Brookline Little League Association
Game Updates - July 31, 1998

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With the fall of the Berlin Wall the free world put the "Red Menace" to rest. We boarded up the fall-out shelters, turned back the doomsday clock and promoted democracy around the globe. Never did we consider that the Red Storm would rise again right here in Brookline, but alas we find the diamonds of Sam Bryen Fields awash in a scarlet sea.

Little Division Steve Poremski Plumbing and Minor Division Sullivan's Auto both extended their perfect records with clean sweeps in their respective championship series. The boy's Little and Big Red Machines joined the girl's Little and Big Red Machines as the 1998 title holders. If only Senator McCarthy were alive today to have witnessed the red advance that overwhelmed all in its path. Only in the Senior Division, where DeBor's "Green Hornets" claimed the crown and Morgan's scarlet warriors were held to only two victories was the red tide subdued.


In the Boys Minor Division, first year skipper Cliff Supe's Sullivan's Auto rolled over two-time defending champion Getaway Cafe in two games, bringing their final season record to 17-0. Coach Supe's hard work and dedication payed off as Sullivan's bent but never broke, with a 14-10 victory in the second game to clinch the title. Getaway fought to within one run at 11-10 in the fourth inning, but the boys in red responded with three in the fifth to seal the win. Sullivan's played an excellent series, but congratulations are in order for Getaway Cafe's coaches and players. They made their opponents fight to take away the crown that they had held for the previous two seasons.

In the Boys Little Division, Steve Poremski Plumbing capped off their unbeaten season with a 5-3 victory over their #1 nemesis, defending champion Knights of Columbus. Coach Reitmeyer's redmen rode the backs of their star pitching tandem, Tim Schmidt and Billy Seibel, as the two talent laden teams fought a real duel. Losing pitcher Mike Dienert tossed a nine strikeout game and kept the game close for the Knights, but his efforts could not overcome the 13K performance of Schmidt and Seibel. Both teams deserve equal praise as their series was a showcase of good coaching, good defense, good pitching, and timely hitting. It was a thriller!

The Senior Division series was full of surprises, but in the end it was Bob Healy's "Never Say Die" DeBor squad that took what many felt was their's from the beginning, winning the title in three games from Toole Auto Body. DeBor's victory came despite a ferocious series performance by Toole's Billy DelPercio, who did everything but line the field in an attempt to rain on their parade.

In Game One, Toole spoiled DeBor's perfect record with a 13-12 come from behind victory. Toole had taken the early lead 9-3, then watched as DeBor pulled another trademark comeback. Trailing 12-9 in the bottom of the seventh, with the bases loaded and two outs, DelPercio brought home the win with an inside-the-park homerun to end the game.

Game Two saw both teams tied at 7-7 going into the top of the seventh. DelPercio Gave Toole a realistic chance at the title with a long drive over the left-center fence, his second homerun of the game and third of the series, for a 9-7 lead. With their backs against the wall, DeBor strategically called upon its ninth and final live, mounting yet another comeback and winning 10-9 in the bottom of the seventh. Bob Healy III scored the winning run, turning the dial past midnight on Toole's Cinderella series. Healy and Toole's Anthony Raffaele both hit homeruns in the game.

Game Three was all DeBor, as the "Green Hornets" buzzed their way to a 9-4 victory and claim to the Senior Division title. This was not for lack of effort by Mr. DelPercio, who came from behind the plate to pitch the four scoreless innings in relief. Congratulations to DeBor on a truly overpowering championship season, and hats off to Bill DelPercio of Toole Auto Body who, like the '73 Steelers, came up "Three Bricks Shy of a Load".

A notable Championship Moment occured during Game 2 of the Toole-DeBor series when Toole pulled off a triple play. With DeBor runners on all three bases, no outs, and Toole leading 7-6, Justin Curry hit a grounder to Mike Masucci. Masucci threw to Brandon McCalla at second for the force. McCalla then threw to third baseman Jason Casciato who tagged the runner going to third. Thinking there were three outs, Casciato rolled the ball towards the mound. The runner on first, Curry, took off for second base. Charles Fascetti picked up the ball and tagged Curry for the third out, and a rare triple play.


The 1998 Brookline Colts capped off another championship season with a playoff victory in their series against #1 seed Sheraden. After disposing of Elliot, two games to one, in the semi-finals, coach Bob Downey's Colts blew away Sheraden for the title. It was a great series for the boys in blue, and especially for Justin Phillips, whose inspired play in the final game took the spark out of Sheraden's homefield advantage. Congratulations to Newt and the rest of our Colts for once again giving Brookline the bragging rights in the South Hills area.

Note: We'd like to commend Kerry Koslow, who sang the National Anthem to begin the 10 and 12-under boys tournaments. Great job Kerry!

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