Brookline Knights Football Association
The 2006 9-Under "Termites"
Record: 12-0

Coach Donnie's "Big Green Machine"

In the thirty-three years that the Brookline Knights have taken to the gridiron, there have been some very outstanding teams. It's always a gamble to say "this team is best" or "that team is best," but when the odds are favorable it's worth taking a chance. The 2006 Brookline Knights 9-Under team just might be the best team to ever put on the green and black.

With Coach Don Helman firmly in control, this Knight team cruised to a rare undefeated 12-0 season, led on the field by quarterback and linebacker Connor McGinnis. On offense, Connor had a multitude of weapons to choose from, keeping opponents guessing and racking up a season total of 263 points. Michael Roper, Joey Kalsek, David Suwalski, Zac McGrail and Khalil Sanders gave Connor as many options to choose from as a customer in a car dealership.

The Knights potent offense was
led by quarterback Connor McGinnis (#1).

The defense was a virtual Brick Wall, with little give. These hard hitters held their opponents to a mere thirty-four points for the entire season, sixteen of these in the final two games!

After coasting to a 9-0 regular season record, the Knights headed into the playoffs with a swagger. They manhandled Steel Valley 29-0 in the Divisional Playoff game and slashed the Southside Sabres from the title hunt with a 14-8 victory to claim the Division Championship.

The young Knights saved their best game for last, when they took on the tough North Hills Indians in the SSYFL Super Bowl. After a hard fought game, the score was knotted at eight apiece. Overtime ensued. Answering their first real challenge of the season, the offensive line surged forward and Connor followed them into the endzone for six points. The conversion attempt failed. The defense held North Hills back from the goal line to seal the victory and give the Brookline Knights football program its first claim to a SSYFL Super Bowl Championship!

OK, we're back to that "best team" thing. In 2004 they captured the WPYSFL championship and now have added the 2006 SSYFL title. They are only nine years old! With another four years to grow and develop, we may all have to shield our eyes from the finely waxed sheen of Coach Donnie's "Big Green Machine."

2006 9-Under Team

The Brookline Knights 9-Under Team
2006 SSYFL Champions!

Bryan Bergener, Zach Booth, Brendan Cunningham, Gino Foster, Terrin Hampton, Chase Hannan, Will Johnson, Joey Kalsek, Sam Katz, Lamont Lewis, Tony Manuel, Garrett Martin, Devin McCreery, Connor McGinnis, Kevin McGrail, Zachary McGrail, Troy Newton, Julius Noel, Billy O'Malley, Adam Pesi, Michael Roper, Logan Salicce, Khalil Sanders, Marty Shulik, Martino Stein, David Suwalski, Joey Tongel and Billy Tranter. The coaches are Don Helman, Bill O'Malley, Joe Tongel and Sean Stein. The team MOM is Stacey Salicce.

Game Results

Game 1 - Brookline 22 <> Avonworth 0
Game 2 - Brookline 22 <> Carlynton 0
Game 3 - Brookline 14 <> West Mifflin 0
Game 4 - Brookline 8 <> North Hills 6
Game 5 - Brookline 40 <> Char Valley 6

Game 6 - Brookline 18 <> Brentwood 0
Game 7 - Brookline 30 <> Southside 6
Game 8 - Brookline 38 <> Fort Cherry 0
Game 9 - Brookline 14 <> Baldwin 0

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SSYFL Divisional Playoffs

Brookline 29 <> Steel Valley 0

SSYFL Conference Championship

Brookline 14 <> Southside 8

SSYFL Super Bowl

Brookline 14 <> North Hills 8 (OT)

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