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BLLA Monte Carlo Night III

Each year the Brookline Little League Association holds a fundraising Monte Carlo night. The event is held at the Resurrection Church cafeteria and the tradition began in 1999.

There are plenty of games of chance, door prizes, card tables, poker machines, raffle items and a lot of good food, drink and fun. The Monte Carlo nights draw a good crowd and there's a plenty of excitement in the air, especially when the horse races begin.

The Brookline Little League has benefited greatly from the proceeds generated by the Monte Carlo nights, and it's fundraising events like this that help the program raise the funding necessary to continue providing the quality programs that our community has come to expect from such a fine organization.

Below is a recap of the 2001 Monte Carlo Night:

Monte Carlo Night - Feb 16, 2001

BLLA Monte Carlo Night III Another Success

The Brookline Little League Association held its third annual Monte Carlo Night at the Resurrection Parish Cafeteria on Friday, February 16, 2001, and when the fun finally came to an end it looked like another homerun had been hit for the boys and girls of our neighborhood baseball/softball program.

Approximately 300 people came out on the chilly winter evening to try their luck at the money wheel, the big six, over and under, instant bingo, 50/50, slot machines and the card tables. There was plenty of good food to go around and lots of door prizes.

Special raffles were held for some prize posessions, including an autographed photo of Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception, momentos from Three Rivers Stadium and an autographed Penguins game jersey. The final item presented was a beautiful, framed and autographed photo of Bill Mazeroski's 1960 World Series winning homerun.

A few highlights from the evening included a visit from Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy and a special donation of $1000 from City-Council, presented by acting councilman Jim Motznik. The always popular Money Wheel was the scene of constant chaos and the dealers at the card tables shuffled into the wee hours of the morning. A D.J. kept the crowd buzzing and the festive atmosphere, filled with friends and neighbors, made the 2001 season opener a winner for everyone in attendance.

The biggest winners, of course, were those not present for all the pre-season fun. The boys and girls who make up the BLLA program were the true benefactors, as much needed funds were raised to purchase upgraded equipment and other materials for their use in the upcoming season.

The event organizers would like to express their sincere thanks to everyone who helped make this Monte Carlo Night another success. From those who donated their time setting up, working the booths, preparing the food and cleaning up the following day, to our friends who came to play and give generously, we appreciate your efforts. The spirit and enthusiasm exhibited by everyone in attendance will be rewarded by the smiles, laughter and sense of competitive pride exhibited this coming season by the hundreds of Brookline children that make up the Brookline Little League Association.

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* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

Bill Blake, eyes closed,
pulls a door prize ticket.    Bill O'Malley keeps the cards moving.

George Nassif and Kevin Reitmeyer
peddle raffle tickets. What a photo of Maz!    Chaos at the Money Wheel.

Time for a short
break and a chicken leg.    Tim Reitmeyer prepares to deal another hand.

Mayor Murphy
 chats with his constituents.    Place your bets.

The D.J. kept
 spinning the hits.    The card players wait patiently for another round.

George Miller Ange Masullo
handled the Over and Under.    Paul Sullivan and Rich Kaczmarek on the Big Six.

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