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"The Brookline Bears"

"Midget Football Comes To Brookline"

The Brookline Bears are entered in the Pittsburgh Suburban Football Conference. Coached by John Dowling, the team will be made up of 40 players from the Brookline area, weighing from 80 to 130 pounds, in full equipment.

Coach Dowling, along with his aids, Ted Gielas, Rich Storino and Don Tarr, have been working the local boys out at Moore Park since the second week in August. The Bears will play an eight game schedule with such teams as Bellvue, Baldwin-Whitehall, Mount Oliver, White Oak (McKeesport), Brentwood and St. Clair.

The season will open in early September, with the Bears playing their home games at Moore Park on Saturday afternoon. Coach Dowling's Bears are in need of financial help. Although the equipment is in, it is not paid for, and the officials for the home games will run between 30 and 40 dollars per game.

The boys on the team will be going around house to house on Sunday, August 25. All donations are welcome no matter how small. Anyone wishing to become a "Booster" or just to contribute financially to the Brookline Bears Football Association can do so by calling General Manager Jim Raimondi or Coach Dowling at (numbers deleted).

Old Brookline Bears
 Football Helmet Logo from 1974

* Reprinted from the Brookline Journal - August 22, 1974 *
Helmet Logo found in the basement of the Brookline Recreation Center - March 2005
Gotta thank Chuck Senft for never throwing anything away!

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