Brookline Knights Football Association
2013 Brookline Knights - 13-Under Team

Photo of 2013 13-Under Team

Members of the 2013 Brookline Knights 13-Under team are:
Raekwon Caldwell, Justice Jones, Amir Bey-Davis, Tymugyn "Mar" Oaks, Anthony Carrington, Seth Derrick, Evan Miller, Quran Powe, Joel Wert, Curtis Bradley, Sylvio Cercone, Trevor Hazen, Logen Solomon, Dominick Emma, Branden Wysong, Nathan Ault, Jacob Graham, Nathan Kendall, Khalil Weathers, Robert Sherene, Justin Howell, Brent Ivory, L.J. Orbovich and Jeremy Jenkins. The coaches are Brian Nicholas, Scott Hazen and Kenny Jones.

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* Photo provided by Bob Hayes Photography *

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