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Week #10 - October 26/27, 2013

SSYFL Semi-Final Round Playoffs

Brookline Knights

Brookline Knights

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	WEEK #10 - October 27, 2013 - SSYFL SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFFS

	8-UNDER                                      @ Moon High School

	Montour 12 - BROOKLINE 6 (OT)

	Scoring Summary:

	Keshawn Harris 2 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Keshawn Harris, A'Mirre Brown (2)

	NOTES: Coach Jason and Brookline's eight-year old Knights came
	to Moon High School for their semi-final matchup against the
	Montour Spartans. Despite a two-to-one advantage in offensive
	production, and a three-to-one edge in time of possession, the
	Knights saw their Super Bowl dreams come to an abrupt end after
	losing a heart-breaking 12-6 overtime decision.
The Knights warm up on a chilly morning.
	Montour struck first on their opening possession. A fifty-one
	yard run positioned them on the Brookline four yard line. A
	Spartan back covered the remaining distance to stake Montour to
	an early 6-0 lead. The conversion run was stopped by a wall of
	Knights to hold the damage to only six points.

	The Spartans threatened again on their next series, advancing
	the ball to the Brookline twenty-six before their drive stalled
	on fourth down. The Knights countered with a long march into
	Montour territory. Strong running by Keshawn Harris and Racari
	El moved the sticks three times before the green and black rush
	ended at the Spartan thirty-three.
The Knight defense played tough.
	A nice defensive stand gave the ball back to the Knights with
	only twenty-seven seconds remaining in the half. Harris rumbled
	thirty-six yards on two carries. The final play of the first
	half saw A'Mirre Brown bull his way to the Spartan seventeen
	before being brought down. Time expired and the Knights entered
	the intermission break still trailing by the score of 6-0.

	The second half saw the Knights dominate in both yardage gained
	and in time of possession. The Spartans managed just five plays
	in the entire sixteen minutes. At 5:32 of the third quarter,
	Brookline's offense began a drive from their own fourteen yard
	line. Sixteen plays and eleven minutes later, Harris blasted up
	the middle for a two-yard touchdown plunge to even the score.
	A failed conversion run left the game deadlocked at 6-6.
The cheerleaders put on a fantastic show
and after all this time still
	Moments later, a fumble recovery by Harris gave Brookline great
	field position at the Spartan thirty-seven. With an opportunity
	to put the game away, a twenty-five yard run by Brown advanced
	Brookline to the Montour ten with just under a minute to play.

	The Montour defenders rose to the occasion and stood fast. Four
	running plays left the gallant Knights standing four yards shy
	of the endzone when the buzzer signaled the end of regulation.
	With the score still tied, 6-6, the game entered overtime.
The Knights huddle before their first
offensive play of the overtime period.
	Montour won the toss and took the first offensive possession.
	An encroachment call against the Knights moved the ball forward
	to the five. After two runs netted three yards, the Spartans
	scored on a two yard sweep. The Knight defenders squashed the
	Spartan conversion attempt. With Montour now ahead, 12-6, the
	ball was moved back to the ten and Brookline took control.

	With the season on the line, Racari El powered the ball ahead
	to the five with two tough runs. A fumbled snap on third down
	set the Knights back one yard. On fourth down, Harris took the
	handoff and fought his way forward. Keshawn was hauled down by
	a band of Spartans just three yards short of the goal line.
	On that note, the Brookline Knights campaign came to an end.
Quarterback A'Mirre Brown had a good
day running the football.
	Offensively, Brookline outgained the Spartans 232 to 115, and
	held a 24:18-7:42 advantage in ball possession. They registered
	eleven first downs to the Spartans two. The Knights led every
	offensive category except the two that really matter, penalties
	and points. Brookline was penalized five times and Montour was
	flagged only twice. Both teams had one turnover.

	Rushers for the Knights included Harris 22/155, Brown 10/47,
	Racari El 11/35 and Will Coleman 1/-5. For Keshawn Harris, his
	scoring run increases his total to sixteen touchdowns in nine
	games. Including a pair of conversions, that brings Keshawn's
	total to an even 100 points for the year.
Keshawn Harris gained 158 yards rushing
and scored the Knights only touchdown.
	It is disappointing to miss a shot at Super Bowl glory, but our
	young Knights can look back on their season with pride. They
	finished with a 6-3 record and, in the semi-finals, fought hard
	against a tough Montour team. They never gave up hope, and like
	they did all year long, played with grit and determination.

	Congratulations to the Brookline Eights on a fantastic year.

	The Players: William Coleman, Racari El, Mario Grannison, Pacey
	Daniels, Amiri Colbert-Anderson, Anthony Herisko, David Reed,
	Stephen Mescan, Geno Spadafora, Tyler Oliverio, Keshawn Harris,
	Gregory Johnson, Jaimeer Williams, Quinnie Walker, Raymar
	Coleman, Silvio Lubawski, Damian Szuch and A'Mirre Brown.

	The Coaches: Jason Anderson, Rob Daniels, Eric Thurmon,
	Brandon Beer and Rahim El.
The cheerleaders always have a great time.    Brookline's eight year olds are ready.

Bringing down a Spartan back.    The defensive front line played well.
	Here is a play-by-play chronicle of the Knights-Spartans game:

	Montour wins coin toss - elects to start on offense.

	Montour takes possession at the Montour forty.

	Montour ball - 8:00 1st Quarter

	M40 - 1/10 - Five yard run
	M45 - 2/05 - Fifty-one yard run
	B04 - 1/10 - Four yard run - TOUCHDOWN!
	             Two yard run


	Brookline takes possession at the Brookline forty.

	Brookline ball - 6:58 1st Quarter

	B40 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 3 run
	B43 - 2/07 - Keshawn Harris 5 run
	B48 - 3/02 - A'Mirre Brown run for no gain
	B48 - 4/02 - punt

	Montour takes possession at the Montour thirty-two.

	Montour ball - 3:38 1st Quarter

	M32 - 1/10 - Five yard run
	M37 - 2/05 - Run for three yard loss
	M34 - 3/10 - Fifteen yard run
	M49 - 1/10 - Run for no gain
	M49 - 2/10 - Sixteen yard run
	B35 - 1/10 - Run for no gain
	B35 - 2/10 - One yard run

	End of 1st Quarter

	B34 - 3/09 - Six yard run
	B28 - 4/03 - Two yard run

	Montour turns the ball over on downs.

	Brookline ball - 7:36 2nd Quarter

	B26 - 1/10 - PENALTY - Brookline - false start - 5 yards
	B21 - 1/15 - PENALTY - Brookline - holding - 10 yards
	B11 - 1/25 - A'Mirre Brown 11 run
	B22 - 2/14 - Keshawn Harris 23 run
	B45 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 11 run
	M44 - 1/10 - Racari El 10 run
	M34 - 1/10 - Racari El 2 run
	M32 - 2/08 - A'Mirre Brown run for six yard loss
	             PENALTY - Brookline - holding - 10 yards
	M48 - 2/20 - Keshawn Harris 5 run
	M43 - 3/15 - Keshawn Harris 8 run
	M35 - 4/07 - Keshawn Harris 2 run

	Brookline turns the ball over on downs.

	Montour ball - 1:38 2nd Quarter

	M33 - 1/10 - Run for two yard loss
	M31 - 2/12 - Five yard run
	M36 - 3/07 - Pass incomplete
	M36 - 4/07 - punt

	Brookline takes possession at the Brookline thirty-nine.

	Brookline ball  - 0:27 2nd Quarter

	B39 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 28 run
	M32 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 8 run
	M24 - 2/02 - A'Mirre Brown 7 run

Another Spartan runner goes down.    Hut! ... Hut!

A'Mirre Brown after another good run.    Keyshawn Harris was the Knights star runner
all season long. Keshawn finished the year
with a total of 100 points scored.
	Second Half begins ... 

	Brookline takes possession at the Brookline forty.

	Brookline ball - 8:00 3rd Quarter

	B40 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris run for no gain
	B40 - 2/10 - A'Mirre Brown run for no gain - FUMBLE
	             Ball recovered by Montour.

	Montour takes possession at the Brookline forty.

	B40 - 1/10 - Run for two yard loss
	B42 - 2/12 - Four yard run
	B38 - 3/08 - Three yard run
	B35 - 3/05 - punt

	Brookline takes possession at the Brookline fourteen.

	Brookline ball - 5:32 - 3rd Quarter

	B14 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 9 run
	B23 - 2/01 - Keshawn Harris 22 run
	B45 - 1/10 - Will Coleman run for five yard loss
	B40 - 2/15 - Racari El 7 run
	B47 - 3/08 - A'Mirre Brown 6 run
	M47 - 4/02 - Racari El 4 run
	M43 - 1/10 - Racari El 1 run

	End of 3rd Quarter

	M42 - 2/09 - Keshawn Harris 5 run
	M37 - 3/04 - Keshawn Harris 2 run
	M35 - 4/02 - Racari El 6 run
	M29 - 1/10 - Racari El run for two yard loss
	M31 - 2/12 - Racari El 1 run
	M30 - 3/11 - PENALTY - Montour - encroachment - five yards
	M25 - 3/06 - PENALTY - Montour - encroachment - five yards
	M20 - 3/01 - Racari El 1 run
	M19 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 11 run
	M08 - 1/08 - Keshawn Harris 6 run
	M02 - 2/02 - Keshawn Harris 2 run
	             Keshawn Harris run for one yard loss


	Montour takes possession at the Montour forty.

	Montour ball - 2:24 4th Quarter

	M40 - 1/10 - Run for three yard loss - FUMBLE
	             Ball recovered by Jamyle Liebro.

	Brookline takes possession at the Montour thirty-seven.

	Brookline ball - 2:11 4th Quarter

	M37 - 1/10 - Keshawn Harris 2 run
	M35 - 2/08 - A'Mirre Brown 25 run
	M10 - 1/10 - A'Mirre Brown run for one yard loss
	M11 - 2/11 - Keshawn Harris run for one yard loss
	M12 - 3/12 - Keshawn Harris 2 run
	M10 - 4/10 - A'Mirre Brown six run



	Montour wins coin toss and takes first possession.

	X10 - 1/10 - PENALTY - Brookline - encroachment - five yards
	X05 - 1/05 - Three yard run
	X02 - 2/02 - Run for no gain
	X02 - 3/02 - Two yard run
	             Run for one yard gain


	Brookline takes possession at the ten yard line.

	X10 - 1/10 - Racari El 3 run
	X07 - 2/07 - Racari El 2 run
	X05 - 3/05 - A'Mirre Brown run for one yard loss
	X06 - 4/06 - Keshawn Harris 3 run


Racari El ran for the tough yards.    The Knights fought back and tied the score
with only two minutes remaining in the game.

Keshawn Harris scores the Knights only touchdown.    The final play of the Knights season. Keshawn
Harris is stopped three yards short of the goal.

	WEEK #10 - October 27, 2013 - SSYFL SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFFS

	10-UNDER                                     @ Moon High School

	Montour 32 - BROOKLINE 20

	Scoring Summary:

	Raeshawn Caldwell 55 run (Visawn Pennix run)
	Jamyle Liebro 63 run (conversion failed)
	Jamyle Liebro 54 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Raeshawn Caldwell
	Interception: Jamyle Liebro

	NOTES: Coach Bruce and his ten-year old Knights came to Moon
	High School for the semi-final matchup with their arch-rival,
	the defending champion Montour Spartans. The Knights hoped to
	vanquish their nemesis and secure a return trip to the SSYFL
	Super Bowl. As expected, the Knights and Spartans stood
	toe-to-toe and put on quite a show. 
Time for the player introductions.
	Montour quickly built a comfortable lead, then worked hard to
	hold back the determined Knights. In the end, Brookline was
	unable to overcome the early point deficit and struggled with
	untimely mistakes. When the dust cleared on the field of
	battle, the Spartans of Montour emerged victorious. The 32-20
	defeat put an end to Brookline's Super Bowl aspirations.

	The first half began poorly for the Knights. Pinned deep by a
	good Spartan kickoff, a turnover gave Montour the ball at the
	Brookline eight yard line. The Spartans ran it in from there,
	then threw a good conversion pass to take an early 8-0 lead.
	Another deep kickoff set the Knights back at the twelve	to
	begin their next offensive series. A penalty forced Brookline
	into reverse. Two successive rushes for losses resulted in a
	Spartan safety and a 10-0 Montour advantage.

	The Knight defense held the Spartans at midfield and forced a
	punt. It was another fine kick that went out of bounds at the
	Knight eleven yard line. Montour pushed Brookline back a yard
	to the ten. A fourth down punt was fielded at the twenty-eight
	and returned all the way to increase the Spartan lead to 16-0.
Raeshawn Caldwell ran the ball well.
	A nice kick return by Raeshawn Caldwell gave Brookline a chance
	to strike back from midfield. Three plays later Caldwell turned
	the corner and dashed fifty-five yards to put the Knights on
	the board. Visawn Pennix's conversion run made the score 16-8.

	As the clock ticked towards the end of the first quarter, the
	Spartans fired another salvo with a thirty yard run, followed
	by a forty yard scamper down the sideline. In just ten minutes,
	the Spartans had blitzed their way to a stunning 24-8 lead.

	The Spartans struck another blow just two minutes later. Once
	again they forced the Knights deep into their own zone with a
	booming kickoff. A ten yard penalty set Brookline back further.
	Then, a Montour defender broke through the Knights front line
	and tipped an intended pitch to the left. The Spartan snagged
	the ball out of mid-air and returned it ten yards for a fourth
	Montour score. The Knights, straining under the flurry of
	Spartan blows, soon regained their composure.
Jamyle Liebro had another fine
day running the football.
	As the second quarter drew to a close, the Knights launched a
	spirited counterattack. Liebro broke loose for a sixty-three
	yard touchdown run, then intercepted a pass to give Brookline
	another opportunity. Jamyle scored again, with nineteen seconds
	remaining, on another cross-country flight. In the blink of an
	eye, Brookline had cut the Spartan lead to twelve points. The
	halftime score read: Montour 32 - Brookline 20.

	After the intermission, the Knights fought hard to keep the
	pressure on the Spartans. Liebro recovered an onside kick to
	put Brookline back in control at midfield. On the next play,
	Jamyle found a crease and scurried twenty-five yards to the
	Spartan twenty-two yard line. A holding call negated the run.

	A fourteen yard reception by Pennix was followed by another
	long Liebro run. This time Jamyle sped forty-five yards to the
	endzone. The Knights elation turned to frustration when more
	penalty flags littered the turf. Another critical holding call
	brought the ball back. The Knights were becoming the victims of
	their own mistakes. The game clock was also becoming a factor.
The Knights offense took
some time to get in gear.
	While the Brookline attackers searched for a way to score, the
	scrappy defenders held the Spartans offense in check. Brookline
	mounted one final charge midway through the fourth quarter. A
	forty-four yard run by Liebro put the Knights at the Montour
	twenty-five. The forward momentum soon fizzled, and on fourth
	down a fine pass from Grant Hamilton to Andrew Cagey was on
	target in the endzone, but also well-covered. The ball fell to
	the ground, and so went Brookline's dream of Super Bowl glory.
	Montour took over at the two minute mark and ran out the clock.
	The Spartans earned their return trip to the Big Dance and the
	Knights season came to a conclusion.

	By the numbers, the Brookline offense gained 214 yards,	with
	200 on the ground and fourteen through the air. Rushers were
	Liebro 11/155, Caldwell 10/47, Pennix 3/5, Hamilton 1/4,
	Peterson 3/-5 and Antwain Carter 2/-6. Pennix had the Knights
	only pass reception on five throwing attempts. Brookline's
	Achilles Heel was their two turnovers and seven penalties.

	The Spartans gained 171 yards. They rushed twenty-eight times
	for 159, completed two of eight passes for another eighteen,
	and suffered one sack for a loss of six. Montour was penalized
	three times, had one turnover, and held a five-to-one advantage
	in first downs.
Too many penalty flags doomed the Knights.
	The Knights finish their season with an impressive 7-2 record.
	They outscored their opponents by a combined score of 246-82.
	In the past two years they have won sixteen of twenty games for
	a solid .800 winning percentage. Although they will have to
	wait another year for a chance at an elusive championship, they
	also accomplished quite a bit and should take pride in their
	many team and individual achievements.

	Speaking of achievements, Jamyle Liebro's two touchdowns gave
	him fifteen for the season. He finished with a grand total of
	ninety-two points. Over the past two years, Liebro has lit up
	the scoreboard thirty-two times and amassed exactly 200 points.

	Congratulations to the Brookline Tens on a fantastic season.

	The Players: Visawn Pennix, Nicholas Ault, Zachary Kalsek,
	Billy Astorino, Grant Hamilton, Jamyle Liebro, Gerard Sicilia,
	Antwan Peterson, Sean Smith, Dustin Seddon, Antwain Carter,
	Nathaniel Wilson, Brandon McGough, Andrew Cagey, Mekhi Gay,
	Nathan Trainer, Michael Jackson, Raeshawn Caldwell, Nathaniel
	Sesay, Mekhi Gay, Dylan Studer and Jeremiah Davis.

	The Coaches: Bruce Morefield, Dave Trainer and Jay Webster.
The cheerleaders came ready to play.    The Knights take the field.

Coach Jay and the kick receiving team.    Raeshawn Caldwell returns the opening kick.

Visawn Pennix scores on a conversion run.    The Knights celebrate a good conversion.

The defense had their work cut out for them.    Coach Bruce watches the drama unfold.

Jamyle Liebro scores a touchdown in the fourth
quarter. The score was called back on a penalty.    The Knights offense kept fighting back.

The Knight defenders did their best
to contain a strong Spartan attack.    Timeout.

	WEEK #10 - October 26, 2013 - SSYFL SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFFS

	11-UNDER                                      @ Ross Elementary

	BROOKLINE 40 - West Allegheny 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 27 run (Mason Ventrone run)
	Jack Sullivan 75 pass from Nick Roell (Jonathan Morin run)
	Mason Ventrone 11 run (conversion failed)
	Marques Watson 4 run (conversion failed)
	Jonathan Morin 30 pass from Nick Roell (conversion failed)
	Jonathan Morin 37 interception return (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Nick Roell, Jahmaine Hatten, Jordan Bonilla
	Interception: Nick Roell (2), Jonathan Morin

	NOTES: Coach Donnie and his defending champion eleven-year olds
	took on the West Allegheny Indians in the semi-final round of
	the 2013 playoffs, looking for a return trip to the title game.
	The Knights soundly defeated the Indians, 40-14, and earned the
	privilege of playing in their third successive SSYFL Super Bowl
	next Sunday afternoon at Montour High School.

	Led by the fine running of Marques Watson and Mason Ventrone,
	and the accurate passing touch of quarterback Nick Roell, the
	Knights erupted for four first half touchdowns to build a 28-0
	halftime lead. The victorious Knights coasted through the
	second half en route to a dominating command performance.
Quarterback Nick Roell led the Knight
offense to 28 first half points.
	Jack Sullivan got the game started with a ten yard kick return.
	Watson got the scoring started on Brookline's third play from
	scrimmage with a twenty-seven yard touchdown run. Ventrone's
	two-pointer put Brookline up 8-0.

	A booming Indian punt put Brookline back on the attack at their
	own twenty-two yard line. Two short runs led to an excellent
	pass from Roell to Sullivan, who broke free of his defender and
	scurried downfield for a seventy-five yard touchdown reception.
	Jonathan Morin's conversion run made it 16-0.
The Knights defense held the Indians
to only eighty-five yards total offense.
	A nice kickoff return put West Allegheny back in possession
	near midfield. The Indians picked up a quick first down, then
	attempted a pass that was intercepted by Roell. The Indians
	defense held the Knights back and forced a punt. The Knight
	defenders stood fast and returned the favor.

	Midway through the second quarter, a forty yard run by Watson
	set up an eleven yard endzone dash by Ventrone. A second Roell	
	interception on the Indians next series led to a fourth Knight
	goal line march. With forty-one seconds remaining in the half,
	Watson burst through the middle, bulling his way across the
	plane for a four yard score, sending Brookline into the
	intermission break leading 28-0.

	West Allegheny opened the second half with a thirty-seven yard
	kickoff return, followed by a twenty yard run that postioned
	them at the Brookline six yard line. An Indian runner covered
	the remaining distance on their next play. A good conversion
	pass shaved the Knight lead to 28-8.
	Roell responded by leading Brookline on another successful
	downfield journey. This time Nick threw a thirty yard scoring
	toss to Morin. Just a short minute later, Jonathan put the
	Knights back into the endzone by intercepting an Indian pass
	at the West Allegheny thirty-seven and returning it all the
	way for Brookline's sixth touchdown, and a 40-8 Knight lead.

	West Allegheny increased their point total to fourteen with a
	thirty-five yard catch-and-run midway through the last period.
	An attempted onside kick was recovered by Aidan Logan. Jordan
	Bonilla called the final few snaps and the game clock expired.
	The scoreboard read: Brookline 40 - West Allegheny 14.

	The Brookline offense gained 259 total yards. The running game
	contributed 154 on thirty-four carries and Roell completed two
	of four passes for an additional 105. Knight rushers included:
	Watson 13/134, Ventrone 9/46, Aaron King 1/2, Bonilla 4/0,
	Morin 2/-6, Dante Douglas 1/-4, John Slebrich 1/-4 and Jahmaine
	Hatten 3/-14. Roell connected with Sullivan and Morin, both for
	touchdowns. The Knights rumbled for six first downs and were
	penalized five times.
The Knights offense lined up
for six conversion attempts.
	West Allegheny gained eighty-five total yards. They rushed
	twenty-two times for fifty-eight and completed four of nine
	passes for twenty-seven, including one touchdown and three
	interceptions. The Indians were penalized only once and
	registered three first downs. The Knight defense played with
	their customary verve and did a fine job stomping the Indians.

	The Knights appear to have regained that cutting edge. They
	look primed and ready to defend their title. There's just one
	more week of practice and then it's time to take the stage at
	the Big Dance. Brookline's Super Bowl opponent will be the
	Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars. The game will be played Sunday,
	November 3, at Montour High School - 3:00pm.

	Keep working hard. Go Knights!
<See more photos from the 11-Under West Allegheny game>

	WEEK #10 - October 26, 2013



	NOTE: The 13-Under team will play next week in Super Bowl VIII.
	There opponent will be the Bethel Park Hawks. The game will be
	played Sunday, November 3, at Montour High School - 5:00pm.

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