Brookline Little League Association
Game Updates - June 8, 1998

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The season is nearly two-thirds over now and the races for the regular season crowns are taking shape. It has been a long month and a half with a lot of Saturday's lost making up rain-delayed games. Despite the hectic schedule spirits are high, and although the favorites have risen to the top of their respective leagues, no teams have yet to be eliminated from playoff contention. With approximately five games apiece to play, it's still anybody's ballgame.


On the Senior boys circuit, DeBor continues to tear through the league, building a commanding 10-0 record. This powerhouse squad is well-coached and they have that secret ingredient; they never say die. A couple weeks ago they squeaked two past Brookline Catholic. Since then they have made two last inning comebacks, one from a 10-1 deficit against Toole, and another see-saw struggle with Brookline Catholic. DeBor, like the mythical cat with nine lives, seems to have destiny on their side, but watch out for Toole, who has slipped into second place and is potent enough to slay the dragon.


On the Girls Senior side, Party Cake continues to ride the top of the heap, keeping two-time defending champ Speedy Printing in their rear view mirror, but watch out for Rich Joseph's veterans, who know how to manage "crunch time." It should be an interesting race to the finish for these two talented teams.


In the Boys Little Division, Poremski Plumbing continues unbeaten at 8-0, with defending champion Knights of Columbus close behind at 6-2. The Knights only two losses this season have been to Poremski, and on June 4, just when it looked as though they might pull one out with the score tied 8-8 in extra innings, the lights were turned off and the game suspended. Keep an eye on St. Mark's, lurking in the shadows with a 5-3 record.


Sullivan's Auto (9-0) has a commanding lead in the Boys Minor Division, but the race for second is heating up between Big Mouth's Pizza (6-4) and two-time defending champion Getaway Cafe (6-3). These two teams are a web formatter's nightmare, as they jockey back and forth between second and third place, fighting for playoff position.


The Girls Little Division race is heating up, with Slick's, CEC, and Bellisario's fighting for supremacy. Slick's had the early season lead but coaches Ang Masullo Jr. and Jim Sheridan's girls won't let them out of their sights. This looks to be a photo finish.


Neil Peart wrote that the trees were all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw. Well, someone forgot to trim that one over-hanging branch in left-center of the Pony field. Jonathon Stenger found out the hard way, when his long drive, bound for the hillside rockpile, was deflected back into the field by "the tree." Without the benefit of a ground rule, he only got a double. It looked like a four-bagger to me. Better luck next time Jon. "Hey Sharkey! Where's the saw?"

* Congratulations to Party Cake's Molly Majetic, who hit a towering blast into "the trees" in left-center field. Molly is the first 13-year old to hit a round-tripper in six years. Ditto for Sullivan's Auto's Steve Marsh, the first minor leaguer to smack a homer in six years.


Keep an eye on this years Colt League team as they slash through the South Hills Baseball Association contender list. This years team has the hitting and the pitching necessary to bring another championship to the Brookline community. Led by the "Lumber Company" of Bastidas, Zilch, Gaugler, Ault, Suska and DelPercio, and the pitching tandem of Phillips and Bastidas, this team is tough. Look out for 16-year old pitching phenom Justin Phillips who is sporting a 3-0 record, with three complete games, 28 K's, and a microscopic 0.43 ERA.

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