Brookline Little League Association
Game Updates - June 16, 1998

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A twenty-four game losing streak came to a end as Senior Girls team Duke's News (2-10) stole a double-header from Speedy Printing (8-5). It was a frustrating night for Rich Joseph's two-time defending champions, who lost an opportunity to overtake first place Party Cake (9-4), who also dropped two games. With three games remaining in the regular season, it will be a fight to the finish. But let's not forget the team in the cellar, who broke their jinx with a clean sweep. Congratulations Duke's!


In the Girls Little Division, 1995-1996 champion Slick's (10-1) has returned to the top of the hill, clinching the '98 regular season title, and earning a first round playoff bye. After beginning the season by earning a pizza party for "best banner", and now holding the pole position going into the post-season, this could be the year for Ed Kinzel's "Little Red Machine" to return to prominence.


The coach of an undefeated boys team asked when was the last time a team in his division went undefeated. I did not know the answer, but assume that it has been done somewhere along the line, and probably not long ago. I asked a question in return. "When was the last time all three boys divisions had an undefeated team?" Let's not get superstitious here, but DeBor is 11-0, Steve Poremski Plumbing is 8-0, and Sullivan's Auto is 11-0. I am positive that this has never happened before in the history of this league. Good luck to all three teams as they grind on towards a possible place in Brookline baseball lore.

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