Brookline Little League Association
Game Updates - May 26, 1998

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The Memorial Day holiday is over and everyone is gearing up for summertime. El Nino has given us a break and the weather has been sunny and hot. With all the makeup games it looks to be a busy summer. The players and coaches are all working hard in their quest for a title.

On the boys senior circuit, it looks like Bob Healy's DeBor squad is the team to beat. They are 5-0 and pulling away from the pack. In a glimpse of what may be the championship series, DeBor took two close games from Ange Masullo's Brookline Catholic, 8-7 and 10-9. The first game was packed with excitement. BRC had a 7-4 lead going into the bottom of the sixth before John Wolsko hit a three-run double, tying the game at 7-7. Then the rains came, forcing a postponement. When the game resumed, Wolsko again doubled, stole third, and took home on a passed ball, giving DeBor the come from behind win. In the second game, the two teams again played down to the wire, with DeBor taking another squeaker. These were, in some eyes, the best two games so far this year.

In the boys little division, Steve Poremski Plumbing (6-0) is on top, keeping Knights of Columbus (4-1), at arms length. In the boys minor division, Sullivan's Auto (5-0) faces a challenge from Getaway Cafe (4-2) and Big Mouth's Pizza (4-2). The season is young, and anything can happen. We are looking forward to seeing how things shape up in the coming weeks.

On the girls senior side, Party Cake (7-1) is on top, but watch out for defending champion Speedy Printing (5-3), who has shaken off their early season blues and are coming on strong. In fact, the competition among all five girls senior teams makes this the league to watch. It's anybody's guess who will walk away with the regular season title. In the girls little division, Slick's (5-1) has the early lead, but watch out for Bellisario's Pizza (4-1).

The season is only 1/3 over. There is a lot of ball to be played and like Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over till it's over." Every team is still alive and the competition is getting better each day. We invite everyone to come down to the park and watch the kid's play. There are no better games in town.

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