Brookline Little League Association
BLLA Monte Carlo Night II

Monte Carlo Night - Feb 16, 2001

BLLA Monte Carlo Night II A Big Success

The Brookline Little League Association held its second annual Monte Carlo Night at the Resurrection Parish cafeteria on Friday, February 25, 2000. The doors opened at seven o'clock, generous pockets opened wide and the wheels began to spin.

An estimated 400 people paid the $7 entry fee and tried their luck at the money wheel, the big six, over and under, dice, instant bingo, 50/50, slot machines and of course, the card tables. There was plenty of good food to go around and several tables full of door prizes, ranging from baseball caps and shirts, to an autographed Snoopy sketch by the late Charles Schulz, to a cookware set (an item in heavy demand) autographed by the BLLA Bear himself, League President Tony Colangelo.

In the absence of musical entertainment, a roaming Stan Scalise kept the crowd alive with the portable mic as he called out the various door prize winners and pointed the Brookline faithful towards their inevitable destiny with chance.

The food ran dry sometime after midnight, but the taps were still wetting the palates of the card players well after the other games had shut down. At the strike of one the dealers were still shuffling and the poker faces were still glued to their cards.

Spirits ran high on a spring-like evening, and luck shined its face upon the chosen few. Joanie Romano and crew mastered the odds at the Money Wheel, creating quite a buzz as spinsters Ange Masullo Jr. and Ernie DeIulius watched helplessly. And then there were the Zerbe's, who tried at instant bingo, looking for that elusive $50 winner. After a long night of hit and miss, the red ticket appeared, sending the lucky couple home a winner!

It was a fun night for all involved, and there were many lucky ones in the crowd. The real winners, however, are the boys and girls of the BLLA baseball/softball program, who will get some much needed new equipment for the upcoming 2000 season with the proceeds raised.

BLLA would like to thank everone for attending and special thanks to organizers Rich Joseph, Tim Reitmeyer and Rich Munizza, and also to the many volunteers who helped make this Monte Carlo Night a sesounding success. The boys and girls of Brookline will reap the benefits of your generous donation of time and materials.

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* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

Pete Bucci mans one of
 the poker tables.    Tim Rietmeyer deals
another hand.

Tony Colangelo and Rick Stanton
man the wheel at the Big Six.    Kevin Reitmeyer is having too much
fun tossing the dice. Zerbe needs a winner.

Hello Don!    Jeff Leghart and Cliff Supe
at the Chinese Auction table.

Patty Moroney looks shocked,
Joe Mitchell looks content, and Joe
Nicholas simulates an inner-city
stick-up to Detective Newt Downey as
Brother Brian smiles with approval.

Greg Phillips handles the door sales.    Lots of good food at the chow line.

'The Mailman' George Miller
 has his dice toss perfected.    Ange Masullo Jr waits patiently for
the action to heat up at the money wheel.

It was a good night
 for The Bear and his followers    Some of the nearly 400 attendees
who came for a night of fun and excitement.

Carol is having a
 great time

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