Brookline Knights Football Association
Knights Past Presidents



Brandonn Pezzelle   
Steve Mescan   
Joe Nicholas   
Bob Richards   
Dan Smaglo   
Joe Ranft   
Charles Thomas   
Jim Cypher   
Ralph Sestilli   
Ron Niemiec   
Jim Raimondi   
John Dowling   

Joe Nicholas has been the Knights
President and CEO since 1995.

Joe Nicholas joined the Knights program in 1993. He was elected President in 1995 and served for nineteen years.

Past-Presidents John Dowling and Jim Raimondi.

Past-Presidents John Dowling (left) and Jim Raimondi (right) oversaw the Knights program from it's inception in 1974 until 1980. The torch was passed to seven other dedicated individuals from 1981 until 1994.

Knights officers and coaches at
the 1977 Banquet and awards ceremony.

Many of the Brookline Knights founding fathers are pictured here at the 1977 awards banquet. Chuck Senft, Bud Cambest, Jim McGrath, John Boris, Tony Ravoli, John Dowling, Jim Raimondi, Sam Achille, Mike Betrose, Mike Welch, Joe Figura and Mike Taylor are among the guests on stage. Many of these individuals were present for the inaugural season, when the team was formed in 1974. Then known as the Brookline Bears, the team's name changed to Brookline Knights for the 1975 season.

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