knight reserves played
well in the fourth quarter.

(eight-game season)

TEAM                W   L   PTS

*BROOKLINE          7   0    14
*Bethel Park        5   1    10
North Hills         3   4     6
Moon                1   5     2
West Mifflin        0   7     0

* Clinched Super Bowl Berth

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