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The 1990 Midgets
The Knights Of The Gridiron

Led by running back Joe Rosato, the 1990 Brookline Midget football team ended its 7-0-1 undefeated season with a victory over Canon-McMillan in the championship finale of the Western Pennsylvania Youth Football League. It was the Midgets first title under the Knights banner.

The Knights joined their Termite brothers, winners of the opening contest, as Brookline brought home two out of three titles. A Mitey-Mite defeat in the middle contest prohibited a clean sweep, but the two titles are a first for the steadily improving Brookline youth football program. The games were held in Greenfield.

Congratulations to head coach Bob Moran, coaches Bruce Buskirk and Robert Richards, Tracy Rhule and her talented group of cheerleaders, and the entire Midget team for a great year. President Dan Smaglo, in only his first season at the helm, has positioned his Knights as the team to beat in the 1990s. This could be the decade of the Green and Gray warriors from Brookline? Only time can tell.

1990 Brookline Knights (Midgets)

The Brookline Knights Midgets
1990 WPYFL Champions

Coaches - Bob Moran, Bruce Buskirk, Robert Richards.

61 - Lewis Bauer
53 - David Bates
82 - Domenic Bigante
24 - Vincent Cappola
84 - Donald Cardone
80 - Nick Deanes
30 - Richard Eisler

22 - Jimmy Elk
70 - Jeff Glumac
73 - Greg Gromek
62 - T.J. Kennedy
01 - Shawn Lamonde
72 - George Nassif

23 - Jason Paczkowski
<> - Jim Pastorius
21 - Joe Rosato
52 - Matthew Justin Szuch
25 - Robert Wardzinski
<> - Nick Pollice
31 - Justin Buechel

1990 Midgets

First-year president Dan Smaglo recognizes Midget head coach Bob Moran
with a special trophy during the year-end banquet at St. Norbert's.


The Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders at the championship game.

The Midgets cheerleaders at the championship game.

Photo of 1990 Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders from all three teams join together for a photo at the annual banquet. The cheerleaders pictured include: Melissa Liebro, Nicole Jedlick, Megan Winowich, April Manfredo, Belinda Dye, Moira Kirk, Brandie Morse, Shannon Morse, Kim Buchheit, Kristen Szuch, Kelly Kinzel, Jamie Kinzel, Dana Golembiewski, Lyndsey Girasia, Jessica Foster, Dawn Dusch, Amy Jackson.

Former Steeler lineman Steve
Courson addresses the audience

Flanked by the 1990 Midget and Termite championship trophies, a champion of the 1970s, Pittsburgh Steeler offensive lineman Steve Courson, once known as "The Incredible Hulk", congratulates the Knights on their fine season. He also warned the youngsters, and the parents, about the dangers of substance abuse.

* Photos courtesy of Tracy Rhule and Jimmy Elk *

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