Brookline Knights Football Association
2013 Brookline Knights
7-Under Team

Photo of 2013 7-Under Team

The 7-Under Team

Members of the 2013 Brookline Knights 7-Under team are:
Landon Bauer, Larenzo Harris, Logan Oliverio, Connor Bonilla, Douglas Haskins, Vincent Perella, Jonathan Campagna, Dimajio Locante, Triston Pezzelle, Gage Derrick, Max Marzina, Robert Schulz, Aidan Didion, Dominic Monz, Brayden Smith, Rory Diven, Xavier Morris, Maurice Trent, Isaiah Dugan, Grayson Nugent, Kaden Wysong, Alan Hamilton and David Zulka. The coaches are Maro Monz, Steve Mescan and Justin O'Rourke (missing from photo).

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* Photo provided by Bob Hayes Photography *

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