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2001 Brookline Knights - Twerps

2001 Twerp Champions!

The Brookline Knights Twerps
2001 WPSYFL Champions

Sitting (l-r): Dominick Maggs, Michael Conway and Marquese Frank.
Kneeling (l-r): Mark Beyers, Corey Langel, Nick Marshall, Alex Zwickle, Malik Frank and Jarred.
Standing (l-r): Kirk Langel (holding sign), Pat Morgan, J.J. Beggan, Daniel, Christopher McGrail and Nick Kollinger.
Coaches: Danny Marshall, Pat Morgan, Carlos Niswonger and Joe Langel.

The 2001 Brookline Knights Twerp team brought home their second-ever championship (and first in twenty-one years) with a stunning 18-12 double overtime victory over the rival Carlynton Cougars at West Allegheny stadium. The victory, capped off by Corey Langel's game-winning touchdown, avenged a regular season loss to Carlynton and sealed these Knight's place in the Brookline "Hall of Champions."

2001 Twerp Champions
The 2001 Brookline Knights Twerps celebrate their championship victory!

Photo of 2001 Twerps after their playoff victory
The Twerps celebrate after their Semi-Final victory the week before.

* Photos provided by Sean McGrail and Candi Langel *

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